Fitmiss Burn Musclepharm Review – Do These Ingredients Work for Women?

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fitmiss burn fat burner

Fitmiss Burn did not make it to the top list of fat burners ; See complete list here


  • Contains a decent caffeine dosage
  • Low dosed only 1.5 gram dosage
  • Most ingredients under-dosed
  • Contains a proprietary blend which doesn’t reveal exact dosage for ingredients

This Fitmiss Burn Musclepharm review is going to open your eyes. I promise you that!

But first a quick question.

Do you feel that your weight loss always hits a plateau?

I’m right, yeah?

It seems that however hard you try to control that calorie intake, watch the sugary treats, and even exercise, the fat either doesn’t drop fast enough or simply stays static.

I know, I’ve been there!

But there is good news!

Women have found that by using proven and effective weight loss supplements they have found the key to fast and impressive results! They are finally getting that awesome beach body they are dreaming of!

Here comes the deal.

Quick Summary of Our Fitmiss Burn Musclepharm review

In this Fitmiss Burn Musclepharm review, I will give you all the information you need behind this apparent fat burner.

This supplement has been specifically designed for women. It’s marketed and manufactured by the guys at Musclepharm who have a long track record in nutrition.

Here’s my promise:

This Fitmiss Burn Musclepharm review will look at the claims behind the product. What it contains and most importantly whether it works.

If nothing else, the ingredients will give you a surprise!

Fitmiss Burn How Does It Work?

Get ready for this.

Fitness Burn is designed to hit not one aspect of weight loss, but six!

Here’s the detail.

Stage 1 & 2 – Energy and Fat Metabolizer

By raising energy levels, Fitmiss Burn claims it will make you hit the exercise hard, thus improving muscle tone and dropping the calories.

There’s more.

Fitmiss promises to metabolize current fat reserves and enable fast lipolysis (fat breakdown).

Stage 3 – Appetite Management

Through craving suppressing ingredients, Fitmiss Burn says it will prevent overindulging in those high-fat foods. It could even work as an efficient carb blocker.

Which means:

Excess calories are not entering the body and turning into fat!

Stage 4 – Anti-Stress Mood Balancer

Some studies have indicated that stress can lead to over-eating (although other research has shown the opposite effect).1

By improving mood, not only are you less likely to consume too much but also in a better frame of mind to get through the gym doors!

Stage 5 – Water Shedding Complex

This stage aims to improve the overall look of the body by reducing bloating and puffiness by eliminating excess water.

Stage 6 – Digestive Enzyme Aid

The Digestive Enzyme Aid is designed to breakdown foods faster and more efficiently so they can be utilized by the body.

If they are being used, they are not piling on the fat!

That’s the theory.

But are the ingredients capable of achieving these goals?

Fitmiss Burn Musclepharm Review of the Ingredients

Broscience Fitmiss Burn Musclepharm Review Ingredients

Remember how earlier in this Fitmiss Burn Musclepharm review I said you going to find the ingredients interesting?

Well, here we go!

Fitmiss Burn contains forty-two ingredients!

Yes, you read that correctly.

It is a phenomenal number to have in a weight loss supplement.

But there’s an issue.

Quantity does not mean quality.

The vast majority of these ingredients are piled together in ‘proprietary blends’. This means that the actual quantity of each individual ingredient cannot be seen.

Here are four of the main ingredients:

1. Chromium

This is a powerful element that any serious player in the weight loss market should contain.

By regulating blood glucose levels, chromium allows you to feel satiated and not desire sweet or carbohydrate-rich foods.2

Which means.

Your body is not filling with calories it does not require!

2. Biotin

This vitamin is essential for healthy skin, hair, and nails.3

It has been shown that Biotin is useful for regulating blood sugar (in much the same way as chromium). However, it is only really effective for those suffering from diabetes. 4

Also, a normal healthy diet will contain as much Biotin as you require. (It’s found in eggs, fish, cauliflower, pork, cheese, bread, and avocado).

3. Niacin (Vitamin B3)

This essential vitamin is important for the prevention of high cholesterol.5

It is sometimes suggested that Niacin can boost BMR and rev up metabolism, thus encouraging the body to burn more calories as fuel.


It seems much of this is anecdotal and studies have shown it has little effect. Inclusion in a weight loss supplement has insignificant power.6

4. Glucomannan

This fantastic ingredient from the Yam plant is proven to keep away the hunger pangs and stop you from eating junk food! 7

Its ability to block cravings is well researched, and a key component in a weight loss supplement.

Fitmiss Burn Ingredients Breakdown

With 42 ingredients included in this 1,494 mg supplement, it means a vast majority have to be under-dosed, and therefore ineffective.

The lack of information available makes it impossible to rate these ingredients sufficiently.

Fitmiss Burn Before and After Results – What Are the Reviews Saying?

Looking at customer reviews, it appears that using Fitmiss Burn yields mixed results:

“I adore this product because I have a noticeable difference in my recovery after a difficult workout. My body fat is dropping significantly, also due in part to my diet and training program”

Felice Acosta

I’ve lost 15 lbs so far and my family keeps telling me I look I’m losing weight everyday.”

Danielle Boyd

“Since using this product, I have noticed I am not bloated as I once was

Elizabeth Fetty

“Gives horrible stomach cramps about 12 hours later followed by diarrhea.

Carla F

I didn’t notice any difference in my appetite and I’m still the same weight I was before I took them.“


“Did not like this product at all. No results. No energy

Jennifer Alexander

Fitmiss Burn Review Does It Work?

Let me start with this.

The results are too hit-and-miss, it works for some and not others.

The Bottom Line?

Fitmiss Burn makes a lot of claims about its power and the in-house developed six-stage weight loss process. In reality, it appears very average.

Here’s the reason.

The proprietary formulations make it impossible to judge the majority of the ingredients. A diet pill of 1,454 mg is not large enough to allow all the components to have power.

Even the proven appetite suppressant Glucomannan is not quantified.

When buying a Women’s best fat burning pills, you want a proper bang for your buck. This simply does not deliver enough.


“Fitmiss Burn Side Effects?”

Broscience Fitmiss Burn Musclepharm Review side effects

After looking at the Fitmiss Burn and Tone reviews, there are few reported side effects from using this product. However, there have been some complaints of:

  • Headaches
  • Abdominal Cramps
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

“Where to Buy Fitmiss Burn?”

Fitmiss Burn is available from GNC and Walmart.

“How Do I Take Fitmiss Burn by Musclepharm?”

Take 2 capsules with 8oz of water in the morning and again in the afternoon.



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