Greg Doucette Accuses Bradley Martyn and Christian Guzman of being fake natties

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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IFBB pro bodybuilder and fitness YouTuber Greg Doucette has built up a massive fan base from his entertaining videos where he gives his honest opinion about others in the fitness industry.

Greg isn’t afraid to call anyone out and has called out multiple fitness icons in the fitness industry and accused them of being fake natties.

Greg has already called out fitness icons such as Mike O’Hearn and Simeon Panda for being fake natties.

With his honest and open videos, Greg has amassed over a million subscribers on YouTube, where he continues to post videos every week.

Recently, Greg Doucette talked about famous fitness icons Christian Guzman and Bradley Martyn, with which most fitness industry people are familiar.

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Christian Guzman, a fitness influencer, was accused of being a fake natty by Greg Doucette, and so was the bodybuilding influencer Bradley Martyn.

Greg was unhappy that both of them claimed to be natural, and he believed they were not telling the truth about being natural.

Here are some things Greg had to say about these fitness icons he calls fake natties:

Most of the people that follow Bradley Martyn know that he is not actually natural but he has over 4 million followers, do you think the average person that sees Bradley Martyn, sees lifetime natural assumes that he is a fake natty? of course not, the average person they see that they read the caption, they are thinking oh it’s natural and why does he do that? well, it makes for good advertisement, he’s selling products.

The problem is people in the world have no idea of what PEDS can actually do. The majority of people who take PEDS would never get as much muscle as nor look as good as Christian Guzman; that’s with peds. But you are thinking, no but he is not that impressive, are you kidding me? Try it yourself, diet down to 6% body fat, hardly getting any sleep, stressed out, I don’t care if you have been training 10+ years or more, chances are you end up 150 lbs or less.

Greg Doucette Accuses Bradley Martyn and Christian Guzman of being fake natties (video)

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