Blue Star Nutraceuticals GH Peak Review(2019) - Does it Work?

Blue Star Nutraceuticals GH Peak Review(2019) – Does it Work?

Guys say this supplement can boost recovery, burn fat, and build muscle while you sleep—this Blue Star GH Peak review will reveal if that’s true, or overblown hype.

Many of us don’t get the sleep we need or deserve. Time pressures, work demands, and an inability to wind-down can prevent us from having a decent night’s slumber. This impacts on energy, muscle growth, and mood.

Plus, it can really screw up our anabolic hormones.

True words, right?

It appears guys using GH Peak by Blue Star have witnessed returns that are off the scale. They’re sleeping deeply, muscle is piling on faster than ever before, and unwanted pounds are falling off.

This GH Peak by Blue Star Nutraceuticals review exposes the insane truth—explaining what it is, how it functions, and whether it works.

Blue Star GH Peak Review

Blue Star GH Peak Review
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Your first question when reading this Blue Star GH Peak review is probably—what the heck is it?

This supplement, supplied in capsule form, is designed to fulfill two aims—improve sleep and promote the production of growth hormone. In doing so it claims it will result in enhanced recovery, larger muscles, less fat, and heightened energy.

The guys behind it are not here-today-gone-tomorrow characters. Blue Star status as one of the most respected bodybuilding nutritionists is unquestionable. This Canada-based company has been producing potent and effective supplements for over 10 years—all backed by science.

Blue Star GH Peak Ingredients

Blue Star GH Peak Ingredients

This Blue Star GH Peak review wouldn’t be fully comprehensive without examining the ingredients. Here are the key players.


A hormone which not only enhances sleep but studies also indicate actively elevates growth hormone production.[1][2]

Arginine Pyroglutamate

Research has shown that supplementing with arginine can boost growth hormone by 100 percent while at rest, but up to an astounding 500 percent when combined with exercise.[3]


This Indian plant reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol which can both inhibit slumber and put muscles into a catabolic (breakdown) state.[4]


Experts have illustrated this compound increases the amount and quality of deep sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed the following day.[5]

Valerian Root Extract

Research has proven that this European flowering plant can both lower levels of anxiety and promote sleep.[6]


Firstly, this ingredient increases the bioavailability of all the other compounds—meaning they’re used to maximum effect.

Furthermore, it can improve mood, enhance recovery by reducing inflammation, and boost the immune system.

How Does Blue Star GH Peak Work?

Natural growth hormone production peaks during sleeping hours—meaning that insufficient and unrefreshing slumber impairs its formation. Furthermore, as we age, our natural production of this compound rapidly declines.[11][12]

The ingredients mentioned earlier in this Blue Star GH Peak review work to both promote sleep and directly stimulate growth hormone production.

This results in:

  • Faster muscle gains.[13]
  • Elevated energy and more impressive workouts as a result of better sleep.
  • Improved fat loss.[14]
  • Increased strength and power.[15]
  • Reduced recovery time and heightened muscle and tissue repair.[16]
  • Improved mood and focus.

But, is it all good news? The next section of this Blue Star GH Peak review will examine the possible downsides.

Blue Star GH Peak Side Effects

Blue Star GH Peak Side Effects

As a natural product—GH Peak shouldn’t cause any health issues.

However, some people do react to the fumaric acid ingredient which can cause minor stomach upsets, diarrhea, and constipation.[17]

Blue Star GH Peak Pros and Cons


  • Contains only scientifically proven ingredients.
  • Excellent customer testimonials.
  • Available in numerous countries worldwide.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Respected manufacturer.
  • No filler ingredients.
  • Side effect free.


  • Some users may find that consuming four pills is excessive.

Blue Star GH Peak Before After Results

As seen above in this Blue Star GH Peak review—the scientific proof behind the ingredients is extremely convincing. But, is it representative of actual experience?

Here are some extracts from genuine customer Blue Star Neutraceuticals GH Peak reviews—illustrating the results that real guys are experiencing.

“It’s been just one week and I feel great …I feel stronger, relaxed, and have a very good rest at night.

Prem Anand

“Within 30 minutes I’m falling asleep—and, when I wake up, I feel more rested. I have taken the product for 8 weeks and my recovery has accelerated.”

Ray Zelenak

“I’m extremely impressed with GH Peak…it was fantastic at getting me to sleep…I woke up feeling much more energized and refreshed. I did notice shorter recovery times as well, and less DOMS.”

Sham R

“Not only am I sleeping like a baby, but over the past seven weeks, my muscle growth has accelerated to a rate I’ve never seen in six years of lifting. And, I’m leaner with nice definition.”

M Irons

All-day energy…gives me the ability to get up early, work out, work, then get home and actually have the energy to do other things”

Mccy J

It also appears that these impressive reviews aren’t confined to just GH Peak. Other Blue Star products such as the Blue Star Nutraceuticals stacks, testosterone boosters, and fat burners all appear to provide impressive results.

Where to Buy Blue Star GH Peak?

If you want the impressive results that this Blue Star GH Peak review has exposed, it can be purchased from the official Blue Star Nutraceuticals website(claim coupon here),, and

However, if you try a GH Peak Amazon search, unfortunately, you’ll find there’s no Blue Star GH Peak Amazon page.

Blue Star GH Peak Review Conclusion

If you’re not enjoying quality sleep every night—not only are you going to feel lethargic but your training results will suffer.

However, using Blue Star GH Peak can turn that around.

By including ingredients that are scientifically proven to both promote deep and peaceful slumber and stimulate growth hormone—this supplement will reward tenfold.

Your energy levels will skyrocket, muscles will build at an alarming rate, and the fat will drop off.

Blue Star GH Peak Review FAQ

“How to Take Blue Star GH Peak?”

Four capsules should be consumed with or without food before bedtime.

“How Much Does Blue Star GH Peak Cost?”

When purchased from the official Blue Star Nutraceuticals website, one bottle (120 capsules—30 day supply) costs $89.99.

“Is Blue Star GH Peak Safe?”

This is a natural product that shouldn’t cause any adverse health effects.

“Where Can You Buy Blue Star GH Peak?”

This supplement can be purchased from the official Blue Star website,, and There’s unfortunately, no Blue Star Nutraceuticals GNC listing.

“Does Blue Star GH Peak Really Work?”

This supplement contains doses of ingredients which are scientifically proven to boost growth hormone and induce sleep. Furthermore, results from users are overwhelmingly positive.

“Is There a Money Back Guarantee?”

This product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

“How Long Do You Have to Take Blue Star GH Peak Before Seeing Results?”

Improved sleep can be witnessed after just a couple of days’ use. Muscle gains and fat loss are most visible between 4-8 weeks.

“Do They Ship Worldwide?”

This product can be shipped to the UK, USA, Canada, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand when purchased from the official site.

Other vendors may differ in their shipping options.



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