Find out how this 43 year old got so ripped in just 8 weeks

Find out how this 43 year old got so ripped in just 8 weeks

If you have a good work ethic and commit to a program, a lot can be achieved in just 8 weeks.

Darren Kenny transformed himself over a two month period to show you the way.

He wasn’t in the worst shape to begin with, coming in at 16.5% body fat which is respectable.

But by implementing a new diet and workout regime, he got into the shape of his life. The Kent native has now reached single figure body fat levels at 9% and it is evidenced by his six pack.

By adding more intensity to his training and clearing up his nutrition, Darren was able to achieve this physique.


“I’ve always worked out and eaten well and was always somebody you’d describe as being in good shape for their age,” said Darren, who is an income royalties manager.

“Like most guys at the gym, my body fat was always sitting around the 16-20 per cent range, which is why my body always looked okay but not great.”

He took on this challenge at Embody Fitness, which is a personal training studio based in London.

They started by looking at how they could change his diet to drop body fat. When they made some changes and started a training plan, the weight and fat started to drop off.

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The main adjustment was limiting the amount of carbs and sugar that he was having.

Instead of having sandwiches and potatoes at lunch, he would have vegetables, chicken, salmon and sweet potato.

Instead of snacking on crisps and chocolate during the day, he would have olives, nuts and fruit instead.


This is his before and after diet


Breakfast: Toast and butter or Weetabix with sugar. Tea with sugar.

Lunch: Chicken and rice or tuna sandwich.

Dinner: Sausages and mash or chicken and chips.

Snacks: Crisps, chocolate, oatcakes with cashew butter.


Breakfast: Porridge with rice milk and black coffee with no sugar.

Lunch: Chicken and vegetables.

Dinner: Salmon or chicken and veg with sweet potato.

Snacks: Fruit, nuts, olives, oatcakes with cottage cheese.

For his training, he used a German Body Composition training regime three times weekly. This uses compound movement supersets to boost your metabolism and create lean muscle.

These have short rest times and a high amount of reps. The focus was on the movement right throughout each set.

By keeping the intensity of these sessions high, he could keep his heart rate in peak fat burning state which helped the metabolism to keep burning fat up to 24 hours after the session.


Here is an example workout

First Superset

A1 Trap Bar Deadlift  4 x 10-12 reps, 3-0-1-0 tempo – rest 30s.

A2 Flat Dumbbell Bench Press  4 x 10-12 reps, 4-0-1-0 tempo – rest 60s

Second  Superset

B1 Barbell Front Foot elevated split squat  4 x 10-12 reps (each side) 4-0-1-0 tempo – 30s rest

B2 Incline Dumbbell Bench Rows 4 x 10-12 reps, 4-0-1-0 tempo – 60s rest

Third Superset

C1 Backwards sled drag – 3 x 50m rest – 30s rest

C2 Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3 x 12-15 reps, 3-0-1-0 tempo – 60s rest

Fourth Superset

D1 Seated  Dumbbell Hammer Curls 3 x 12-15, 3-0-1-0 tempo – 30s rest

D2 Supine Dumbbell Triceps Extension 3 x 12-15, 3-0-1-0 tempo – 30s rest.

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