Frank Zane Claims Natural and Greg Doucette Roasts Him

Written by James C., M.S.(C), PT

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3 times Mr. Olympia champion and legendary bodybuilder Frank Zane, who has one of the most admirable physiques in bodybuilding history, claims to be a natural bodybuilder.

Frank Zane is known for his incredibly aesthetic body and that he has stayed in shape since he was a competitive bodybuilder back in the ’70s.

Of course, being a natural means being steroid-free.

Even though Frank Zane had the nickname “The Chemist,” it is because he had a degree in science.

Frank Zane doesn’t completely deny having ever used steroids in this interview. However, he suggests that he didn’t use them.

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Frank Zane Comments Suggest Being A Natty

A comment that Frank Zane made in an interview made Greg Doucette furiously angry:

Here’s what Frank Zane said:

When you take high doses of supplements, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids you do get a drug-like effect. Plus there are none of the side effects like with anabolic steroids your temperment changes, people start hating you and avoiding you because you are like a bull out of the cage. So I didn’t want any of that.

When asked about steroids, Frank Zane replies:

I never relied on any of that stuff I wanted to get that effect from supplements

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if Frank Zane used steroids or not. He still had a remarkable physique.

However, if he used steroids and is lying about the fact, it’s just giving young guys in the gym false hope that they can achieve something naturally because Frank Zane did it when he might not have achieved it naturally.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has openly admitted using steroids as a competitive bodybuilder. However, he has said that steroids weren’t a touchy subject; people talked openly about them.

If Frank Zane is a lifetime natural bodybuilder, he is probably the greatest natural of all times.

Greg Doucette Video Roasting Frank Zane

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3 thoughts on “Frank Zane Claims Natural and Greg Doucette Roasts Him”

  1. Doubt it! It is possible to look like a bodybuilder w good genetics. I’ve never taken anything and look pretty decent when I’m in shape, but that requires a very strict diet!

    • They are all on steroids, whether they admit it or not. At 60 I had a good physique, working out for over 30 years and you can not get ripped up or pumped like that without enhancements. Whoever says they are not on steroids is just lying – have known and seen too many people like that and others who have known them admit to their taking steroids. You can look good at an advanced age without steroids but nowhere near their physique.

  2. I worked out at the original Joe Gold’s Gym in the mid-60s. I had just gotten out of the army and asked Joe gold how these guys could be so much bigger than me. Joe flat out told me,” it’s steroids, check it out, it’s good weight.” Dave Draper told me they were all using steroids to compete and sell Wieders supplements. After doing some research in the library, and reading 3 pages of side effects, I decided it wasn’t for me.


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