Get Shredded For Summer Using These 6 Tips

Get Shredded For Summer Using These 6 Tips

So you want to get shredded for summer?

I don’t blame you, it is a great feeling walking shredded on the beach with girls miring your physique and guys wishing they had your physique. The time to start cutting and getting shredded is now. The more time you have the more successful your journey to get shredded will be.

There seems to be a lot of information to get ripped, cut and shredded on the web and most of the times these articles you read are complicated and more geared towards pro bodybuilders on steroids,  but in this article we are going to keep it dead simple. Any guy can follow these tips to get shredded and actually accomplish it.

I am going to be honest the reason why most guys are not accomplishing getting shredded is that it is too hard. It is hard to stick to your diet, do your cardio and training for a long period of time.

If you follow these tips below on how to get shredded I guarantee you will accomplish it. You will have to follow these tips and we are giving this information that has helped guys just like you to get shredded out for free, so take advantage of it and be the one of the hundred that is ripped to shreds on the beach this summer!

Get Shredded For Summer Using These 6 Tips

Get Shredded For Summer Using These 6 Tips

1 – Mix Up the Cardio

There are a lot of articles out there discussing how High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the most effective form of cardio for burning fat.

This is a result of the intense demands that this type of training puts on your system which boosts your metabolism for days. Therefore even if you don’t burn many more calories than steady-state cardio during your actual training you will end up burning more calories while you rest for the next few days.

Typically the best way to go about doing HIIT cardio is pick your favorite cardio machine and do short 30 second sprints followed by 30 seconds of rest.

Do this for 10-15 rounds depending on your intensity level and experience. However, don’t stop there! Add in some low-intensity cardio for 15 minutes after your last round to give your muscles a chance to clear out some of the lactic acid and other byproducts that have piled up.

As a result you will find you recover faster and are ready to go for your next resistance training session. The reason this type of training is so effective is that it combines the benefits of both styles. You get the fat-burning of HIIT along with the recovery benefits of low intensity training.

If you are someone who has trouble picking which cardio style to do why not perform both?

2 – Keep the Reps Low

For some reason people have this idea in their head that in order to get shredded they need to perform high rep training. The truth is that it’s not your training that gets you shredded, it’s your diet.

When in the gym stick to the traditional 6-12 rep hypertrophy range. This will ensure that you don’t lose any muscle mass or strength, not to mention you can still focus on overloading the muscle. Additionally, you will experience a greater testosterone release from this type of training which as we know is crucial to a successful cut.

Having said that, you can still get plenty of volume in by performing 4-5 sets rather than the usual 3-4. As a result you will be maximizing the tension on each muscle group while still overloading the muscle.

This type of training, believe it or not, will also burn more calories and pump up your metabolism – so you’ll be shedding fat around the clock.

Finally, just because you are cutting doesn’t mean you can throw compound exercises out the window. You should still be focusing on squats, deadlifts, bench press and other multi-joint exercises. Perform these at the beginning of your workout when your strength and energy is the highest then use isolation exercises at the end to finish the muscle off.

Remember, compound exercises will cause you to release the most testosterone, burn the most calories around the clock and hold on to the most strength and muscle mass.

3 – Superset it

Supersets are a great way to get your body into fat-loss mode. For you unaware brahs, that means performing multiple exercises back to back.

Legs in particular tend to respond well to this type of training since they are such a large muscle group. You can start by picking two compound exercises like squats and leg press and work them back to back. Once you finish those move right on to the isolation leg machines.

You’ll notice this forces your body to work way harder than it used to, not to mention your sets will be way longer. People who have very limited time to workout will also benefit from this as it allows them to get a lot of work in a short time.

The reason this type of training works so well is that it maximizes the time your muscles spend working.

This puts huge demands on your body both during and after the workout – which means your metabolism will be through the roof as your body works to recover. You can also push sets past your natural limit by performing forced reps.

That means you use some momentum or get a workout partner to help you complete the rep so that you can really overload the muscle. This works best with a weight that you usually can’t perform for more than 8 reps. Once you hit your natural maximum have your partner help you get the weight up – just make sure you are doing most of the work!

