How to Get Those Arms Growing

How to Get Those Arms Growing

Have you ever met a guy who thought his arms were TOO BIG? Well, unless he was morbidly obese and had too much fat hanging off his arms the answer is NO. Arms are pretty much the first thing we look at when we are sizing up another guy. Women love to grab your arms when they get scared or when you are having sex with them. Most importantly, having big arms just looks bad ass! You will fill out your sleeves and look like a beast when wearing polo shirts.

While we are all for training every part of your body (yes, including legs) we totally understand that building up those arms is a priority. We’ll leave the legs article for another day and give you guys some advice for building bigger arms. Whether you are new to bodybuilding and want to blow up those pathetic 11” arms or an experienced bodybuilder looking to speed up your gains we’ve got you covered.

1 – Take a Break from Training Arms

If you currently have two dedicated arm days per week (one for biceps, one for triceps) then take a break. There is a good chance your arms are simply being overtrained. Like any muscle group the arms need time to rest and recover. Remember that your arms already get worked on chest day and back day. That means it’s possible your arms are getting worked 4 times per week. Do you work chest 4 times per week? Do you work legs 4 times per week? So why should arms be any different?

Reduce the number of arm workouts you have each week. Try working biceps with back and chest with triceps for a few weeks before even thinking about doing an arms day. Make sure you include dips on chest day and chin-ups on back day as those will give your arms a good workout.

2 – Don’t Forget about Chin-Ups

Chin-ups are one of the most neglected arm exercises out there. While they do also work back, by narrowing the grip you can turn it into much more of a bicep exercise. The strength and size you build from doing chin-ups will translate to all of the other bicep exercises. Also, doing chin-ups with added weight will make you look pretty bad ass.

3 – Take the Right Supplements

One of the biggest factors in determining just how much muscle you will build is your testosterone levels. If they are low you can forget about putting on any meaningful size. If your arms are skinny and you have been struggling to put on size you need to take a look at your lifestyle. If you are like most guys, chances are that you are doing a lot of things in your day to life that are lowering your testosterone production. These include not getting enough sleep, consuming a diet filled with crappy foods and not taking good supplements.

When people ask us what the most important supplement is for building size without hesitating we tell them it’s a testosterone booster. However, not just any test booster – it has to be a high quality product. These supplements use high quality ingredients that boost testosterone production naturally. As a result, you get all the benefits of being a high testosterone male – faster muscle growth, less body fat, more energy, more confidence – without any of the nasty side effects of steroids. Fortunately for you guys, we’ve done all the research for you on the top products on the market. Click here to check out our dedicated testosterone booster page.

4 – Train All Muscle Groups

While it might seem like training arms more at the expense of other muscle groups will speed up your gains, it doesn’t actually work that way. When you train a single muscle group too much, particularly a small one like arms, you increase the chances of overtraining yourself and limiting your growth potential.

Another reason training all muscle groups – particularly the big ones – is important is because the will result in the biggest increase in testosterone production. We’ve mentioned how important it is to have high t-levels, so make sure you are working your legs and back regularly. It will also help you build a more balanced physique so you don’t end up as one of those “never skip leg day” memes on the internet.

5 – Eat, Sleep, Lift

You know what’s just important as going to the gym and lifting weights? Eating a clean diet and getting plenty of sleep. Your body does most of the muscle repair work while you are sleeping – so if you are getting less than 8 hours per night you are going to make things a lot more difficult for yourself. As for food, make sure you don’t cheap out and opt for junk food all the time. If you don’t give your body the right nutrients to grow don’t be surprised if you aren’t able to build any muscle. There are lots of articles on this site about nutrition – just make sure you are getting plenty of protein, dietary fats and high-quality complex carbs.

6 – Focus on Using Your Arms

This might sound stupid, but it’s very common for guys to mess this up and miss out on gains. When you are doing your arm exercises – whether it’s curls or rope push-downs – visualize the muscle you are trying to work actually moving the weight. With curls, for example, really feel the contraction in your bicep. Don’t just go through the motions, trying to get to 12 reps as quickly as possible so you can go back to playing Call of Duty. Focus on getting the most out of every rep and your gains will improve as a result.

7 – Mix it Up

Last but not least, don’t assume that just because an exercise has worked for you in the past that it will continue to work for you in the future. Our bodies are smart – they are trying to find ways to do common exercises as easily as possible. If you have been doing dumbbell curls the same way for the past 3 years chances are your body is used to it and you aren’t benefiting from it. Try substituting in some new exercises, or even change the rep/set scheme on the existing ones.

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