Does Fruit Really Make You Gain More Fat?

Does Fruit Really Make You Gain More Fat?

Have you ever heard that fruit makes you gain more fat?

Chances are if you’ve spent enough time around the bodybuilding community at some point someone probably told you that you need to cut out fruit in order to get ripped.

In fact, it’s quite common for people to cut fruit out of their diet months before a contest in order to lean out.

They feel that eating fruit will limit how much fat they can lose or in some cases even cause them to gain weight.

So where did this all come from and is it accurate?

Does Fruit Really Make You Gain More Fat?

Does Fruit Really Make You Gain More Fat?

Where Does This Rumor Come From?

Most guys who believe fruit makes people fat also believe a lot of broscience.

They might have heard it from some jacked guy and never questioned it – even though that shredded brah might have had amazing genetics and would have got that way with or without fruit.

Other people think that the sugar found in fruit (fructose) can lead to fat gain.

There is some research to back this up – studies show that fructose leads to insulin resistance, elevated cholesterol levels and worse of all fat gain around the stomach.

Fructose also reduces the amount of leptin that is released which means you are more likely to feel hungry causing you to over-eat, thereby leading to fat gain.

Fruit contains very little fructose compared to sweetened beverages like fruit punch and apple juice.

An apple for example contains around 15 grams of fructose and 95 calories.

A can of Coke on the other hand has 60g of sugar half of which is fructose and 240 calories.

Therefore, as long as you aren’t consuming these sugary drinks then you won’t get a lot of the negative fructose side-effects.

What is the Actual Cause of Fat Gain?

Fructose doesn’t cause you to get fat – eating too many calories does.

If you eat more than your maintenance calories you will gain weight – hopefully muscle if you are training properly.

While fruit can cause you to get fat if you eat tons of it like anything else it’s not a food you need to avoid entirely.

Remember that fruit is loaded with nutrients that your body needs, not to mention the fiber content. In the right amounts fruit are an excellent addition to any diet.

Does Fruit Really Make You Gain More Fat?

How to Boost your Metabolism

Since we get fat from eating too many calories and not just fruit how can we help keep ourselves at a calorie-neutral intake?

While cutting calories is the most obvious option this can be difficult particularly for people who have active lifestyles or people who have slow metabolisms.

This is where fat burning supplements can help you.

A high-quality fat burner will help you to boost your metabolism, so you will burn more calories throughout the day.

That’s why so many bodybuilders and athletes use a fat burning formula to cut down fat faster. – See the 3 top fat burners here

As a result you will burn more calories around the clock which allows you to eat the same or even more without gaining fat.

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