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Hafthor Bjornsson Boxing With Strongman Larry Wheels

Hafthor Bjornsson who has won the world strongest man one time is currently preparing for a boxing match against another man who has won the world strongest man title.

Hafthor and Eddie Hall will face off in the boxing ring in September and the fight will be hosted in Las Vegas.

Currently, both men have been training hard for the match and you can see that they have both dropped a lot of weight since they started training for this match.

Both Eddie and Hafthor have retired from strongman at least for the time being, because of this match.

Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson Reason for the Boxing Match

hafthor calls eddie hall out

This fight is personal; Hafthor and Eddie Hall have had a feud since back in 2017 when Hafthor accused Eddie Hall of cheating his way to winning the World Strongest man.

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He accused Eddie and the judges to be working together to choose favorable events that suited Eddie.

That’s not all:

The biggest drama was when Hafthor didn’t get a few reps counted in the viking press because he doubled dipped which was against the rules.

Eddie Hall beat Hafthor with one rep in that event which meant Eddie got some crucial points from that event that helped him win the title.

Hafthor who had been his friend suddenly turns against him and accuses him of cheating.

This was really upsetting for Eddie Hall and this accusation made headlines on every major news site.

This accusation took away the spotlight for the well deserved accomplishment of winning a major title like the world strongest man.

Eddie Hall has never forgiven Hafthor for doing that and this fight will be personal.

Both men have already roasted each other numerous times on social media saying things like they will knock each other out etc.

Hafthor Bjornsson Vs Larry Wheels Boxing Match

This sparring between Hafthor and Larry was just friends having a good time.

About Larry Wheels

Larry Wheels has no backround in boxing and was trying it out for the first time with Hafthor Bjornsson.

Watch the video below of Hafthor and Larry having little fun the boxing ring.

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