Great Tips On How To Break Through Your Plateau & Grow More Muscle

Great Tips On How To Break Through Your Plateau & Grow More Muscle

Sometimes you will reach a point where you are no longer seeing many results despite your best efforts.

You may be on a plateau and worried that you will not see any more gains.

Don’t worry, this happens to everyone in bodybuilding, you just need to learn how to break through these dips.

Here are some tips to do just that.

Starting off

Are you strict with your diet and getting plenty of rest?

Are you struggling with injuries?

There are questions you need to ask yourself before doing anything.

These can severely affect how you are performing and seeing results.

You may think that you are in a plateau, but it may in fact be one of these factors that can be more easily addressed.

Start at zero

Sometimes you may have fallen out of funk when it comes to your form and you are not as strict as you once were.

You could also be trying to lift weights that are too heavy and can no longer control the weight and have the muscles under prolonged tension.

Try to go back to the more basic lifts like bench press, squats and deadlifts so you can get back on track, focusing on great form.

Surprise the body

If you have been doing the same routine, exercises and rep ranges for too long, your body will have become used to them and will no longer see much growth.

This is why every so often you need to surprise the body and completely switch up your workouts.

This could be as simple as changing the order that you work body parts in or trying out a different type of training entirely.

Eat differently

Chances are if you if eating on the same pattern every day that you could be eating to less or too much.

A great way to switch things up is trying a completely different diet plan and see how your body responds to that.

I have tried about 5 different diets and it’s the best thing I’ve ever did.

Because on some diets I feel much better and find it easy to gain muscle, while others did not work so well.

So I encourage you to try out a couple of new diets and see how your body responds.

Keep the T high

What a lot of guys in todays society are experiencing right now are low testosterone levels.

If your testosterone levels are low it will be almost impossible for you to gain muscle and lose fat.

So if you suspect that you have low testosterone levels you should try increasing them.

Chances are that low testosterone levels could be the reason that you are not making any gains.

The best way to increase natural testosterone levels is to take a testosterone boosting supplement.

We’ve made a guide on the best testosterone boosters on the market which you can see by clicking here.

Change up your weights of volume

A good idea when you hit a plateau is to play around with the types of weights you are shifting.

If you have been lifting heavy at low reps for a while, try to lower the weight and use higher rep ranges.

You can also increase or decrease the amount of sets you are doing per workout, as you may have adapted too much to the intensity and volume of sets that you are competing with each workout.

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