Top 10 Gym Noob Mistakes That Prevent Results

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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When training for results or building muscle in the gym, some things work better than others.

However, we all have different bodies and get different effects from different approaches.

Someone might gain a lot of muscle doing a certain exercise while someone else may not get results from it.

In this post, we will go over ten gym noob mistakes that prevent good results.

It’s ok to prioritize isolation work.

You may have done this at some point in your training journey, and many people, especially beginners, still do this.

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When your workouts consist mostly of isolation exercises such as bicep curls, tricep extensions, forearm exercises etc you are missing out on a lot of gains.

If you have not already hit compound lifts for the day or week, such as pull-ups, deadlifts, squats, back rows, bench presses etc you are missing on a whole lot of gains.

Because compound movements train multiple muscle groups, such as pull-ups stimulating your biceps, forearms, and back.

When your workout schedule is primarily based on isolation work, you miss out on a mountain of gains.

Spend a lot of money on supplements rather than quality foods

When starting the gym, many guys think they need seven different supplements just to start.

They will spend hundreds of dollars on different supplements because they think they need them.

Then they will not think as much about the foods they consume and focus more on the supplements than the nutrition.

Doing that is a huge mistake.

Supplements are, of course, beneficial, but good nutrition is way more important.

Training soft/doing random things in the gym

It’s not enough to show up to the gym, do a couple of bicep curl sets, then maybe a couple of sets of bench press, and go home.

If you want actual results, you have to push yourself.

Many guys just go to the gym and do random stuff without any planning, and they do little work.

These are the same guys that skip leg day because they have no structure on what they will do.

Ego bench pressing to measure the strength

Beginners always think the bench press is the best way to measure their strength.

Then they focus their efforts on increasing the bench press, going as heavy as possible.

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Leading to ego lifting with a bad form to compete against their other friends.

If their bench numbers are good, they are satisfied and think they are very strong.

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Without recognizing the importance of the squat or deadlift.

Eating too little/poor quality foods.

One of the hardest things for many lifters is the eating part.

Eating the proper nutrition on a daily basis can be a challenge; you may have some bad days in between but if you consistently eat right, you are going to get the results.

Beginners sometimes don’t think about their nutrition and think they only need to train hard to look like a greek god.

You are ignoring one of the most crucial building blocks of any transformation, which is nutrition.

Give up too quickly

It takes years to develop an excellent physique for most lifters.

A few months may get you some noob gains, but the journey of getting in shape is long and hard.

It takes serious commitment to get remarkable results.

After a couple of months in the gym, many beginners give up because they are not getting the results they thought they would get.

They do not realise that sticking with the routine for years is what is required for severe results.

This may be one of the biggest reasons people give up on the gym because the results aren’t immediate.

In today’s day and age, everybody wants to get results right away.

Listening to the wrong people

You may see a video online 7 minute abs or something like that, ” do this seven-minute ab workout for 30 days, and you will have ripped abs.”

If that worked, we would all be walking around shirtless with ripped abs.

Unfortunately, it takes more effort than that to get in great shape.

If you see a diet or program that is too good to be true, it probably is.

Trying to do too much in a short period

Many guys get all hyped up when they start training.

They might start training twice a day for hours on end in a routine that isn’t maintainable for long.

Then after a couple of weeks of a crazy two workout per day routine, they quit.

Not realizing that gains come with consistency over a long time.

Building an incredible physique is not a sprint but a marathon; you have to commit yourself for a long time to get anywhere.

Skipping leg day

Leg workouts can be brutally hard, and they are, for most people, the most difficult body part to train.

It’s easier to skip leg day than chest day for obvious reasons.

You will suffer hard in the gym if you train your legs hard, but leg workouts are also very beneficial.

Many lifters skip leg days and wear pants to the gym to hide their pathetic chicken legs.

Trying to impress other people in the gym.

You should always stick to your plan and routine in the gym.

If it’s leg day, you don’t switch to arm day just because there are cute girls in the gym and you want to show off your arms which may be your best feature.

Some people even try to lift heavier weights to impress others in the gym.

You should never try to impress anybody, but yourself, and no people should have the ability to make you change your workout or how you train in the gym because you want to impress them.

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