How You Can Get Ripped Abs Like a Fitness Model

How You Can Get Ripped Abs Like a Fitness Model

So you want to get ripped abs?

I  do not know one person on this planet who would not want to get ripped abs.

before we get started on how you can build yourself a set of shredded abs, lets cover the different parts of the abs:

  • First you have the rectus abdominals which are responsible for rotating the spine.
  • Next is the external oblique which is responsible for rotating the actual spinal column.
  • Finally there is the intercostals which are tasked with drawing the ribs together.

As you can see, their functions are stabilizing in nature and as a result they are used on just about every exercise you perform at the gym.

Not to mention, without a great six pack your physique simply won’t look complete.

While your abs might be very well developed you unfortunately don’t get to see them as a result of all the fat lying on top of them.

As a result, you need to get your bodyfat percentage down in the single digits before they will be visible. That doesn’t leave much room for fat!

People who train their abs several times per week tend to build very large, block-looking abs.

This is an issue because the abs grow outward which takes away from that v-taper look you are going for.

So while it’s important to have strong abs you don’t want to have a wide waste. If you work your abs with heavy weights they will get thicker which means they will protrude outwards making your stomach look wider.

Therefore when training abs you want to keep the weight low or stick to just bodyweight exercises.

Find out in the tips below how you can get ripped abs.

How You Can Get Ripped Abs Like a Fitness Model

How You Can Get Ripped Abs Like a Fitness Model

Ab Training Myths

A lot of people do tons of ab exercises at the gym thinking this will make them burn belly fat.

This is also known as spot reducing fat and it simply doesn’t work.

You can’t choose where you lose fat, you can only maintain a calorie deficit and lose fat gradually throughout your body. Some people lose fat on their stomachs easily while others do not – that depends on your genetics.

Additionally, ab exercises don’t exactly burn a ton of calories – you are far better off performing HIIT cardio or even resistance training focused on compound lifts.

If you want to get shredded abs you need to lose fat by way of calorie deficit, it’s as simple as that – you can’t spot reduce.

How to Get Shredded

Ok so enough about the myths – time to learn how you actually get shredded. In terms of training your abs you don’t need to do endless reps and sets like some people tend to believe.

Instead focus on fewer sets and reps but with good form.

You also don’t need to train them several days per week, you should treat them like any other muscle and train them once or twice per week.

Keep in mind they are being worked on pretty much every day of your program.

You also don’t need to go on a starvation diet – just focus on a small calorie deficit to gradually lose body fat until you achieve the look you want.

Training Frequency

Like we mentioned, your abs are involved in just about every exercise you can perform, particularly the big compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, etc.

If you just finished performing a few of these exercises your abs will have received all the attention they need.

Stick to training abs on a different days but make sure you don’t stress them out too much particularly before a day where you will be squatting or deadlifting.

This will compromise your ability to perform these exercises and could result in an injury.

How You Can Get Ripped Abs Like a Fitness Model

High Intensity Interval Training

The most effective form of cardio is not going on a 2 hour run.

It’s to do short bursts of intense activity like sprinting or running uphill followed by short rests.

The entire workout shouldn’t take you longer than 25 minutes and should be limited to 3-4 times per week.

This type of training will burn the most fat and boost your metabolism so you are burning more calories throughout the day.

HIIT is a great addition to your workout regime especially if your goal is to get ripped abs.

Eat the Right Foods

It doesn’t matter how good your training program is.

If you eat tons of junk food you will never build the type of physique you want.

It might seem strange that nutrition makes up such a small portion of this article even though it’s responsible for 90% of your progress but we saved the best for last!

Eat lots of protein, high quality fats and a moderate amount of complex carbs.

If you think you can get abs while eating junk food all day you will definitely end up disappointed.

While some people are able to do this they are either taking illegal steroids or are extremely genetically gifted. Chances are if you fall into one of those categories you probably wouldn’t be reading this article.

Are You Willing To Go The Extra Mile?

Is your goal to get ripped abs any time in the future?

If it’s not than you can skip this paragraph, because it is not for you.

To make the most out of your fat loss efforts.

You should be supplementing with the right fat burning ingredients.

These supplements are designed to help your body burn off fat faster.

They also have a few other benefits like:

Higher energy levels throughout the day,

Suppressing your hunger cravings,

Raising metabolic rate, burning more calories throughout the day.

In order to get the best results you must choose a fat burning supplement that contains the right ingredients.

It will all be worth it when you are walking shredded on the beach this summer with girls admiring your physique.


You can see the best fat burning ingredients in our complete guide here.

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