Common Harmful Effects Of Steroid Use They Didn't Tell You

Harmful Effects of Steroid Use

Believe it or not, steroid use is widespread around the world – just not quite the way you think. Over one million people in North America use them for various medical conditions and many of them are actually just teenagers!

Despite the fact that they are so commonly prescribed by doctors there are still a lot of people out there who obtain them illegally for use in bodybuilding. They help improve recovery time, boost muscle growth and keep fat off.

They also give you more energy to get through those gruelling workouts.

A lot of people out there want you to believe that anabolic steroids don’t work and that you should avoid them entirely. Well the truth is that most of the top bodybuilders use them as well most of the fitness guys on Instagram who claim to be natty.

Obviously you still need to be following a strict diet and a solid resistance training program in order to get the full benefit – but you will notice better results should you go that route.

Side Effects of Steroid Use

Based on what you’ve read so far you are probably keen on getting on your own steroid program – after all, who wouldn’t want to put on muscle faster while staying lean? Well the truth is that steroids also lead to a lot of undesirable side-effects. Once you read these you might not be so keen on injecting yourself.

Breast Enlargement – Yes that’s right – you can actually develop breast tissue as a result of taking steroids. While additional muscle mass is nice it won’t look good if it’s being covered by manboobs.

Shrinking Testicles – This one is pretty self-explanatory and actually scares a lot of guys off. Numerous open steroid users have publicly admitted experiencing this side-effect.

Erectile Dysfunction and Reduced Sperm Count – Taking steroids can actually impact your ability to achieve erection and even limit your reproductive abilities.

Women also experience a lot of negative side-effects from taking steroids including more facial hair, smaller breasts, baldness and deeper voice.

There are also physical side effects including higher blood pressure, acne and high cholesterol levels.

Finally, steroid uses tend to show behaviors like aggressiveness, suicidal thoughts, paranoia and odd sleep patterns. Depression is also quite common and people all of a sudden find themselves depending on these drugs to get through the day.

The pursuit of a bigger, muscular frame turns them into awkward, anti-social people who’s sole focus in life is their physique.

How to increase testosterone safely WITHOUT Steroids

Steroids are effective at increasing muscle growth in part because they boost the user’s testosterone levels. You can create a similar effect by consuming a diet that is rich with foods that are high in ingredients that are proven to boost testosterone levels.

For those that are ACTUALLY serious about building muscle naturally, you should take things a step further by taking a testosterone boosting supplement.

Unlike steroids they don’t contain any ingredients with negative side effects.

As long as you take a product that uses high-quality ingredients you will experience all of the benefits of high testosterone levels including increased muscle mass, lower body fat, more energy and better mood. A high quality product will cost a lot more than your typical infomercial product but that’s because it actually makes a difference!

Find out what ingredients to look for in our test boosting guide here.

Don’t waste your money on a substandard product because you just won’t make the type of progress you want.

A lot of guys feel pressured to take steroids because they think they need them in order to make gains. Well, as long as you have a solid diet, follow a proven resistance training program and do everything you can to keep your testosterone levels high you can achieve a lot of those results drug-free.

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    Fucking worste article I’ve ever read. Obviously written by someone who’s never taken them. Most of the side effects including shrinking balls, pimples, gynocamastia which is what there referring to when they say man boobs, and sexual disfunction are all temporary or can even be avoided completly unless you use them incorrectly. Those are all temporary side effects and will go back to normal if you take them correctly and post cycle. It’s like a 2nd grader wrote this shit. Get your facts straight before you post this shit.

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      agreed. I’m a 52 year old man on TRT and I’ve been some great result and and curious about steroid use to get the maximum results.. this article was kind of silly i agree. I’m doing a lot of research to see what i can do, what products are best and how to cycle….

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