Herbal Testosterone Boosters – Top 10 That Increase Testosterone

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If you want to skyrocket your T-levels quickly and naturally, yet remain side effect free—possibly the best choice is herbal testosterone boosters.

Listen up.

You probably know that testosterone is essential for the serious bodybuilder—its ability to pile on muscle at phenomenal rates together with its many health benefits makes it invaluable.

However, you’ve most likely also heard the numerous scare stories—tales of shrinking balls, an enlarged heart, and death. All of which you are told come from injecting testosterone.

I’m right, yeah?

The truth is—testosterone steroids are dangerous. But, there’s a safe alternative.

Herbal testosterone boosters offer you a way to take T-levels stratospheric, naturally. Guys taking these awesome supplements have seen returns that are off the damn scale. What’s more, they’re actually improving their health—not screwing it up.

This article brings you the lowdown on the best herbal testosterone boosters. It explains how they work, the benefits you receive, and the results you can expect.

If you want your life to change with just one simple pill—read on.

What Are Herbal Testosterone Boosters?

herbal testosterone booster ingredients

Herbal testosterone boosters are compounds that raise testosterone levels without the use of lab-created synthetics.

Let me explain.

When talking about elevating testosterone—often guys automatically think of steroids. Virtually all the major anabolic synthetics are derivatives of the male hormone testosterone.1

The reason so many bodybuilders use these T-based drugs is that they’re phenomenal for muscle growth—as testosterone is one of the main drivers of protein synthesis.2

But, they can also mess with your health.

Piling unnatural amounts of testosterone really screws up the body. Not only can it have the unwanted effects of enlargement of the left ventricle, liver disease, and hypertension—but it can also stop your balls from producing testosterone naturally ever again.3

However, herbal testosterone boosting supplements work in conjunction with the body—not against it. Completely side effect free, they include ingredients which can:

  • Stimulate the testes into producing more testosterone.
  • Prevent testosterone from being metabolized into the female muscle-killing hormone estrogen.
  • Freeing testosterone that’s bound by SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) and is therefore unusable.

But why do you need to elevate T-levels with herbal testosterone boosters?

The Benefits of Boosting Testosterone

testosterone benefits

Herbal testosterone boosters have numerous bodybuilding and health benefits.

The issue is, as we age, our testosterone levels naturally drop. Our strength, stamina, and sex drive all decline as our hormone reserves become diminished.4

Increasing testosterone with herbal testosterone boosters turns us into seriously healthy men. This is because elevating T-levels:

Increases Energy

Research has indicated testosterone has an effect on the cortical network of the brain. Higher levels of this hormone both increase determination and energy. This means that you are revitalized whether at home, work, or at the gym.5

Strengthens the Skeleton

As we become older, declining testosterone and elevated estrogen can weaken our bone structure. Increased testosterone levels work to heighten bone density—improving skeletal strength whether for overall health or to lift the heavy iron.6

Enhances Musculature

Testosterone is the original (and natural) anabolic steroid.

Low levels of this hormone can push the body into a catabolic state—that is, the muscles begin to break down.7

Using natural testosterone boosters to raise testosterone both protects and builds immense muscle mass (when combined with weight lifting).

Increases Weight Loss

Testosterone is responsible for both the breakdown and storage of fat. If you’re a more mature guy—you may have found that the weight has begun to pile on, usually around the belly.

Improving your levels of testosterone boosts lipolysis (fat breakdown) and drives weight loss.8

Improves Sex Drive, Erection Quality, and Fertility

Low T-hormone levels can play havoc with our sex life—not only leading to disappointment for us but also for our partners.

Elevating T-levels with the best herbal testosterone boosters isn’t just a proven way to raise libido. Research has also indicated it heightens nitric oxide production leading to immense rock-hard erections and improved semen quality.9 10 11

Top Herbal Testosterone Boosters

herbal testosterone boosters

So when referring to a herbal and natural testosterone booster—which compounds exactly are we talking about?

