Hardcore Shoulder Workout Techniques for Serious Lifters

Hardcore Shoulder Workout Techniques for Serious Lifters

Hardcore Shoulder Workout Techniques for Serious Lifters

Have you been feeling a little underwhelmed lately? Or even slightly discouraged? If you answered yes to either of those questions or thought something similar to yourself, then it might be time to pick up the pace with your workout routine. Take a deep breath, put on your favourite pump up song and prepare to take the next step at the gym with these shoulder workouts.

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Kettlebells seemed to come out of nowhere in the fitness world and have been widely adopted by fitness beginners to seasoned pros and trainers during their work with clients. The good news is that they’re here to stay for a reason. They can really boost your current workout routine! Gaining muscle mass on your shoulders can propose a level of complexity, but kettlebells is a great way to give yourself that boost (and mass!) that you’re looking for. Treat them similarly to dumbbells and do sets of lifts that incorporate upright rows and side lateral raises. Challenge yourself at the end to do front swings for 2-3 minutes without rest. Feel the burn!


We’ve spoken about the benefits of negatives in some of our other articles; but simply put they work muscles in a way that’s a fresh twist from the way we typically work them. It not only varies the workout for your mind, but also gives the same group of muscles a different workout. Take any shoulder muscle workout you would usually practice, lighten the weight and really slow down the lowering process. The downwards process should be as slow as possible. Experts recommend counting to 10 during the decent. Do as many of these as you can handle and try again a week later.

Speed Up

Head to the dumbbell area and welcome a new challenge to your workout routine. This time, high reps will not be your goal, but rather long term intensity. Start with one light rep with excellent form. Continue on the next set up and perform more reps until you can no longer continue with good form. Take a moment the finish the final haul with a serious set. You’ll feel the burn and soon after, the rewards.

Spending the time in the gym to focus on your shoulders is a must do for any serious lifter that wants to benefit from muscle gains within the shoulder area. Wide shoulders is one of the more noticeable areas on a man’s body and sets an experienced weight lifter apart from others. Lift with confidence, train smartly, refuel your body appropriately and live within the mindset that anything is possible if you push yourself hard enough. Use these shoulder workout techniques to take your physique to the next level.

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