Flatter Me Hum Nutrition Review – Disappointing Before After Results

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flatter me hum

Flatter Me Hum did not make it to the top list of fat burners; See complete list here


  • May help with digestion
  • Not very effective for burning fat
  • Missing many key ingredients
  • Low dose of ingredients

Been searching for a Flatter Me Hum Nutrition review to find out if it really works?

Hum Nutrition reviews are hard to find and a lot of information online is not very reliable.

So here we are.

With so many good and bad supplements out there, we’ve decided to carry out this Flatter Me Hum Nutrition review to see if these digestive enzymes really do what they claim to.

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Having digestive problems such as bloating, gas, and cramps?

Or feeling unhappy with the way your stomach looks, no matter how hard you workout?

Well, no need to suffer in silence anymore.

These dietary supplements from Hum Nutrition supposedly support healthy digestion and promote a flatter stomach.

Stick with us to find out if these claims are true!

Warning! Dear reader: Click here to see why this fat burner did NOT make it to the list of Top 5 Fat Burners for women.

Quick Summary of This Flatter Me Hum Nutrition Review

Flatter Me hum nutrition

So I have taken it into my own hands once again to come up with the best solution, conducting my own research for this Flatter Me Hum Nutrition review and sharing what I find with you.

Flatter Me is designed to optimize the digestion of every type of food you eat, digesting each type of protein, carb, fiber, and fat in a vegetarian-friendly way.

The product makers are hoping this will give you a slimmer stomach.

On my initial glances, I do like this novel idea.

But it may be missing some of the best weight loss ingredients that are available on the market.

I hope it’s not just another gimmick product.

Flatter Me Review – Does It Work?

To start with, that is a very narrow question!

This is a product that could have several benefits.

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It could work to help flatten your stomach – not by burning fat but by decreasing bloating after eating.

Readily available digestive enzymes are essential for metabolization and the breakdown of foods, but a supplement can always promise too much and deliver very little.

They should only really be expected to compliment an already awesome lifestyle that you lead!

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With added herbs and a promise of targeted enzyme support, Flatter Me may be onto a winner.

The product description also tells of “science-based beauty from within”.

I like the overall feel of their marketing tactics, it’s not promising silly things and promotes sound internal health.

That is something a lot of products never do.

But let’s keep going to see if the product is worth buying.

Flatter Me Hum Nutrition Review – Who Is It For?

Flatter me side effects

Flatter Me by Hum Nutrition is aimed at anybody who wants to improve their digestive health and overall well being.

If you’re reading this Flatter Me Hum Nutrition review, that’s probably what you’re interested in.

It’s like this:

By improving your digestion, you can expect to enjoy a much better overall quality of life.

Your mood, performance, and libido will thank you for looking after your internal organs.

Here’s the deal:

Men and women eat the same foods.

Who would have guessed it?

Sex hormones and other things may be different between the two genders, but we all eat the same things and they are broken down in the same ways.

Our food is our fuel source to survive, thrive, and repair, but we think that Flatter Me by Hum Nutrition is only offering something that the human body can do for itself anyway!

So this supplement is designed for people who:

  • Are willing to follow a healthy diet, to ensure they are doing the best for a healthy gut
  • Will stay active and exercise often
  • Have digestive issues such as bloating, gas, pain, cramps and more
  • Want a slimmer stomach

Don’t see this as a typical Hum Cleanse review, as that is not what this product is for.

Flatter Me Review – How Does It Work?

It doesn’t!

Just kidding, at least that’s what I hope. But that’s why I’m doing this Flatter Me Hum Nutrition review, to find out the truth!

Flatter Me works by offering targeted enzyme support and there are no apparent Hum Nutrition Flatter Me side effects.

You see:

Our pancreas is responsible for producing enzymes that break down our food.

The main digestive enzymes are amylase, protease, and lipase. They break down everything from protein to fats and will ease digestion.

By optimizing digestion, fullness and bloating will be gone, and therefore your stomach will feel and look flatter.

Flatter Me contains these important enzymes, but has also added in other enzymes to help break down nutrients.

We feel that some of these may not be necessary but will certainly wow people who don’t know any better. Welcome to the supplement industry!

Flatter Me Review of the Ingredients

hum nutrition reviews

Want to see fat burners that actually work? Visit our ultimate guide to fat burners here.

Looking at the ingredients for this Flatter Me Hum Nutrition review, I’ve noticed the product contains a number of ingredients that we rarely see in weight loss supplements such as:


flatter me review

Peppermint can be useful for people when they have an upset stomach.

Have you ever heard of the old wives tale to go and drink a cup of peppermint tea for this reason?

Well, peppermint can help some digestive issues, but honestly, I prefer options like turmeric powder.


Turmeric powder has a lot more proven benefits, that’s why! 1

Peppermint may be able to help you get rid of indigestion or stomach gas, but it could make others worse. If you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD it’s not great.

Peppermint may be able to prevent severe irritable bowel syndrome symptoms from worsening.

After all, supplements are not medicinal and there is a very fine line between the two.

Why so serious?

Remember that no supplement should offer a remedy to cure or treat any physical illness or ailment.

Perhaps the company could read our Flatter Me Hum Nutrition review and upgrade their product line to feature a new version with turmeric powder!

Another thing to note on a peppermint can relax one’s sphincter, (no, not that one).

A muscle is responsible for closing off the stomach from the esophagus.

This can then cause stomach acid to pour back into your esophagus, giving you heartburn.

So peppermint is helpful, but it’s not a strong ingredient for getting results.


flatter me review ginger

Should we be wary of the ginger ninja or is it our friend?

