Greg Doucette: “Athlean-X might be the biggest problem in the fitness industry”

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Greg Doucette doesn’t agree with one of the most famous men in the fitness industry, Jeff Cavaliere.

Greg has already called out Jeff Cavaliere from Athlean-X multiple times in his videos for spreading misinformation on diet, training, and more.

Greg Doucette has become famous in the fitness industry for his uncensored opinions, which he regularly shares on his YouTube channel.

Greg isn’t afraid to call anyone out and has accused many famous fitness influencers of being fake natural bodybuilders and lying.

Athlean-X is one of the biggest fitness channels on YouTube, and the channel has been active for many years. Athlean-X currently has just under 13 million subscribers.

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Greg Doucette is also becoming more famous for his entertaining videos where he isn’t afraid to speak his mind about anything.

Now Greg Doucette is back again and made another video on Jeff Cavaliere and said he might be the biggest problem in the fitness industry.

These are bold claims from Greg Doucette; in the video he posted, he explains why he believes Jeff might be a huge problem:

So Jeff is 5 foot 10 and a half, 173 pounds, 5.8% body fat year-round, all the time more shredded than freaking last time. And he does have a good message he says: “Don’t compare yourself to other people”. However he is saying in your own goals that you would be better if you lost fat and build muscle. No matter what your body type, no matter what you should be trying to lose body fat and build muscle and Jeff says : “well you are comparing yourself to me because you are the same height and weight but you don’t look like me, that’s because I am 5.8% body fat and being really lean makes your muscles look better, makes you look bigger than ever and so you got to drop your body fat and then you are going to have more of an aesthetic physique”. Well that’s true to a point but is it worth it all costs? so Jeff says being lean is important to him, it’s part of his brand name Athlean-X and so he has to no matter what try to be lean when he had the same channel followers and so on if he was at normal body fat -x, no Athlean-X, he has to be shredded, he’s known for that and to what extent, he has to make sacrifices, he has to be disciplined, he can have one cheat a year, just one, carrot cake once a year, alcohol never, can’t drink it. A guy with 5.8% body fat, never drinks alcohol and sacrificing everything, every single day to achieve this look and for what?

Greg Doucette goes into detail on why he considers Athlean-X is, in his opinion, one of the biggest problems in the fitness industry; watch the video below:

Greg Doucette: Athlean-X might be the biggest problem in the fitness industry(video)

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