Greg Doucette Responds to Jeff Seid’s Natural Claims: A Heated Exchange

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The bodybuilding community is abuzz once again, this time with a heated exchange between fitness influencers Jeff Seid and Greg Doucette.

After Jeff Seid posted a video asserting his lifetime natural status, Greg Doucette, known for his outspoken views on steroid use in bodybuilding, released a response video questioning Seid’s claims.

Here’s a detailed look at Doucette’s critique and his perspective on Seid’s natural bodybuilding journey.

Jeff Seid’s Bold Statement

In his video, Jeff Seid defended his decision to enter a natural bodybuilding competition, emphasizing his lifetime natural status and showcasing his physique to prove his claims. He expressed frustration with the ongoing steroid accusations, stating:

“I entered a natural bodybuilding competition because I’m a natural bodybuilder. I haven’t competed in 8 years, and I wanted to come back and hit the stage. I look at the current state of bodybuilding, and while I don’t want to comment on its trajectory, I wanted to showcase my physique and make a statement.”

Greg Doucette’s Response

Greg Doucette, in his response video, did not hold back. He began by acknowledging Seid’s claims but quickly pointed out inconsistencies and gaps in Seid’s narrative. Doucette highlighted that Seid did not show footage of himself at his peak size, particularly during the 2016 Mr. Olympia, which Doucette believes undermines Seid’s argument.

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“Jeff Seid is trying to argue and make a statement saying he’s a lifetime natural, that he’s never used anything in his entire life. The problem is he didn’t show when he was at his biggest. If you compare his physique at previous Olympias to now, it’s debatable whether or not he used performance-enhancing drugs before that competition.”

Questioning the Evidence

Doucette scrutinized Seid’s evidence, questioning the weight claims and pointing out the lack of concrete proof:

“Jeff says he weighed 185 lbs in this recent competition, but we don’t see him stepping on a scale. How do we know he’s not 158 lbs? Does anyone out there think that Jeff Seid, shredded to this extent, actually weighed 185 lbs on stage? I don’t believe it.”

Doucette argued that Seid’s physique in 2016 was significantly larger and more defined than it is now, implying that Seid may have used performance-enhancing drugs during that period.

The Reality of Competitive Bodybuilding

Greg Doucette also touched on the broader issue of steroid use in bodybuilding, emphasizing the pressures young athletes face to compete at the highest levels:

“Imagine the pressure Jeff Seid faced as a teenager competing against grown men on steroids. When you’re this good, the temptation to use performance-enhancing drugs is enormous. If the competition allows it, you’re likely to do it to stay on top.”

Doucette criticized the current standards in bodybuilding, suggesting that they have become unrealistic and unattainable without the use of drugs:

“The standards have gone too far. Jeff Seid’s physique right now would rarely win an amateur competition. The majority of amateurs are much bigger because they’re using steroids, SARMs, peptides, and growth hormones.”

A Call for Responsible Influence

Despite his criticism, Doucette acknowledged that Seid’s message of promoting natural bodybuilding is valuable. However, he urged fitness influencers to be more responsible with their influence, particularly regarding the promotion of steroid use:

“If you’re a popular social media influencer, promoting steroids without mentioning the risks is irresponsible. Young, impressionable athletes look up to you, and glorifying steroid use can lead them down a dangerous path.”


Greg Doucette’s response to Jeff Seid’s natural claims is a detailed critique that questions the validity of Seid’s arguments while addressing the broader issues within the bodybuilding community.

Doucette’s perspective underscores the ongoing debate about natural versus enhanced physiques and the pressures athletes face in their pursuit of excellence. As the conversation continues, one thing is clear: the need for transparency and responsibility in the fitness industry is more important than ever.

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