High and Low Testosterone Levels in Men - With Low T levels It's Much Harder To Build Muscle

High and Low Testosterone Levels in Men

High and Low Testosterone Levels in Men

If you have been following BroScience for a while you have probably noticed we tend to post a lot of articles relating to testosterone. This is because testosterone levels are so heavily tied into bodybuilding and aspiring competitors will do anything they have to – including resorting to illegal drugs – in order to get their levels as high as possible. Although women do produce some testosterone, men produce far more of it and it is responsible for such characteristics as deeper voice, hair on chest, having a healthy libido, larger muscle mass and more energy. Generally speaking, as we age our testosterone levels drop which is why having low t-levels is rather common in elderly men not receiving some sort of treatment.

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What levels are normal?

Generally speaking most males are in the 250-1050 ng/dl range with the average male sitting at around 679ng/dl. Levels tend to peak at age 20 and drop after that – so if you haven’t measured yourself in a few years it’s possible that your levels have come down quite a bit depending on a number of factors. While having high testosterone levels might be positive for bodybuilding purposes, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Some of the positive points include normalizing blood pressure and less chance of obesity or heart disease. However, negative points include increased likeliness to drink more alcohol, smoke and engage in violent or risk-taking behavior. When you add anabolic steroids into the mix, the negatives include high blood pressure, liver disease, potential alterations to the sexual organs and skin infections.

Low T-Levels

Most people find themselves on the lower side than the higher side – a result of lifestyle, diet and age. Many studies suggest that an average 1% decrease per year is common for middle-aged people however the symptoms of the diminishing testosterone vary from person to person. Lack of energy, low strength, poor stamina and less aggressiveness are all symptoms of reduced t-levels. Additionally, many men with low t-levels suffer from decreased libido and weaker erections. There isn’t a specific testosterone level where these symptoms kick-in, it really varies from person to person.

Possible Treatments

Aside from the obvious option of illegal steroids, there are a number of legal options a doctor may prescribe if they feel it’s necessary. These include hormone injections, patches or topical creams/ointments/gels. Pre-existing conditions, particularly relating to prostate or breast cancer, or even issues with the kidney, liver or heart may be ineligible for treatment as doing so may lead to complications.

Keeping your Levels Up

Resistance training, exercise, adequate sleep and a solid diet are all cornerstones to keeping your testosterone levels up naturally. Additionally, we recommend adding a testosterone-boosting supplement that uses all natural ingredients to your diet to make sure your levels are as high as they should be. TestoFuel is a great product because it uses ingredients that are clinically proven to keep your testosterone levels high.


Hopefully this article gave you a bit more awareness on testosterone and the symptoms of lower levels. If you are experiencing the symptoms listed above try re-working your diet and training plan and take a supplement to try and bring those levels up naturally. If you are still concerned, meet with your doctor and they can prescribe you something if necessary.

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