Growth Factor 9 Review: Expert Reveals If This HGH Supplement Works

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One thing is clear you can’t avoid reading a Growth Factor 9 review.

There is no doubt it’s a popular product and many bro’s have got something to say about it.

Here’s what it also says on the tub:

“682% mean increase in serum growth hormone levels.”

Anyone would agree this is a very bold claim.

As there is so much heavy hype tagged to this supplement, it’s got me all revved up for a Growth Factor 9 review of my very own.

If you are interested in my whole take on the subject, just have a read of this and see what I found out.

What is Growth Factor-9?

growth factor 9 bottle

Made by a company called Novex biotech, Growth Factor-9 is for sure a popular HGH supplement on the market.

Here’s the big idea.

Your natural levels of human growth hormone are at their peak during adolescence and during puberty. After this stage in life, levels begin to plummet and decrease as you age.

This Growth factor 9 review shows that it contains a number of natural ingredients (amino acid and herbal blend). All of which are claimed to be clinically proven to encourage natural production of the growth hormone.

“Why would you use Growth Factor 9?”

The benefits of an improved level of human growth hormones are well documented. Here’s a quick reminder of what HGH can do for you: 1

  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Better sleep
  • Weight loss
  • Reduces body fat
  • Healthier appearance
  • Better sex drive
  • Improves body composition
  • Increases energy levels
  • Strengthens bones

Growth Factor 9 is said to be used to enhance your overall state of well being. What’s more, it’s also very popular in fitness circles for improving performance and physique.

It’s also good news for women, because an HGH supplement is not gender specific. This means you can use Growth Factor 9 for females as well as males.

Bottom line?

Growth factor 9 is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their appearance both physically and mentally.

“Can you use Growth Factor 9 for height?”

I wanted to get the stance on Growth Factor 9 from a general public perception, just to find out what they thought the supplement was all about.

Here’s the interesting part.

So, I checked out Growth Factor 9 reddit reviews. It seems many were under the impression it would make adults grow taller.

Unfortunately if this is what you thought, you will be disappointed. Growth Factor-9 won’t “fix” that issue.

In fact you only have to look at clinical HGH therapy to understand why. The only instance it improves height is when children or adolescents have deficient levels of the hormone. 2

“Is Growth Factor 9 a Steroid?

Here’s the deal

This Growth Factor 9 review should tell you that it doesn’t directly contain the human growth hormone. For starters if it did, you would be injecting it and not popping a pill.

Instead, it fits into the category of natural human growth hormone supplements.

The good news is.

This means that from this Growth Factor 9 review you know it is totally legal.

How Does Growth Factor 9 Work?

growth factor 9 review

Let’s hit the road with some basic essentials:

“How do you take Growth Factor 9?”

Directions are pretty straight forward

You have to take 4 capsules per day and for best results they need to be taken on an empty stomach. The prime time to pop the pills is either 2 hours before or after meals.

“How long does it take to work?”

Growth Factor 9 claim HGH levels will start to increase within 2 hours of taking the supplement.

However, they also openly admit results will start paying off within a month to 6 week mark.

“How does Growth Factor-9 work?”

Unlike synthetic HGH which tops up your actual hormone levels, Growth Factor 9 bucks up the body to release more of the hormone naturally into the system.

But that’s not all.

The chosen ingredients also work in other areas:

  • It will boost nitric oxide, which will work to increase blood flow – giving you a better muscle pump, better stamina and the max out of your sessions.
  • It will work to fight muscle fatigue and reduce recovery times. This means you can hit it harder, sooner than before.
  • By boosting carnitine in the body Growth Factor 9 will push your energy levels skywards.
  • It will enhance protein synthesis, giving you the solid groundwork for building muscle mass faster.

“Want to take Growth Factor-9 to another level?”

Have you ever heard of testrovax?

Well it’s another brainchild of Novex biotech. Instead of boosting HGH, this supplement is geared to naturally ramp up testosterone levels.

Some bro’s swear by a Growth Factor 9 testrovax stack is a top way to max on muscle building and performance.

Growth Factor 9 Ingredients

growth factor 9 ingredients

Do you want to know what’s inside the tub?

Here’s what it says on the back of the label – it’s a proprietary blend containing:

  • L-Lysine HCI
  • L-Arginine HCI
  • Oxo-Proline
  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine
  • L-Glutamine
  • Schizonepeta Powder

Total amount of 2.9 grams per serving

Ok, so my first impressions are:

For starters, you can’t deny many of the ingredients are clinically proven for human growth hormone production – more about that later.

