Get A Six Pack While Still Drinking Booze

Get A Six Pack While Still Drinking Booze

All men want to look good.

Some care about it more than others, but it is always near the top of a man’s desires in life.

However, going out with your friends and having a few drinks is also high up there on the list of priorities. Most weekends will likely include a few beers.

This is all empty calories and can very quickly lead to you blowing past your daily calorie limit and your liver will no longer be able to burn fat.

You will inevitably visit McDonalds also at 3am and make other poor life choices.

There is a way however that you might be able to do both without compromising the other. Here are a few tricks you can use.


Drink moderately

While this sounds like common sense, drink in moderation.

While you will get quicker results if you don’t drink any alcohol, you need to enjoy yourself at the same time.

If you love having a few beers, there is no need to stop, but if you want to achieve your physique goals, you will have to be smart about it and cut back.

Instead of going out and having ten pints all the time, try to limit drinking to a single night weekly. Alternatively, when you’re going out, try to only have a couple of drinks. This will limit the calories you’re taking in and limit the amount of fat you are going to store.

AUCHTERARDER, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 28: Jamie Donaldson of Europe drinks champagne after Europe won the Ryder Cup after the Singles Matches of the 2014 Ryder Cup on the PGA Centenary course at the Gleneagles Hotel on September 28, 2014 in Auchterarder, Scotland. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Be wise with your drink choice

Alcohol is full of calories, but some are worse than others.

A gin and slim is going to have a lot less calories than a White Russian cocktail that has cream, full fat milk and topped off with chocolate.

Try to avoid those drinks that have a lot of sugar, including mixers, energy drinks and fruit juices.

Spirits tend to be lower in calories and not have many carbs. The optimal choices will be vodka, gin and tequila.

The Paleo Margarita only has 65 calories.

Two glasses of margarita coctail on black and white background with deep shadows.

Try to balance out your calories

Every day, you have a certain amount of calories that you can consume until you reach your maintenance level. If you eat a surplus, you will put on weight and vice versa.

Alcohol is filled with poor calories and it is very easy to quickly blow past your maintenance calories. Obviously you don’t want to be constantly calculating calories, but after you do it a couple of times, you will have a good idea off the top of your head which choices are best.

What you can do if you have a heavy night of drinking ahead is to limit your calories earlier in the day so you have calories to play with later in the day. Lower your carbs and fats while keeping protein at a moderate amount.


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