If you don’t have the luxury of a workout partner you can still get this type of effect on your own. Once you hit failure just put the weight down for a few seconds then pick it up and perform a few more reps. Keep doing this until you hit an additional 12 reps. This type of training truly pushes the muscles to the max so you can expect to burn a lot of calories during one of these workouts!

Get Shredded For Summer Using These 6 Tips

4 – Focus on your Macros

If you are not tracking your macros then you won’t be able to know for sure if it’s your workout or your diet that is causing your cut to stall. In particular you want to know just how much protein, carbs and fat you are consuming each day. A lot of people like to cut carbs in order to lean out.

While this might work for some, others find it leaves them feeling tired and unable to get through a difficult workout. Therefore, if you want to maintain your energy levels you should keep your carb intake stable and instead cut some of the fat from your diet.

Half a gram per pound of body weight tends to work well. This will allow you to maintain a calorie deficit while still giving your body the fuel it needs to get through and recover from difficult workouts. As for protein, 1 gram per pound of bodyweight is the minimum however feel free to increase that to as much as 1.5 grams if you find you are often hungry – as this could mean your body is breaking down muscle tissue in order to provide fuel.

5 – Get a Journal

Keeping track of all your workouts is absolutely crucial. After all, how can you know if you’ve made any progress if you can’t see how far you’ve come.

While some people claim they are able to remember what they did in their past workout it’s nowhere near as effective as actually writing it down. This allows you to track your progress over time, identify lagging muscle groups and target those areas when you change up your routine.

You can even write down qualitative information like your energy level, your mood, how hungry you were, etc. This will help you pinpoint which components are effective and which ones are not. Fortunately there are tons of great apps you can get for your phone to make this entire process easier.

If you are afraid of looking like a nerd for carrying a pen and notebook with you to every workout now you can just whip out your phone and make some notes. People will just think you are texting!

Get Shredded For Summer Using These 6 Tips

6 – Use Fat burners that actually work

We’ve covered this before in our ultimate guide to getting shredded fast. You can read it here.

Hitting your macro targets is not always easy, particularly for those of us who go to work or school every day.

As a result, it can be helpful for us to look at picking up supplements to help bridge the gap. That doesn’t mean that everything you consume should come out of a plastic container – you should still be eating a lot of quality foods however mixing in some supplements can help push you over the top

Supplements like fast absorbing protein blends, BCAA’s and fat burners can help you to faster results.

One great way to make sure you continue to make steady progress with your cut is to use a fat burning supplement.

Now we aren’t talking about those products that show up on TV advertisements targeted towards fat middle-aged women.

Those products don’t work and in some cases are actually pretty dangerous. What we are talking about here is a quality product that uses natural ingredients that are proven to boost your metabolism.

Obviously since these products use quality ingredients and are effective they cost more but hey – it’s worth the price if it helps you avoid any plateaus.

We have actually made a report on the best fat burning ingredients that can effectively help you burn off more fat. These products are not created equal and it was a shocking discovery to find out how many products out there are filled with ineffective ingredients.

Make sure to not fall into the trap of the fancy marketing of supplement companies that are just out there to make money. You will end up buying an ineffective product that will not work.

There are a few fat burners out there that actually contain proven ingredients to help the body to burn off fat.

Since there are so many products out there that are ineffective we decided to make a report on effective fat burning ingredients and supplements. We took the time to try out countless of ingredients, do A LOT of research and we found the ingredients and products that actually work.

We are giving this report on the best fat burning supplements and ingredients for free. So make sure you know which ingredients to look for when buying a fat burning supplement.

Most Important To Remember:

  • Do your cardio and make sure to mix it up with HIIT and slow steady pace cardio.
  • Keep the reps low to maintain your strength and muscle
  • Do a lot of super sets to get the heart pumping and burning more calories
  • Make sure you are eating the right macros and have a solid diet
  • Get a journal and track your results
  • Make sure your fat burner contains only proven ingredients to burn off fat faster

By following all the tips above and using a quality fat burning supplement you can make sure that this summer you are one of the few guys with a shredded physique instead of a “dad bod”.

Remember to give yourself plenty of time to cut properly – crash dieting is ineffective and usually leads to muscle loss.

Remember that staying lean is a lifestyle, not a short-term pursuit. You should never be more than a few weeks away from a shredded physique.

So follow these tips and get shredded for summer, no excuses!

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