However, there is one thing that really bothers me.

Can you guess what it is?

That’s right. It’s the words “proprietary blend”.

Now in my book when I see this it’s a red flag. In fact ask anyone they will tell you the same. How do you know how much of each ingredient is in there?

In Growth Factor 9’s defence, they might not want to share their secrets to all and sundry. However, I prefer to know the exact ratio of each ingredient.

Now that I’ve got my rant out of the way, let’s take a quick look at the secret quantity ingredients.

Want to see what ingredients you should be looking for? Visit our guide to HGH boosters.


The amino l-arginine is widely known as a nitric oxide booster. 3 This will open up your blood vessels, sending nutrients flooding through your body.

Now get this.

L-Arginine can also boost your growth hormone availability. Yet in contrast, exercise will naturally bump your growth hormone levels by 5 times that.

And just too totally put the cat amongst the pigeons. Combining l-arginine and exercise together means you only boost HGH by roughly half the amount of exercise alone. 4

Which option would you say is better? Enough said.


L-lysine increases levels of carnitine, nitric oxide and lays the foundations for muscle building in the body. An amino acid that hit’s herpes where it hurts but how does it fair with HGH?

L-lysine and l-arginine have what you would call a sense of team work between them.

What I mean is, l-lysine is a potential human growth hormone stimulator, but best results are seen when they both are paired together. 5

On the other hand.

Other studies contradict its ability, which raises the question does it improve levels at all? 6 7


Oxo-proline (pyroglutamic acid) is not so well known as the previous two, but it’s closely related to l-glutamine.

Here’s the kicker.

Granted I’m no expert but as far as I could see, research on this compound is fairly limited. Maybe it’s because oxo-proline is at the cutting edge of new growth hormone developments – who knows.

The only records I could find related to studies confirming glutamate increased hgh in lab pigs. 8

N-Acetyl L Cysteine

N-acetyl l cysteine (NAC) is deemed the protector of the pack. It’s an antioxidant which plays a big role in reducing oxidative stress at cell level. 9

What this means is.

It pays dividends in terms of post workout recovery and performance.

N-Acetyl l cysteine minimizes muscle fatigue during exercise, which means you can be more productive during training. 10


L-Glutamine is a non essential amino acid – our muscles naturally make it. It’s a biological compound which is proven to improve protein synthesis and maintain nitrogen levels. 11

Glutamine supplementation has also been linked with an increase in growth hormones. 12

Schizonepeta Powder

Shizonepata (Japanese catnip) has nothing to do with what you give kitty.

It’s actually an Asian herb which boosts immunity and commonly used to treat common colds and flu in Chinese medicine.

What’s more little is known about how effective it actually is, and I’m still trying to work out how this fits in with HGH. 13

Growth Factor 9 Review: The Side Effects

growth factor 9 side effects

Taking any kind of supplement, medication or illegal substance means you will expose yourself to some kind of side effect.

I’m a firm believer a true growth factor 9 review shouldn’t skirt around this issue. So to give you all the dirty details, here are the known side effects which could be caused by growth factor 9 ingredients: 14 15 16

  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach cramps
  • Swelling (hands/feet)
  • Headaches
  • Constipation

In the majority of growth factor 9 reviews you read, most users don’t seem to suffer any major problems with the supplement. So you could assume the ingredients are considered “safe” if used responsibly.

However, there is always the risk prescribed medication can interact or other conditions might make growth factor 9 unsuitable.

Bottom line

Your doctor is the best judge – make it your first point of call.

Where to Buy Growth Factor-9?

A quick Growth Factor 9 review on where to buy didn’t take a millisecond to establish it’s available in all the big supplement suppliers.

For example:

You can buy Growth Factor 9 amazon style, or through many other reputable websites like GNC or Believe or not, I even found it in the store that has everything – Walmart!!

Obviously if you prefer to cut out the middle man, you can always purchase direct.

“How much should I expect to pay for the privilege?”

Prices do vary from store to store, yet the average price is around the $88.00 mark for a tub containing a 30 day supply.

You can break it down even further by saying this equates to just under $3.00 a day. When trying to justify the costs explaining it in this way doesn’t sound quite so drastic.