Well most of the ginger related benefits we have ever come across all come down to two things, proven or old wives’ tales. 2

The majority of health benefits are old wives tales, although it can have a calming effect on one’s mood.

People love a placebo and really buy into the idea that anything natural is full of goodness.

That may be the case in many things but doesn’t guarantee miracles.


Ginger could have an effect on high cholesterol that is caused by high obesity in men and women.

But this is not a fundamental thing value?

If somebody is overweight, there are other clearer areas to address first if one wishes to lower their cholesterol levels.

Ginger may be able to lower cholesterol by reducing hepatic and serum cholesterol levels.

Overall, I don’t like it as a weight loss ingredient.


You may be wondering what the funk lactase actually is?3

Well, we are scratching our heads as to why they would put that product into Flatter Me.

Well, it is not to be mixed up with lactose that many people are intolerant too.

Lactose is milk sugar but lactase is the enzyme that breaks down lactose.

Don’t Flatter Me.

As fully grown adults, our bodies no longer need to produce lactase to break down milk in our intestines.

It’s not as if we breastfeed for life and milk should only be drunk in small doses, but that is a story for another day.

Lactase could actually cause more bloating in individuals and therefore totally defeat the desired outcome.

There are plenty of lactase enzymes on the market designed to suit the specific needs of certain demographics.

That really lowers the appeal for us.



This is where things start to look more promising.

Remember when we said that Amylase is part of your digestive function?4

This function breaks down the food you consume, converting it into small molecules that your body uses to function.

This can happen for hundreds of different processes in the body.

This process can actually take hours so the added use of an amylase supplement may help speed up the process.

In turn, this could reduce your pot belly and reduce symptoms of bloating.

After the process is complete you are left with simple sugars, fatty acids, and amino acids.

Amylase is produced when you chew your food, it acts to break down the starch in your food.

First you saliva glands produce it, to break it down into maltose, a smaller carb.

Carbs are the enemy, right?


Whenever you taste something sweet when eating carbs, that is the digestive enzymes playing their role in digestion!

The second type of amylase is made in the pancreas, it then passes through the small intestines to complete the digestion of carbohydrates to be utilized as fuel.

They are converted to glucose to be used in the blood and metabolized in the body.

This is the stand out ingredient to us.

Flatter Me Review Ingredients Breakdown

Flatter Me could maybe lead to flatter you and hopefully not a fatter you.

As we mentioned earlier in the article, it does not promote the spot reduction of fat around the stomach area.

That is impossible to do anyway, and the list of ingredients includes a lot of things that are non-essential to humans.

It seems that for a weight loss supplement, it’s missing some of the proven and effective ingredients that I like to see.

Instead, there is a bunch of average ingredients that could do the same job as a cup of herbal tea.

Some may even be counter-productive to the cause, such as the addition of lactase.

What Do the Flatter Me Reviews Say?

Not all reviews such as this Flatter Me Hum Nutrition review are as honest as ours and we are very careful where we select the information from.

There’s more to tell.

It has even be known for companies to hire people to write very biased views in order to increase sales!

We had a look on Amazon and out of 72 reviews, Flatter Me has an average rating of 3.7 stars.

Which is not terrible but could be a whole lot better!

Customers are saying things like:

“Garbage. Made me feel horrible. Terrible headaches and breakouts from using this and 2 others hum products i tried. Disappointing because i had high hopes for this stuff.”


“5.0 out of 5 stars. I’m happy to have found them.Since I’ve started taking these I’ve noticed less bloating, my tummy still looks the same but I don’t have the gas after eating certain foods. I’m happy to have found them.”


So it seems the Flatter Me Hum before and after brigade certainly are a mixed bunch of opinions.

Flatter Me Hum Nutrition Review – Does It Work?

flatter me hum review

There is certainly potential for it to work but that is such an open-ended question!

Flatter Me Hum could prove to be a worthy weapon in somebody’s arsenal.

Given the right circumstances.

The bottom line?

We think it will actually work to an extent with digestive issues, but remember that it is offering to do something that most people’s bodies can do by themselves.

If you have a fully functioning pancreas then the chances are that, at best, this gives your digestive system a break.

If you are a powerlifter and eat a lot of food, then this may be worth taking. As for normal people? You can probably give it a miss and look for better alternatives.

See here:

Women’s Best Burner caps did not make our list of the top 5 fat burners on the market for women.

Flatter Me Hum Nutrition Review FAQ

“Flatter Me Side Effects?”

Unless you are allergic to any of the herbs or natural ingredients then you should be OK to take this.

Always run this past your doctor or physician just as the label states!

The only thing we would be wary of is the potential bloating from the lactase enzyme. Our Hum Nutrition gut instinct tells us that you won’t have too much to worry about here.

“Where To Buy Flatter Me Hum Nutrition?”

You can buy Flatter Me Hum on Amazon, on the official Hum website, and at many online stores in the US such as Hum Flatter Me Sephora.

If you are overseas and need something similar such as Hum Flatter Me UK, there are many alternatives available (which are better), so don’t let it get you down too much!

“How Do I Take Flatter Me?”

Just take one capsule twice a day with food, or remember that every time you eat your body is going to produce these enzymes anyway.

That choice is yours.

“What’s better than Flatter Me Hum Nutrition?”

Winning the lottery, swimming with dolphins, I could go on!

You can buy separate digestive enzymes and take them when you have had a significantly heavy meal or have focused on one particular food group.

Next up we might be doing some Hum Nutrition Skinny Bird reviews, so keep your eyes peeled. 


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