How To Get Back On Track After Summer BBQ's Without Dieting

How To Get Back On Track After the Summer BBQ’s

So you’ve spent the majority of the summer drinking beer and eating calorie rich foods that perhaps you shouldn’t have and you haven’t trained as often as you should have, right?

Did you know that beer increases your estrogen levels (the female hormone, the opposite of the muscle building hormone; testosterone)?

So chances are that now not only do you look like a fat piece of shit after all the summer BBQ’s and vacation binging, but also have you lost your manliness and the stuff that helps you build muscle and strength (testosterone).

To top it all of you haven’t trained as often so you’ve also lost your strength and are now weak as fuck.

You’re fat and weak after the summer. Nobody likes you anymore you fat and weak piece of shit….

Okay, maybe I’m going a little overboard here haha! (Please don’t make your mom call us to make me apologise for calling you that)

But you know what I mean bro…


And of course, I’m here to show you the quick and easy way.

How to get back on track after the summer

back on track after summer

Step 1

Go to the gym again you lazy bastard. What makes you think that just because the sun is shining a bit brighter than usually that you can skip going to the gym?

For fuck sakes bro!

During holiday seasons you always need to do AT LEAST 5 heavy sets of each of these 3 exercises every damn week:

  1. Deadlift
  2. Squat
  3. Bench press

There’s absolutely no excuse for not doing them every week.

They boost test, burn fat, build muscle and build strength all at the same time.

So get to the gym again, starting from today.

I’m serious, go pick up a banana or whatever’s in your fridge and double scoop of your pre workout supplement (here’s my favorite pre workouts)… RIGHT NOW

and continue reading the article with your meal and drink in your hand.

Do it

Do it now.

Step 2 

Make a plan.

I’m serious..

Proper planning prevents poor performance.

This is the single most important factor for making gains in the gym.

In fact, it’s the most important factor for all success in life.

You don’t get rich without a proper plan and you don’t get ripped as f*ck without a plan.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go pick up a pen and a piece of paper and write down your gym goals – old school style on a piece of paper (trust me, I know it’s weird but it makes it more effective than writing on the computer or on your phone).
    Make it very clear and as if it has already happened. Don’t write: I want to get ripped again. Do write: I’m 83 kg’s with visible abs while having the strength to deadlift 180 kg’s on 15th of August 2017. You can also write down other stats you want to reach such as Bench: 100kg, Squat: 130 kg. Etc.
  2. Now that you’ve made it very clear what exactly you want to get back to it’s time to put together your workout plan that fits your goal. If you don’t have the skills to put together a workout program, then just google around bro, no need to buy expensive programs from Instagram scammers that spend more time photoshopping their images than they do spend on making your program.
  3. Stick to the plan and don’t skip a workout you lazy piece of shit.

And that’s it.

Couldn’t be more easier.

Step 3

Get your shit together in the supplement game.

Listen, supplement are not required and never will be.

There are no magic pills and there is nothing out there that’ll make you make gains overnight, not even steroids would do that.

However, since you’ve been a lazy piece of shit over the summer, you may want to get something that will help you get a little bit faster results.

Just think about it…

How do you think fitness models and that big guy in the gym gets in shape so fast.

You just know he’s on steroids, right? Probably Trenbolone (the superman of steroids that burns fat, builds muscle and increases strength all at the same time)

That guy in your gym that’s taking tren will get bald before everyone else and he may even end up dead one day from kidney failure.

Taking steroids is perhaps the dumbest thing you could ever do.


The supplement industry has evolved so fast over the last few years…

In fact:

A handful of premium supplement companies now have their hands on super effective and 100% natural ingredients that can mimic the:

muscle building, fat loss AND strength effects of trenbolone

WITHOUT the side-effects!

If you’re curious to see the Top 3 Legal Trenbolone Alternatives on the market click here.

It might just help you get back on track FAST and help you:

  • Build Muscle FAST
  • Burn Fat FAST
  • Gain Strength FAST

Check out the top 3 legal trenbolone alternatives here

Okay, that’s it for today!

Good luck bro,

James / Founder of BroScience

P.S. If you want to get back on track after the summer BBQ then go to the gym, make a plan and check out the Top 3 Legal Trenbolone Alternatives for faster results.

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