Find Out How Long it Really Takes For You To Work Off That McDonald’s Meal

Find Out How Long it Really Takes For You To Work Off That McDonald’s Meal

Whenever you eat bad food, whether it is chocolate, takeaway etc. – you always know that you are going to pay for the indulgence at your next training session.

A favourite fast food joint of many struggling fitness enthusiasts is McDonald’s. It is hard to resist.

Some people even conducted a research study on how McDonald’s can be used as a post-workout supplement. Their subjects were a bunch of cyclists. Lucky them!


Most of the time though, it has zero benefit for you.

Thankfully you can now use a website to figure out how long it will take to burn off that large meal you just gobbled down.

Here are some of the more popular meals broken down for you so you can see what you are getting yourself into next time to visit McDonald’s.

These are calculated for an average man who weighs 83kg.

Large Big Mac Meal

The Big Mac is one of the steadfast favourites for any fast food goer. It is a great belly filler and superb value.

It does take its toll on your body unfortunately.

The site shows that in order to burn off the Big Mac, large Coke and large fries; you need to burn 1,330 calories. That means two hours plus of running continuously.

If you want to have a McFlurry for desert, add an extra 50 minute run on top of that!


Sausage and Egg McMuffin and latte

It is important that you start off your day well with a good breakfast. When you’re running late and you are starving, there is only one place to turn – the egg McMuffin.

This seemingly small breakfast snack will cost you 900 calories, which means that you will be dancing for two and a half hours before you burn it off.


20 chicken nuggets, fries and milkshake

Who doesn’t like chicken? Twenty nuggets hits the spot and needs to be washed down with a nice milkshake.

Enjoy the moment while it lasts, because you will need to put a three hour shift in on the bike to burn off the 2,000 calories you have just consumed.


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