Force Phase Review:I Gained 8 lbs Of Muscle & Lost 14 lbs Of Fat

Force Phase Review: An Inside Look On How I Gained 8 lbs Of Muscle & Lost 12 lbs Of Fat

Force Phase Review: An Inside Look On How I Gained 8 lbs Of Muscle & Lost 12 pounds of fat

I want to show you how I gained 10lbs of muscle and lost 12 pounds of fat in only 9 weeks. Without any steroids or enhancing drugs, this was all done naturally.

A few months ago I got the chance to try out this brand new program called Force Phase.

This program is 3 phases (strength phase, muscle building phase and cutting phase)

The program is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Turbocharge your strength levels in the gym
  • Build a lot of lean hard muscle
  • Rapidly lose unwanted fat
  • Looking like a “greek god” after completing it

Included in it is a diet program, workout plan, cardio guide, supplement guide and a detailed exercise index.

First when I stumbled on this program it seemed to good to be true because it promises huge results.

The reason for that is because I have seen so many scams on the internet like “do this 7 minute ab workout and get 6 pack abs in 3 weeks.”

Force Phase is definitely not one of those programs it is all about hard work, dedication and scientifically proven ways to transform your physique to look the best way it is capable of.

Prior to committing to the Force Phase program I had dabbled with weight training and performance nutrition off and on for quite some time.

I was about 201 lbs & 16% body fat when I started and I had some decent muscle size under that layer of fat.

Force Phase Review:

This is how I looked like when I started the program

I was lifting about 4 times per week but I had no specific program to follow, I just did some random workouts.

I was tired of being the guy who lifted and I never actually looked like it even though I was training 3-4 times per week.

Last summer a girl said to me when I was walking with my mates on the beach (they don’t even lift) but still looked better than me

“Aren‘t you always lifting, why are you so fat ? Your friends don‘t even train and they still look better than you“

That‘s when I decided to take matters into my own hand, even though the comment was harsh I am thankful she said it.

Because I think one of the most important factors when you are actually lifting is that you look good shirtless.

After I read the motivational piece introduction in Force Phase which encourages you to set goals I decided I needed to nail down my own goal.

My goal was to get ripped for summer (under 10% body fat and maintain my muscles at the same time)

To achieve these results I knew I had to do something different than I was already doing and I had to try something different, that’s when I gave Force Phase a shot.

I actually had only had 9 weeks to become absolutely massive and shredded before I was going to spring break in Cancun with most of the people in my school

So Force Phase was the perfect solution as it takes 9 weeks to complete.

After completing Force Phase this is what I learned:

  • You can become bigger, stronger and leaner at the same time
  • Doing ONLY the right cardio will help you turbocharge your fat loss
  • Using a complete meal plan will help you stay on track and make sure you are only eating the right foods
  • Prior to Force Phase I was wasting my time by not following a proven program(it would probably taken me 2 years on my own to get the same results as Force Phase which was only 9 weeks)
  • Many supplements were costing me $100’s of dollars each month and they simply were ineffective, I learned to choose the right supplements in the Force Phase supplement guide.

I invested in force phase on their website and I completed it which takes 9 weeks. When I first started I was 201 lbs and around 16% body fat.

I was pretty surprised by the results. I’ve summarized it in my training logs below:

Phase 1 – The Strength Phase

I must say prior to starting Force Phase that strength was probably my strongest area. I was accustomed to lifting heavy weights, I thought I had “peaked“ my natural strength levels but boy was I wrong.

Before starting the strength phase I actually

  • deadlifted 485 lbs (220kgs)
  • bench pressed 265 lbs (120kgs)
  • I must admit my I sucked at squatting so I only squatted about 285 lbs (130kgs)

This phase was intense, the strength face focuses on compound movements and is structured so perfectly to get stronger.

I realize now how ineffective my old workouts were after I completed the first week.

The meal plan is also designed to give you the right nutrition and following it the first 2 weeks was probably the hardest part for me.

I am accustomed to eating whenever I want and sometimes I just ate whatever I wanted even though it was junk food.

I was pretty quick to get adapted to the meal plan and after about 2 weeks I was loving it.

In the strength phase I got a lot stronger but I was blown away with the muscle I was building at the same time, you know that type of lean hard muscle.

After completing the strength phase which is 9 weeks I had made some impressive strength gains and my quads, delts, forearms and arms had grew a lot.

I maxed out after the 3 weeks to see how much I had improved in the 3 big lifts.

  • I was able to Deadlift 520 lbs (235kg‘s) which was a lot for me as I had been stuck in 485 lbs for 6 months!

My squat was the lift my gym partners always laughed about, they always said to me “Do you bench more than you squat?” It was true in a sense because I only squatted a little more than I benched.

