Get Crazy Shredded Using These 9 Tips for 2 Weeks

Get Crazy Shredded Using These 9 Tips

When we talk to most guys about how to build mass, they seem to have figured it out.

Eat small frequent meals, lots of protein, healthy fats and high-quality carbs.

Do compound lifts and progressively overload the weight, etc.

However, when it comes to losing fat there is a bit of confusion.

There are a lot of different opinions out there as to how you should go about the process.

Today, we are going to tell you what we thing is the best way to lose fat.

If you follow this guide you should get shredded in no time!

Get Crazy Shredded Using These 9 Tips for 2 Weeks

1 – Keep Lifting Heavy

Just because your goal has changed from building mass to getting shredded doesn’t mean you should start lifting those pink dumbbells.

By continuing to lift heavy weight you will signal to your body that it needs to keep the muscle mass it has.

As a result, you will be more likely to burn fat than muscle.

However, if you start lifting light weights all of a sudden it tells your body you don’t need all that muscle any more – so guess what it’s going to do.

2 – Tone Down the Cardio

Just because everyone else who is trying to lose weight spends hours on the treadmill doesn’t mean you should too.

The most important component to getting ripped isn’t cardio – it’s your diet. In fact, you can lose fat without even doing any cardio if you wanted to.

Instead of doing hours of running do 20 minutes of high intensity interval training 3 times per week.

You will burn more calories and increase your metabolism around the clock.

3 – Slow and Steady Fat Loss

If you are losing several pounds every week there is a good chance you are burning a lot of muscle.

Instead, focus on losing weight at a rate of 1 pound per week.

When combined with a solid diet and resistance training program you can be sure that most if not all of that weight will be coming from fat.

As your bodyfat % gets lower don’t be surprised if that slows down to half a pound per week.

4 – Stop Trying to Crunch Your Way to a Six Pack

While doing, some abs work here and there won’t hurt, it shouldn’t be the focus of your training.

People seem to think that by doing tons of crunches they can lose all of their stomach fat.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. In order to lose fat, you need to consume a calorie deficit – you can’t lose fat on a particular area.

If you think you can get six pack abs by doing tons of crunches we hate to say it but you are wasting your time.

Get Crazy Shredded Using These 9 Tips for 2 Weeks

5 – Find out What Diet Works for You

There is no single best diet for everyone out there. Some people respond well to low carb while others don’t.

You will need to experiment with different carb levels and see what leads to the optimal rate of fat loss for you.

This will take some trial and error.

6 – Drink Lots of Water

If you are like most guys, you probably don’t drink enough water.

Studies show that getting plenty of water leads to higher metabolism, better protein synthesis and even faster fat loss!

Water is one of the cheapest, most readily available nutrients out there so there really is no reason to be short-changing yourself on this one.

7 – Have a Cheat Meal

Even the strictest diets need a cheat meal here and there.

First, they help reward you for your efforts (and stop you from going crazy).

Second, they help your metabolism get revved up at your body anticipates more calories on the way.

Remember to include the calories from your cheat meals in your daily calorie consumption – a cheat meal isn’t an excuse to consume a 500-calorie surplus.

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9 – Track Your Body Fat Levels

Just as you should be tracking your daily calorie consumption and your workouts, you should also track your body composition or bodyfat %.

This will help give you an idea how your diet is going, how much longer you will need to go to reach your goal and whether you are losing mostly fat or muscle.

There are tons of inexpensive bodyfat monitors online, so pick one up and start tracking your progress on a weekly basis.

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