Greg Doucette Accuses Michael B Jordan of using steroids

Greg Doucette Accuses Michael B Jordan of using steroids

Michael B. Jordan is a well-known actor who has become a household name thanks to his appearances in movies like Black Panther and Creed.

He is also known for his impressive physique, which he has achieved through hard work and dedication.

However, some experts, such as bodybuilder and influencer Greg Doucette, have questioned whether Michael’s body is really the result of natural training.

Greg Doucette is a well-known bodybuilder and influencer who is known for his outspoken views on natural bodybuilding.

He has gained a large following on social media thanks to his no-nonsense approach and willingness to call out those who he believes are lying about their natural training methods.

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Greg Doucette has amassed a massive following on social media and has already called out some of the biggest names in fitness and accused them of lying to be natural.

Greg Doucette has accused superstars such as Mike O’Hearn, The Rock, and Simeon Panda of lying about their natural status.

Greg Doucette is a former competitive bodybuilder and has openly discussed his steroid use with his followers, so he is an expert on the subject and believes he can tell if someone is natural or not.

According to Doucette, Michael’s claims of achieving his impressive physique naturally are highly suspect.

He notes that Michael has gained 24lbs of muscle at a relatively advanced age, which is highly unusual.

Doucette is also skeptical of Michael’s workout routine, which he describes as “grueling”. Michael reportedly trains 2-3 times per day, 6 times a week, and includes a 3-hour boxing workout at the end of every session.

In addition, Michael reportedly performs 24 sets of 25 reps of ab exercises every other day, which Doucette finds hard to believe.

Doucette’s skepticism is not unfounded.

It is not uncommon for actors and bodybuilders to use performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) to achieve their impressive physiques.

While Michael has not been accused of using PEDs, it is important to note that many athletes and bodybuilders have been caught using PEDs despite their claims of natural training.

However, it is also possible that Michael has achieved his impressive physique through natural means.

He is a professional actor and is required to maintain a certain level of fitness for his roles.

In addition, Michael is known for his discipline and work ethic, which could explain his intense workout routine.

In conclusion, the question of whether Michael B. Jordan achieved his impressive physique naturally or through the use of PEDs is one that is difficult to answer definitively.

While Doucette haves his believes about the situation he doesn’t have any proof in hand, even though Micheal B Jordan is very impressive the physique could be built naturally according to famous YouTube Derek from More Plates More Dates.

Even though it’s uncommon for natural lifters to have the same impressive physiques as Micheal B Jordan we mustn’t forget that this is his job and he has all the best trainers and chefs to help him achieve his body naturally.

Greg Doucette Accuses Michael B Jordan of using steroids (video)

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