Girlfriend Banned Her Shredded Boyfriend To Take Off His Shirt On A Holiday

Girlfriend Banned Her Shredded Boyfriend To Take Off His Shirt On A Holiday

As we all know girls can be extremely jealous creatures especially if her boyfriend is a good looking bodybuilder that has high testosterone levels and a low body fat percentage.

We got this story sent from a fan whos name is Christian.

Christian recently travelled with a group of friends to California for summer holiday.

Christian and his best friend are both bodybuilders, they like to stay in shape for the summer and look like greek gods on the beach. (or that’s what Christian says)

We have a really funny story which Christian sent us here to BroScience and I think many guys here are going to find it hilarious.

So here is the story we got sent to us:

“Hey guys my name is Christian I want to tell you a story about my best friend and his girlfriend. We recently went to a holiday in California for the summer with a group of friends from school.

Me and my friend have both been busting our asses in the gym to look like greek gods on the beach.

It has nothing to do with attracting the opposite sex because we are both in a committed relationship.

We just like looking good and living the bodybuilding lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 15.27.07

The training and dieting for the trip went extremely well we both had our best body ever. We were extremely shredded and we could not wait to show off our hard earned physique.

My best friends girlfriend is really jealous, she does not train and is a little out of shape.

She was constantly nagging us when we were training for the trip, she thinks training is pointless and she said numerous times that we were just wasting our time.

One of the thing she said was “Nobody cares if you have a little six pack or not, you are also going to lose your body in the trip because there will be a lot of drinking and junk foods”

We however did not listen to her, we were both motivated to get our best physique ever.

What really bothered me in this trip is that my best friends girlfriend was really negative and sad all the trip.

She was constantly complaining about how she didn’t want to wear her bikini because she was “too fat” and she didn’t even wear it the whole trip.

What bothered me the most however that if my best friend took his shirt off she just went nuts and said:

“You are not taking your shirt off, I do not like the way other girls look at you, I cannot wear my bikini because I’m too fat! are you really that selfish that you are just going to leave me alone in my t-shirt while you and Christian are flexing your muscles for all the sluts here”

I was beginning to lose my temper when she said this, she had already ruined the trip by always complaining and being sad.

I was a little drunk when she said this and I just lost my temper completely.

What I said to my best friends girl was a little shocking, I said:

“You little stupid b**ch, you have been complaining the whole trip about being fat and I can’t stand being around your negativity. Just because you are too fat to wear a bikini it’s not his(my best friend) problem. He has been working his ass off to get this physique and you cannot ban him to take off his shirt. I am sick and tired of your shit and I do not want to spend any more time with you in this trip.”

I do not remember exactly what I said but I have been told that it was something like this.

The funny that happened after I said this was that my best friend actually broke up with his girl later that day, she went home(took a flight back home) and we partied our asses off for 1 week straight.

Just wanted to share this story with you guys and encourage you to dump your girl if she does not accept what you do and if she is negatively influencing your life.

Hopefully you will have the time to read this story and share it with the BroScience community.

All the best, Christian”

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