Greg Doucette Corrects Mike O'Hearn After Being Called "A Hobbit"

Greg Doucette Corrects Mike O’Hearn After Being Called “A Hobbit”

The fitness industry has often been a hotbed for controversy, and the recent dispute between renowned bodybuilders Greg Doucette and Mike O’Hearn is no exception.

The disagreement has escalated with O’Hearn referring to Doucette disparagingly as a “hobbit” and criticizing his approach to fitness, especially his recommendation for consistent cardio and a healthy diet.

Mike O’Hearn the natural bodybuilding superstar has probably seen videos from Greg Doucette where Greg has called him a liar and fake natural.

Greg has accused Mike countless of times of being a fake natty and that may have put Greg on Mike’s bad side and been one of the reasons for the name-calling.

Mike has now on two separate occasions referred to Greg Doucette as “The Hobbit”. The reason he has chosen this name is because Greg is a short man.

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O’Hearn, in a recent video, expressed his disagreement with Doucette’s recommendation of 150 minutes of cardio per week.

He argues that cardio shouldn’t be done year-round but should be limited to 8-12 weeks, 1-2 times a year for maximum effectiveness.

O’Hearn insists that no athletic pursuit demands a 100% effort all the time, and cautions against “regurgitated” information from individuals he perceives as having below-average physiques – a veiled jab at Doucette.

Doucette, however, has taken umbrage at O’Hearn’s comments.

In a response video, he defended his physique, pointing out that he holds a professional card in bodybuilding and maintains an impressive level of fitness.

He argues that his physique is far from below average, in fact, it surpasses 99% of the general population.

Moreover, Doucette contested O’Hearn’s claim that daily cardio deteriorates the body.

Doucette argues that consistent cardio actually increases longevity and improves overall health, taking a shot back at O’Hearn by implying that his large muscular physique could potentially shorten lifespan.

The feud between the two fitness enthusiasts started when Doucette began accusing O’Hearn, who has always claimed to be a natural bodybuilder, of using steroids.

Doucette contends that O’Hearn is being dishonest and deceiving his audience by declaring himself natural.

This ongoing disagreement underscores the diversity in fitness philosophies and approaches.

It’s important to remember that what works for one person might not work for another, and the best fitness regimen is one that suits individual needs, lifestyle, and health conditions. Always consult with a professional or medical expert before starting any new fitness routine.

Greg Doucette Corrects Mike O’Hearn After Being Called “A Hobbit” (video)

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