Here are the best scientifically proven herbal testosterone boosters:


An element which science has indicated raises testosterone. What’s more, research from 2011 illustrated that this is elevated even higher when magnesium supplementation is combined with physical activity. Especially high intensity or resistance training.12

Vitamin D3

Many guys use a vitamin D supplement to obtain a full eight hours per night sleep. However, in addition to its slumber-enhancing properties—numerous experiments have indicated that this vitamin heightens testosterone production.13  14

D-Aspartic Acid

This amino acid is one of the most potent herbal testosterone boosters known—and is found in all the best T-supplements. This is due to its powerful effects of elevating T-levels.15

Nettle Leaf Extract

This natural compound attaches itself to SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin). While connected—it prevents SHBG from “tying-up” existing testosterone—meaning more remains available in the body for health and bodybuilding benefits.16

Red Ginseng

Known mostly as an aphrodisiac—this herbal compound has a dramatic effect on T-levels. Scientists in 2013 discovered that ginseng stimulates the pituitary gland which in turn activates testosterone production in the testes.17


Sometimes the body can convert our testosterone reserves into estrogen. Experts have discovered that fenugreek can prevent this action (known as aromatization) leading to higher retained testosterone.18


One of the best mineral based herbal testosterone boosters. Recent studies have indicated that boron can double T-levels in just a few days.19

Vitamin B6

It’s not just about producing more testosterone. Evidence shows that supplementing with vitamin B6 increases both the efficacy and sensitivity to existing testosterone stores.20


Without zinc—the body cannot create testosterone. What’s more, the greater levels of zinc you possess (within healthy limits) the more of the anabolic hormone is produced.21

Vitamin K1

Firstly, this is a great ingredient due to its ability to increase bone strength. Moreover, this vitamin boosts vitamin D absorption—meaning you gain the maximum power of this important T-booster.22 23

Best Testosterone Booster on the Market

Listed above are the most potent and scientifically researched herbal testosterone boosters known.

If you’re looking for the benefits of an elevated sex drive, greater muscle definition, and enhanced fat loss—you could source sole supplements separately.

However, wouldn’t it be amazing if all these proven T-enhancers could be found in just one product?

They can—it’s called TestoFierce.

See best price for TestoFierce

This supplement is currently ranked as the best testosterone booster on the market. For one main reason—it combines all the above herbal testosterone boosters into a single pill.

This product not only includes nothing but safe and scientifically proven enhancers—each individual ingredient is included at the most potent and effective dose. Guys who have used this supplement have seen their T-levels go to unprecedented levels.

This has led them to witness:

  • Animal-like sex-drive—not just improving desire, but elevating their sexual stamina, duration, orgasm quality, and erection rigidity.
  • Superhuman-like strength—enabling them to rack up the plates and push out more than they ever have done before.
  • Immense muscle mass gains—the seriously potent anabolic power of elevated testosterone promotes protein synthesis leading to an amazing physique.
  • Phenomenal definition—fat begins to drop off easily, meaning all you see is tight, toned, defined, and vascular muscle.

With no proprietary blends, fillers, or placebos—just the best herbal testosterone boosters, it’s no surprise it’s the T-booster of choice for the dedicated bodybuilder.

What’s more, unlike anabolic steroids—it comes with no side effects and is completely legal.

This incredible product can be purchased from the official TestoFierce website.

Herbal Testosterone Boosters Summary

As a guy, increasing your testosterone levels is probably the best decision you will ever make.

This hormone is one of the greatest all-rounders for overall male health—with its ability to strengthen bones, improve mood, increase confidence, and restore your sexual vitality to teenage levels again.

What’s more, for the bodybuilder or athlete—it’s a phenomenal compound. It can boost strength, escalate muscle mass, improve stamina, and reduce recovery times.

The safest and most effective way to raise T-levels is to use herbal testosterone boosters. With none of the side effects of testosterone injections or steroid pills—these potent ingredients take T-reserves off the scale by working in conjunction with the body.

For the most potent and effective combination of these safe compounds possible—there’s only one choice, TestFierce. If you want to improve your health, vitality, and strength in just a few short weeks—head over to the official TestoFierce site today.

It’ll be the best decision you ever make.

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