How To Finally Get Rid of That Stomach Fat

How To Finally Get Rid of That Stomach Fat

If there’s one part of our body we could lose fat, pretty much everyone would agree it’s the stomach. Nobody likes having stomach fat – it looks gross, it’s terrible for your health and most importantly – it covers up those coveted six pack abs. The fitness industry recognizes most people’s desire to burn that stubborn stomach fat. However, they also recognize that most people simply don’t want to put in any effort. That’s why we are seeing one product after another that promises to burn stomach fat directly. We’ve all seen those infomercial ads selling a product that you wrap around your stomach and sit back as it “tones” your abs. The people in the commercials always have great bodies which clearly were not built from using this stupid product. Nevertheless, people insists on throwing their money away on these useless gadgets.

Ab Workouts

While not as bad as these stupid gadgets, another thing a lot of people try to do is tons of abdominal exercises such as crunches and leg raises. Their theory is that by doing abs exercises they can focus on losing stomach fat directly. We give these people credit because at least they are putting in some effort and not looking for a magic pill solution. Unfortunately, what they are doing is almost as big of a waste of time as the people using gadgets.

The reality is you simply can’t force your body to burn body fat on a particularly part of your body. We don’t care what crazy gadget or “extreme spartan ab workout” you’ve found – they simply won’t turn that flabby stomach into a set of six pack abs, period. These exercises might strengthen your abs and even make them grow a bit, but they don’t do anything about the layer of fat covering them. In order to get visible six pack abs you need to cut your bodyfat down so that you don’t have a layer of fat covering them.

How to Burn Belly Fat

Now that you know crunches and gadgets don’t work you are probably wondering what sort of cardio you should do to burn belly fat the quickest. Well, we’re sorry to tell you that there is no ideal cardio for belly fat. When you burn fat with cardio it will be taken from all over your body. That means your genetics will determine whether you burn leg fat, chest fat or stomach fat first. There’s no way to work around this progress. We understand you would prefer to lose the stomach fat first but we can assure you that there will still be a huge improvement in your appearance even if you only lose face or arm fat first.

In terms of activity it’s really up to you. Running, walking and biking are popular choices. However feel free to do swimming, basketball or other sports if you prefer those. The point is to do something that gets your heart rate up and your body burning calories. Make sure you don’t do cardio for too long, however. Studies show that prolonged cardio sessions can cause your body to burn muscle instead of fat. This is how so many people end up with the dreaded skinny-fat physique after a long diet. They do too much cardio and not enough weight training.

Fire Up That Metabolism

While cardio is definitely a great way to speed up your fat loss, it’s nowhere near as important as making sure your metabolism is high. You see, it doesn’t matter if you burn 200-400 calories in a training session if your metabolism is so low that you are barely burning any calories for the rest of the day. There are a number of ways you can boost your metabolism. First, make sure you do resistance training 3-5 times per week. Not only will it cause you to burn more calories around the clock as your body works to rebuild muscle tissue, it also will prevent you from losing muscle. That means you will have a much more aesthetic looking physique when all is said and done.

The next thing you are going to want to do is take a fat burner. It’s important to note, however, that you will want to take a high quality product. Ideally one that uses natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to fire up your metabolism. A strong fat burner will also help boost your energy levels and reduce your appetite making it easier to follow your diet. Remember – don’t cheap out on this product. Often the difference between a successful cut and a bad one is the quality of the supplements used. Besides, when you are showing off that new six pack you will hardly be worried about the money you spent on supplements to help you. Click here to check out our dedicated fat burners page to learn more.

Ab Workouts

Ok, now that you are doing cardio and taking a fat burner it’s time to look at adding in some abs exercises. Remember that your abs are like any other muscle group and should only be trained 1-2 times per week to allow for adequate recovery. Also, when you are training abs you need to remember to feel the contraction in every rep. If you don’t you will be more likely to involve other muscles and lose the benefit of the workout. These exercises aren’t meant to burn the stomach fat but to sculpt and strengthen the ab muscles. That way when you finally burn that body fat you will have a nice looking set of abs waiting for you.

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