Hardcore Leg Workout Routine to Get Massive Aesthetic Legs

Hardcore Leg Workout Routine to Get Massive Aesthetic Wheels

Most guys don’t want to be called out for having chicken legs, besides having decent wheels to match your upper body really completes that aesthetic look we’re all aiming for. Just look at Ulisses Jr for an example:

hardcore leg workout routine

But are you really training legs as hardcore as you might think?

The truth is probably not. The reason is that you’re applying the same methods you use when training chest or biceps and not realising that since you use your legs all day every day, your leg muscles require much heavier work in order to grow.

That’s why we at BroScience are introducing to you guys one of the most hardcore leg workout routines in order to fix those chicken legs you have there mate.

Random bro benefits from training legs

So, I know you probably aren’t that interested in training legs so you should know that there are actually a lot of great benefits from doing it.

  • Strong legs help your bench press gains – Bigger legs = bigger chest and arms
  • Heavy squats help release testosterone from your body – Build more overall muscle faster – See our test boosting guide here
  • Hardcore leg workouts burn a lot of fat – Train your legs and get more shredded brah
  • Increased overall strength – Squats activate a loft of different muscles in addition to legs such as your ABS
  • You won’t be called out for having chicken legs – Pretty much the worst

What you need for this hardcore leg workout

Since the workout is not for beginners nor the weak you need to make sure that you have these points on point.


  • Be well rested
  • Make sure your diet game is on point – See our 8 most common muscle building diet mistakes guys make
  • A proper warmup (10 minutes treadmill time and 4 light sets of squat)
  • It might be a good idea to have a lifting belt when doing the squats to not fuck up your lower back

Supplements to be included in your diet (optional)

  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Fish oil supplements
  • Natural testosterone booster (Yes, they do work mate, if they contain these ingredients)
  • Pre-workout supp to get you amped up before this hardcore leg session

Hardcore leg workout routine

Okay, so here we go. After your warmup proceed to do the following workout routine:

Squats (6 sets with 12-14 reps each)

Yes mate, I want 6 hardcore sets. Not 3 or 4 like you’re used to. Six where you give it your all for the last rep in each set.

Note: Take a moment to breathe between exercises, this will get nasty.

Walking lunges holding heavy dumbbells (3 sets of 16 steps (8 for each foot))

I usually hold 60lb dumbbells in each arm (I can squat 260 lbs for 12 reps for your estimation) and walk 8 lunges forward and turn around to do 8 lunges back again because my gym doesn’t have the floor space for 16 forward in same direction.

By now your body should be exhausted as f*ck but we still proceed to do the following:

Leg press (4 sets of 10-12 reps)

Don’t forget to go all the way down to activate your glutes and hams more.

Leg extension – I call it The Quad Killah (5 sets of 15-20 reps)

We want 5 sets and not the typical lazy-bro 3-set routine.

Lying leg curls – The Glute Killah (5 sets of 15-20 reps)

5 sets here again mate and give it your all because it turns out girls like butts too.

Leg finisher: Back to the Squats and do 3 sets of 20 reps

This is your last chance to completely kill your legs. You’ll probably only be able to put 30-40% of your max on the bar.

Important lessons we learned

This routine is hardcore and really drains your energy. After the workout I went home, ate a big meal, took all my supplements and just fell a sleep afterwards. Woke up next day and couldn’t walk straight. It honestly was really hard to walk, I kept doing light stretches throughout the day just to be able to walk almost normally for few minutes. The same happened with my mate and in fact we couldn’t walk normally for 6 days!

Well, actually what surprised me the most was that I actually was walking normally again after 6 days and ready to train legs again, but my mate was still a bit sore. He’s actually stronger and me and has been lifting for a bit longer, so I was a bit confused. Nonetheless happy to see that I seemed to be able to withstand more work than him.

He wasn’t so happy with it though lol. His ego couldn’t handle it so he kept asking me WTF I did to recover faster. So I told him my daily routine: I sleep for 9 hours (he did too), I eat 5-6 big meals per day (he did too), I walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes before we did the squat warmup (he skipped the treadmill warmup), I take creatine daily (he does too) and I use a natural testosterone booster (and he doesn’t). – You can see my top choice for test boosters and WHY here.

So, it turns out I did a proper warmup and my mate that’s a bit stronger than me thought he was too good for it and I was taking a test booster in addition to our good diet plan and he wasn’t. I don’t know which was the turning point, either way I’m extremely happy with my results! My legs are getting bigger!

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