This Girl Abused Steroids In The 90's - Here's What She Looks Like Now.....

This Girl Abused Steroids In The 90’s – Here’s What She Looks Like Now…..

In 1993, Denise Rutkowski finished second place in Mrs. Olympia and everything has been downhill since then. The next year, she returned home to Texas to attend Bible College. By 1996, she was traveling the country to spread the gospel. Fast forward to 2012 when she was arrested for evading arrest after things had taken a turn for the worst. Here’s what happens when you mix massive doses of steroids with drug addiction and bipolar disorder.

First, here’s the obligatory “before” picture. (Circa early 90s) – Not bad bro, huh?DeYEiE9Here she is at her “peak”SI8YfMo



Believe it or not, this is what she looks like now (on the right).



Three brothers??


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