Female Bodybuilder Dana Linn Bailey Got A Response To All The Haters

Dana Linn Bailey a female bodybuilder has put a lot of effort into building an amazing body. This woman looks definitely really good and is a great ambassador for bodybuilding. Despite the fact that she is trying to send a positive message to the community there are always some people that are ready to critique and hate on her.

She has been called a man, ugly, gross and many other bad names. In this video she get asked what she thinks of this negativity and her answer is quite inspiring.


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4 thoughts on “Female Bodybuilder Dana Linn Bailey Got A Response To All The Haters”

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    Why is there so much hate? Why do people feel like they have the right to tear down others? It is so cowardly and mean. You are literally searching people, in this case Dana, to try to tear someone down. My daughter was blessed enough to meet her in person. She was so kind, so humble, and has no idea how much she inspires my daughter!!! My daughter had her jaw broke by man ( I use that word very loosely) she loved very much! My daughter had something much more important broke than her jaw, her self esteem was shattered! Her family of course rallied and supported her, but sometimes you need more than family. My daughter came across Dana video and got inspired. She followed her daily, re watched videos, and slowly became to reclaim her life. My point to this story is words are powerful, they can build someone up, why try to use them to hurt and destroy. Dana is strong, physically and mentally, but she is human. There is no need to speak hate, don’t like her, fine move on she will not lose sleep over you not following her. Thank you Dana for being a strong female . On a personal note, I can not tell you how much gratitude I have for you!!!! I wish I could give you a big hug and tell you thank you ?. I would love for you to hear how much you did for my daughter. I sat and watched her for months curl up and hide from the world. To slowly watching her watch you and see the light come back in her eyes and her smile again. I am very very proud to say my daughters first show will be in June in Tulsa Ok. I always knew my daughter was strong, but Dana you helped her find her strength. I thank you and love you for that.

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