Greg Doucette Calls Out Influencer for Wrongly Accusing an Elderly Man of Creeping

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

| Published on

Fact Checked

In a recent video, Greg Doucette reacted to an unsettling clip of a woman in a grocery store who accused an elderly man of staring at her, subsequently labeling him as a creep on social media.

The woman’s name is Katie Miller and she is a Twitch streamer and influencer.

The video, which went viral, sparked significant outrage, with Doucette offering his fiery take on the situation.

The Incident

The woman recorded herself at a grocery store, accusing an older man of inappropriate behavior simply for looking in her direction.

She uploaded the footage, calling him a creep, and her followers quickly jumped to her defense without questioning the context.

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Greg Doucette’s Reaction

Seeking Validation

Greg Doucette did not hold back in his critique of the woman’s actions.

He started by questioning her motives, suggesting that she was seeking validation and attention from her social media followers.

“Anyone anything does well everyone is going to just care so so much she’s looking for validation she wants other people to say yeah you’re so beautiful you’re a model you’re an influencer the world has to bow down to you and anyone that stares at you well they’re bad people.”

The Double Standard

Doucette highlighted a glaring double standard in the woman’s behavior, suggesting that her reaction might have been different if the man fit a more attractive stereotype.

“Let’s now replace this man with someone else and see how the interaction would have went. He’s 6′ five, blue eyes, works in finance with a trust fund, he’s dressed in a suit, wearing a Rolex. Do you think she would have posted the same video? Do you think she would have called him a meatbag or would she have liked it, enjoyed it?”

Main Character Syndrome

Doucette also criticized the woman for what he termed “main character syndrome,” accusing her of being more focused on her own perception and online image than on the actual reality of the situation.

“Notice the smirk on her face. Oh, I got you. Main character syndrome in effect. She’s thinking I can’t wait to post this on social media. People are going to love me, everyone is going to jump to my defense.”

The Hypocrisy of Seeking Attention

Greg pointed out the irony in the woman’s actions, especially considering that she likely seeks attention through her online presence.

“Considering she makes a living begging people to look at her on her channels, it’s a bit much. I mean isn’t that the irony of this? They’re literally OnlyFans models, they’re getting people to stare at them, glancing that’s what they want. They want to be paid to look at them, but yet when someone does, oh I’m so offended. Why? ‘Cause he didn’t pay you?”

The Impact on the Innocent Man

The real victim in this scenario, according to Doucette, is the elderly man who was merely standing in line, minding his own business.

“Seems to me like he’s looking at her because he’s next in line and that [expletive] is taking forever. He barely looks at her yet she tries to damage his reputation. Good grief. I don’t see him coming up in her business involving her space getting into her circle.”


Greg Doucette’s video sheds light on the dangers of quick judgments and the power of social media to unjustly ruin reputations. His passionate response serves as a reminder to consider context and intention before jumping to conclusions and posting on social platforms. The takeaway? In a world where validation and attention can sometimes overshadow reality, it’s crucial to think twice before labeling someone as a villain based on fleeting interactions.

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