Hardcore Bodybuilding Quotes – Six most hardcore

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Hardcore bodybuilding quotes.

Here are some of the most hardcore bodybuilding quotes of all times.

“I don’t do this to be healthy, I do this to get big muscles.”

– Markus Rühl

Hardcore bodybuilding quotes


“To anyone that ever tells you that you can’t do something – tell them to go fuck themselves.”

– Guy Cisternino


“I don’t eat for taste, I eat for function.”

– Jay Cutler


“They can crack jokes. They can sit back and analyze and criticize and make all the fun they want. But I’m living my life, I’m doing it. What are you doing?”

– Kai Greene


“You’ve got to block out all distractions when you train. Your focus has to be 100% into the rep. You’ve got to get into a zone. You know you’re in the zone when guys in the gym look you in the eye and then quickly turn away ’cause they see the fire. You’ve got to be all business.”

– Mike Matarazzo


“Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder,but don’t nobody want to lift no heavy-ass weights.”

– Ronnie Coleman

These are the six most hardcore bodybuilding quotes that I could remember. If you have any other you’d like to submit please message them to our facebook page. 

Which one do you think is the most hardcore? Comment your favorite below:

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