Hardcore Chest Workout to Get Massive Aesthetic Pecs

Hardcore Chest Workout to Get Massive Aesthetic Pecs

Most of the lifters I know want to get a big chest like King Arnold. I mean who doesn’t? Look at the guy:

hardcore chest workout

But are you doing what it takes to get a massive chest?

Unfortunately in most bro cases, the answer is no. You probably aren’t training chest as hardcore as you might have thought and your diet probably isn’t that hardcore too.

So, we’re introducing the most hardcore chest workout routine and plan ever seen on the web (okay, we just made that up, but still, you get the point: it’s hardcore).

What you need for this workout

Since this hardcore chest workout routine is not for the weak, you need to make sure you got these points right:


Supplements to be included in your diet (optional)

  • Creatine monohydrate
  • BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids)
  • Natural testosterone boosters (yes they do work, if they contain these ingredients)
  • Pre-workout supplement to get you amped up before the workout

Hardcore chest workout routine

After your warmup proceed to do the following;

Incline barbell bench press (6 sets with 7 reps each)

Yes, you read that right. I want 6 hardcore sets where you give it your all for the 7th rep.

After your bench press session you proceed to do the following circuit, three times;

A1 – Dumbbell bench press (negatives 8 reps with a 8 second negative)

This basically means that you start at the top and slowly, but steady, lower the dumbbells to the bottom position (where it sits on your chest), then let your partner help you up lift it back to the top position.

Note: The weight should be more than you usually lift since you’re only doing half of the movement. Don’t be afraid, pick something challenging bro.

A2 – Dumbbell bench press (normal lift – 10 reps)

About 20-30lbs less than what you did on the negative is normal.

A3 – Dumbbell speedy bench press (10 reps)

Speedy basically means that the negative is 3 seconds and then once at the bottom position you explode the weight as fast as you can back up to the top position. Be powerful and explosive here. That is the key and use lighter weights.

Now rest for 2-3 minutes and then repeat the A1 – A3 circuit two more times (three times total).

After the circuit it’s time to completely kill your chest.

Chest finisher (3 sets – choose one of the following (or both if you’re a badass))

  • Push-ups till failure
  • Cable-flies till failure (make sure you use weight that allows you to do at least to 9 reps)

Important lessons we learned

When I first introduced this workout routine to my mates they thought I was crazy but they did it anyways. We completely killed our chest, I’ve never been this sore after a chest workout! My mates agreed, they had troubles with doing every day stuff a few days after this hardcore workout.

What surprised me the most was that the next week when it was chest day again, I was amped up, fully recovered and ready to do this again! My chest already felt stronger and bigger BUT my lifting mates were still sore….. WTF? We did the exact same routine and we’re all relatively equally strong.

So we had a short chat about this to try and find out why I was ready to go again 6 days later but they were still pretty sore. What we found out was that I warmed up for longer (turned out they skipped their warmup, I ran to the gym but they drove) and I was taking a natural testosterone boosting supplement with our diet and they weren’t. – You can see my top choice for test boosters and WHY here.

I obviously don’t know if it was because of my warmup or the supplements I was taking but nonetheless we’re all extremely happy with the results we’re getting from this hardcore chest workout routine!

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