Greg Doucette Criticizes 2-Year Steroid User for Minimal Results

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Greg Doucette, a renowned IFBB pro bodybuilder, recently shared a video criticizing a two-year steroid transformation journey undertaken by a man on YouTube.

Doucette’s critique of this transformation hinged on the minimal results achieved despite the prolonged use of steroids, raising questions about the effectiveness and risks associated with these substances.

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Analysis of Transformation: In the video, a man documented his transformation over a period of nine months, initially using a dosage of 120 mg of testosterone, which he later increased to 200 mg.

Despite these enhancements, his results were relatively minimal. Greg Doucette noted that these outcomes could likely have been achieved naturally, without steroid use.

Moreover, Doucette highlighted the downside of such use, warning that upon discontinuation, the individual’s natural testosterone production could be significantly affected, potentially leading to the loss of the gained muscle mass.

Although an IFBB pro bodybuilder who competed using enhancements, Doucette advocates for the natural route.

Currently on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), he still urges individuals to stay natural if possible.

Doucette voiced concerns about the portrayal of steroid transformations on social media, arguing that they can often create a skewed perception of steroids’ effectiveness.

In his view, most steroid transformations yield minimal results, yet social media often showcases only the most extreme transformations.

The individual in the video continued to increase his steroid dosage, reaching up to 600 mg of testosterone per week, a number that Doucette argues is alarmingly high, even for professionals.

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The man eventually adjusted his steroid cycle to include 300 mg of testosterone per week, along with 50 mg of Turinabol, only to lower the dosage later to 200 mg per week.

After two years of continuous steroid use, the man claimed to have gained 36 lbs of muscle.

However, after a cutting phase, he only weighed 15 lbs more than his starting point.

Doucette critiqued the minimal gains despite the extended steroid use, highlighting the importance of questioning whether the risks associated with steroid use are truly worth it, especially considering that impressive results can be achieved naturally.

Greg Doucette’s critique of this steroid transformation serves as a stark reminder of the potential pitfalls and misconceptions surrounding steroid use.

His insights underline the importance of understanding the potential risks involved and highlight the value of pursuing natural routes to bodybuilding and fitness.

While steroids might offer an attractive shortcut, Doucette’s analysis suggests that natural progress can yield comparable results, without the associated health risks.

Greg Doucette Criticizes 2-Year Steroid User for Minimal Results (video)

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