Hardcore Chest Workout To Build A Bigger Upper Chest

Hardcore Chest Workout To Build A Bigger Upper Chest

The upper chest is one of the more stubborn sections to grow which is why it requires more stimulation than the mid and lower pecs. But for some reason it is the area that is most ignored by lifters on their road to building bigger, thicker pecs. And if you are looking for a complete, proportionate look to your chest – dedicated upper pectoral work must be a part of your training routine. Starting with incline movements will ensure that these underused fibers are fresh, allowing you to move the most weight possible. Mass monster Bradley Martyn is like a majority of us and has made it his mission over the last few years to build up the upper portion of his chest.

He has experimented with various different exercises and found that a select few have really allowed him to take his chest development up a notch. His upper chest routine might not include exercises you are familiar with but in order to achieve results you haven’t had before, you are going to have to be willing to attempt new exercises. Check out the video below and let us know if Bradley’s routine can be deemed helpful toward achieving those gains!



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