Heart Attack Victim Kali Muscle Is Back Slamming down unhealthy foods after positive blood test

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Kali Muscle (47) is a youtube superstar; a few years back, his story went viral on YouTube, a video that showed how Kali Muscle went from ex-con to icon.

Kali Muscle was in jail for 7-years, but when he came out of prison, he was determined to change his ways, and his goal was to motivate young kids through health and fitness.

At that time, Kali came out of prison jacked; the YouTube channel Strength Project posted a video called “The Kali Muscle Story” 9 years ago.

That video went viral, and Kali Muscle became famous very quickly in the fitness industry; since then, Kali has become active in the spotlight and has over 2,7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Kali had always claimed to be an all-natural bodybuilder; recently, he admitted that he was not telling the truth about being natural.

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Kali, unfortunately, had a heart attack a few months back. Unfortunately, when he was rushed to the hospital, where he had to have immediate surgery, one of his arteries was clogged. Thankfully, he managed to recover from the heart attack.

After Kali had the heart attack, he admitted in a video that he was not a natural bodybuilder; he blamed steroids, a lousy diet, and supplements for his health condition and was determined to change his ways.

Kali changed his diet and training regime to make it healthier for the heart.

He said he trained for pumps to get the blood flowing, which was good for the heart.

However, it seems like Kali is back in his old ways after getting a positive blood test from the doctor, where the doctor informed Kali that he had fixed everything he could.

The first thing Kali Muscle did after getting this great news was buy a whole lot of junk food and shared the strange video of himself eating that food on camera.

You can’t help but question why a heart attack victim would do that so shortly after a heart attack, even though his blood results were positive.

Watch the strange video below of Kali getting his blood work done and deciding to go on an eating spree on camera.

Heart Attack Victim Kali Muscle Is Back Slamming down unhealthy foods after positive blood test (video)

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