Greg Doucette Calls Out “Top 5 Fakest Fake Natty of all time”

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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IFBB pro-Greg Doucette has become famous in the fitness industry for his entertaining and nonfiltered YouTube videos.

Greg has now amassed over 1,61 million subscribers on his YouTube page, where he frequently posts videos of fitness-related content.

Greg used to compete in bodybuilding, and at that time, he started his YouTube channel posting videos.

Greg quickly gained popularity for his unfiltered controversial videos; Greg isn’t afraid to call anyone out in the fitness industry and has already made videos roasting many famous fitness influencers.

So far, Greg has made videos accusing Mike O’Hearn, Simeon Panda, Liver King, and many more of being fake naturals.

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Greg has also made a few videos on one of the most famous fitness influencers in the world, Athlean-X, and accused him of spreading misinformation.

With his triggering and non-filtered videos, Greg has become famous in the fitness industry, he is also not liked by many people he roasts in his videos, and some of them have made a response video to Greg, such as Mike O’Hearn. The latter roasted Greg back in one of his videos.

This kind of content seems to work great for Greg Doucette, as his subscriber count keeps rising each day.

Many people agree with Greg Doucette’s videos about fake natties, but not everyone does.

In a recent video, Greg Doucette went a step further in his fake natty accusations and came up with a list of the “top 5 fakest fake natty”.

If you don’t know what a fake natty is, it is a lifter who claims to be natural (don’t use peds), but he is using peds and lying to everyone about being natural.

We here at BroScience are not saying Greg is right in this video, it’s only his personal speculation and opinion we don’t know for certain if these guys are natural or if they are not.

Greg Doucette Calls Out “Top 5 Fakest Fake Natty of all time” (video)

Greg Doucette called out guys that have claimed to be natural, but he believes they are lying about their natural status.

Greg brings up interesting points on why he believes they are unnatural but doesn’t have any proof.

So this video is merely the speculation and opinion on an IFBB pro bodybuilder Greg Doucette who has himself used steroids to enhance his physique.

Here’s Greg’s List of lifters he believes are “fake natty”

  • Mike Thurston
  • Simeon Panda
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Liver King
  • Mike O’Hearn

Watch the video below

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