  • After completing the strength phase my legs have never made so much progress in this short period of time, I was able to max (with good form) 330lbs (150kg’s) and I think I might even have been able to squat heavier weight.
  • My bench press went from 265lbs (120kg) to 292lbs (132,5kg) and obviously I was thrilled with that. (even though I wanted to been able to reach 300lbs lol)

So overall I was stronger and my muscles kinda looked harder and bigger after completing this stage, however I did experience any fat loss in this phase.

Phase 2 – The Muscle Building Stage

Even though I have always known I have had decent amount of muscle under that layer of fat I looked like I didn’t even lift.

That was a big problem for me because I obviously want to look good when I take my shirt off,  given the fact I am spending so much time in the gym.

I was especially concerned about the size of my arms, they were probably the most lagging part of my physique when starting Force Phase.

After the first week I didn’t see that many improvements. I was maintaining my strength levels but I didn’t see any significant muscle gain.

In the last 2 weeks of the muscle building phase I was getting some pretty interesting results.

My muscles were fuller and I was starting to see veins in my arms when I was pumped(I have the most terrible “veins genetics” and I have never seen any veins on my arms ever) So I obviously was thrilled with that.

I was building a lot of muscle given the fact that this phase was only 3 weeks I still saw some great results, my clothes were all getting tighter around the chest, delts and arms area and some of my jeans didn’t fit anymore.

What I found interesting in this phase is that I was not  gaining any fat, I found that I was looking a little bit leaner(probably due to muscle growth) in this stage as well.

After completing the muscle building phase I definitely looked more like a bodybuilder and I had made some pretty astonishing muscle gains.

I think the reason for this progress is that this program is so well structured there is no meal or workout in there without a reason, it is designed to get the most out of your time in the gym in as short amount of time as possible.

I was both big and strong at the same time but I knew I had to shed some of that unwanted body fat to get the best physique possible.

I had gotten some solid biceps peaks, I took a photo at the end of this phase and this is what it looked like.

Force Phase Review:

I was definitely seeing some great muscle gains all over my body

Phase 3 – The Cutting Phase

I was always looking forward for this phase because of the fact that I never had a six pack or any kind of definition in the mid section my entire life.

I didn’t even know how my abs looked like.

This was by far my favorite phase as I was seeing results almost day by day.

The meal plan changes and you eat less and use tactics to burn off fat, I was maintaining my strength levels and muscle size. I was not getting any stronger but I think I was building more muscle.

Maby it was because I was dropping so much fat that my muscles looked bigger. Either way the results were mind blowing.

After 2 weeks in the cutting phase my abs were definitely there.

When I completed this phase I had a six pack and I maintained my muscle size.

I actually maintained all of my strength and was looking bigger than ever.

I don’t know all the science behind this program but it clearly works.

This is a photo of me before and after completing force phase!

Force Phase Review

Before: 201 lbs 16% body fat After Force Phase195 lbs 9% body fat

The funny thing about that is that I was only about 5 pounds lighter in the after photo but I had bigger muscles, stronger and a lot more cut.

I was  9% body fat in the after photo and I was thrilled with my new body.

So if my calculations are not mistaken I dropped 14 lbs fat and gained 8 lbs of muscle doing this program.

There is a “1 week out shredding guide” included in Force Phase which you can do to look absolutely shredded if you are going to do a photo shoot or just want to look shredded to the max on the beach.

It uses water manipulation tactics bodybuilders use to step on stage. But unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to do it.

I would probably look even better in the after photo if I did it.

I am thinking of trying it out sometime soon and I will share those results with you as well if I ever do and then I will update this review.

To summarize the the things I liked and the things I did not like in the program I put together a list:

Things I liked about Force Phase

  • Best results I’ve seen in my entire life in those 9 weeks
  • No bullshit approach, this program is all about hard work and dedication
  • Easy instructions you know exactly what to eat and how to train
  • Constant results, you see great results going from phase to phase
  • I always have this program at my disposal I can do it again and get the same results or better.
  • It’s very cheap considering the value I got out of it.
  • I learned a lot about training, cardio, dieting and supplementation by following this program.

Things I disliked about Force Phase

  • I don’t like doing cardio but I got used to it and luckily for me you don’t have to cardio that often when following this program.
  • Eating so many meals, I was used to eating only 2-3 meals per day so it was kinda hard for me to eat more meals per day than that.
  • I wish it was longer than 9 weeks.


I want to warn you guys of using this program though. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to do this program and it is definitely not for those who are not willing to put in that hard work.

On the other hand if you are willing to put in the work this is probably one of the best programs out there to use and will take your physique to the next level.

This is by far the best program I have ever followed and I couldn’t be more ecstatic with my results.

If you are anything like I was prior to starting this program then you probably sometimes feel like you are wasting your time in the gym and you don’t know exactly what you are doing.

If you are one of those guys, I would 100% recommend for you to give Force Phase a shot.

Just wanted to share this Force Phase review with you and hopefully some of you guys will be able to try it out and get the best results of your life.

If you want more information about Force Phase just check it out on their website.

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