Does Growth Factor 9 Work?

growth factor 9 review

You will be wondering.

“Does Growth Factor 9 really work? “

Here’s some quick fire highs and lows of this Growth Factor 9 Review:


  • Widely available in stores and online
  • Made in USA
  • Easy to swallow caps
  • No injections
  • Quality proven ingredients


  • Propriety blend
  • Expensive
  • Studies based upon a single Growth Factor 9 trial

“What do customer Growth Factor 9 reviews say?”

To get an idea about what users had to say on the matter I had a surf around for other Growth Factor 9 reviews.

One thing is crystal – it’s definitely a mixed bag of opinions on the HGH supplement.

Some users noted they were happy to report it “does what it says on the tin.” They saw gains in muscle and training sessions improved which meant their fitness levels increased as a result.

On the other hand.

Others would tell you to simply keep hold of your cash. Reviews commented on no measurable gains – whatsoever and they also felt their training intensity went downhill almost immediately.

“What do I think about Growth Factor-9?”

You can’t take away the fact there are some good solid ingredients in the supplement

I take everyone’s opinion with a pinch of salt to a certain degree, simply because everyone reacts differently to supplements. A bad Growth Factor 9 review could boil down to the fact it just didn’t work for them.

However, I can’t get away from the fact all the hype is surrounded around one solitary study. The proprietary blend, is something that also bothers me – very much.

I just can help thinking it’s a good supplement in many ways, but it’s not the number #1 it claims to be.

Do you want to hear some good news?

If you are not entirely sure it works, you can always take them up on their Growth Factor 9 free trial. Buy it, try it and if you don’t like it return within 30 days – simple… Or simply opt for the best from the start:

What’s better than Growth Factor 9? See the top 3 legal HGH supplements that work.



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5 thoughts on “Growth Factor 9 Review: Expert Reveals If This HGH Supplement Works”

  1. I guess my previous comments did not pass the current blog support vetting process. How about this. This supplement is not worth the price and will not cause any positive short or long term effect on hormones by itself. The references noted on this article do not reflect the product’s “682% increase in hormones” claim (which it does not cite the actual study from which this claim comes from). Also, the references noted here are redundant (#9 and 10 and #11 and 12 are the same reference) and the last 2 references are basic pubmed and drugrx descriptions of two of the ingredients and in no way support the supplement itself. Hopefully this comment is allowed……DrG

    • Did you even read this article mate? We are NOT recommending this product as the best product, the references we used do support that conclusion… like you pointed out the references aren’t helping Growth Factor’s claims and we agree 🙂

    • Unbelievable hype! Good for you
      For your remarks . Some people will buy anything and fall for hype
      These ingredients are supplements easy to get, in fact I
      Have used and use most of them
      Except the last one , the ? Catnip
      I will be looking that one up ,
      But I don’t use these for hgh
      I use them to try and help my CFS/ME A post viral syndrome
      That was compared to post Covid or long Covid in which there are massive studies going on because it has affected a lot of people

      It’s been more or less proven to be the same thing and I pray they get to the bottom of it It leaves
      a person fatigued no matter how much rest/ sleep you receive and if you exert yourself leaves pain and fatigue for very long periods of time for some older people like me is endured for decades It is awful
      To say the least
      These ingredients are good, for upping my energy some but I take a lot of
      Other supplements as well
      The good basics and constantly
      Doing research still little relief

      Unless that oriental catnip is some miracle worker there’s no way this product can do what it claims IMHO

  2. Yep. In detail. And I am on your side. I tried to keep comments short. The article does not clearly state the product is worthless and points to other products that really are not supported in the literature, studies, or frankly, clinically relevant. And there are reference mistakes. This isn’t about being picky, it is about what can be and is misleading. And the “682% increase in hormone” claim is not addressed nor is even the reference to that “study” noted anywhere in this article or in the product’s actual description site or on the GNC site where the claims are pronounced:
    In a recent, randomized, cross-over, double-blind clinical trial, men and women between 18 and 70 years of age were recruited. Subjects were scheduled for two testing sessions a week apart where, after an overnight fast, blood samples were drawn over a period of 120 minutes after consumption of either the proprietary Growth Factor-9 blend or placebo capsules

    If you can find the actual study please send it to me and I will review it. People listen to you and waste lots of money. We need to be more clear in redirecting them to proper sources of information. Keep up the good work.


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