Top 10 Fat Burning Foods that Help Promote Fat Loss Faster

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fat burning foodsYou’ve probably heard the rumors – that there are fat burning foods out there that can help you lose weight.

But that cannot be true, can it?

Surely tasty meals are the enemy of any diet! The intake of food is what led to the stubborn fat in the first place.

You’re with me on that, yeah?

Well, get this:

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It appears that there are genuinely foods which can supercharge fat loss when eaten in conjunction with an exercise regime.

Guys and girls who already know this secret are seeing the pounds drop off faster than they thought possible! What’s more, they feel great, look amazing and have boundless energy!

Here’s the deal:

In this Fat Burning Foods article I am going to give you the truth behind these phenomenal fat burners! Not only will I give you the secrets behind the process, but also let you know what the top 10 fat burning foods are!

Ready? Let’s get down to it!

fat burning foods belly

What Are Fat Burning Foods?

Let me get one thing straight before we kick off.

There are no fat burning foods that will enable you to lose fat on their own. Fact.

There’s a commonly believed myth that foods such as celery are ‘negative calorie foods’, i.e. the body uses more energy digesting them than is actually contained within the vegetables themselves.

Unfortunately, no food has these properties.1

Here’s the truth:

Consume more calories than you expend, and you will put on weight.

It really is that simple.

They key is to watch the diet and get some exercise.

Follow this and you will lose weight.

But listen:

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If you select the best fat burning foods you are supercharging weight loss! Really!

These wonders of nature allow the body to burn, process and inhibit fat; while others actually make you feel full quicker so you are not raiding the fridge!

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Let me show you how.

How Do Fat Burning Foods Work?

In general, fat burning foods for men and women work in three main ways:

Boost Metabolism

Your body is like an automobile engine. For it to work it needs fuel.

Reading this article, it’s just idling over. But boosting metabolism is the same as pressing your foot down hard on the gas pedal!

Some fat burning foods increase the BMR (basal metabolic rate) meaning your body is working in overtime – it needs more fuel.2

It finds this is your fat reserves!

This leads to more calories being burnt and you looking incredible.

Suppress Appetite

There’s nothing worse than trying to watch the diet, but having to suffer the pain of being hungry between meals.

Many fat burning foods are appetite suppressants, they enable the body to feel satisfied for longer.

This means no more reaching for snacks and adding useless calories!

Increase Lipolysis and Decrease Lipogenesis

fat burning foods tape

Lipolysis describes the ability of the body to break down fat stores.3

Get this:

There are some fantastic natural fat burners which increase the rate of lipolysis, meaning that the body is in the perfect fat shedding state!

There’s more:

Lipogenesis is the way the body forms fat. The best fat burning foods can inhibit this process, meaning less fat is created.

A combination of these two makes for a real fat shedding machine!

So now let’s look at the best fat burning foods and drinks.

What Are the 10 Best Fat Burning Foods?

This is what you are here for!

Let’s not waste any more time and get down to the serious business! I’ve put together a list of fat burning foods!

#1 Cayenne Pepper

fat burning foods cayenne

This food is awesome as it can be used in virtually any meal!

And trust me, this one’s a real fat burner!

Studies have shown that cayenne pepper raises the internal temperature of the body (thermogenics), which in turn raises BMR meaning you burn fat.

But there’s more:

Cayenne pepper is a seriously powerful appetite suppressant. Sprinkle on your dishes and you will not be tempted to eat again until your next meal! 4

This really is one of the foods that burn fat fast.

#2 Grapefruit

A staple of any diet!

For a long time, grapefruit was recommended as a good start to the day due to its antioxidant properties and low calorie count.

However, studies have since shown that it does promote weight loss!

Grapefruit contains naringenin, a flavonoid with really powerful properties.

Listen up:

Research has shown that naringenin reduces insulin sensitivity and reduces fat creation – which means not only are you less likely to grab a donut to feed sugar cravings, but the body will be inhibited from creating more useless pounds! 5

#3 Cinnamon

fat burning foods cinnamon

Like cayenne, another fat burning food that can be added to most meals!

For example, it’s great on cereal, a spice for meat or even just popped into that morning coffee!

Cinnamon boosts BMR, sending your metabolism into overdrive and burning fat. 6

#4 Tuna

This fish is great in two main ways.

First, it’s a fantastic source of protein.

In conjunction with your exercise routine, this protein will boost muscle growth. We are not taking hulk-like proportions here, but you will just look toned and tight!

Secondly, tuna is high in omega-3 acids. These unsaturated fats have been shown in trials to reduce belly fat!

So pounds drop and all that is left is tight, lean muscle! 7

#5 Green Tea

fat burning foods green tea

A real fat burning superfood!

Not only does it taste great and is full of antioxidants, green tea has consistently been shown in trials to shed the fat! 8

Make green tea your drink of choice throughout the day, and it will:

  • Boost BMR – burning those fat cells.
  • Increase fat oxidation – fat cells break down and can easily be shed. 9
  • Suppress appetite – the gentle caffeine effect means you remain satiated!

#6 Chocolate

Yes, you read that right!

Chocolate can help you lose weight!

But be careful:

Choose dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70 – 80%.

It’s a fantastic source of polyphenols which increase metabolic rate and burn fat! 10

What’s more, it’s so powerful as an appetite suppressant, that studies have shown just smelling it makes you feel full! 11

#7 Coconut Oil

fat burning foods coconut

It’s become increasingly fashionable to use coconut oil in cooking, and rightly so!

This oil is high in medium-chain triacylglycerols which contain much fewer calories than other fats.

Ideally, oil should be limited when looking to lose weight, but you need some treats, right?

Get this:

Trials have shown that coconut oil drastically improves weight loss compared to the previous favorite, olive oil. 12

#8 Almonds

Despite eating appetite suppressing foods as listed above, you still may get an overwhelming snack attack that won’t go away!

If that’s the case, snack on almonds!

These amazing nuts make you feel fuller for longer, prevent absorption of some fats and have been proven in trials to reduce obesity! 13

#9 Oysters

Not just an aphrodisiac!

Oysters contain extremely high levels of zinc.14

It has been shown that obese people have low levels of zinc. Not only can zinc satisfy the appetite but it reduces the sugar craving effects of insulin. 15 16

#10 Garlic

fat burning foods garlic

One of my favorite ingredients! And one of the greatest fat burning vegetables!

Naturally it adds incredible flavor to your dishes, but also it’s an amazing fat burning food.

A recent study showed that garlic can work to both burn fat and prevent new fat accumulation! 17

Fat Burning Supplements

Some of the best fat burning supplements on the market contain ingredients that have been scientifically proven to promote fat loss.

These include caffeine, garcinia cambogia, cayennne pepper,  green tea, glucomannan and many more.

We’ve actually made extensive research on the best fat burning supplements on the market for men and women.

What Helps Burn Fat While You Sleep?

It’s a common held belief that eating before bed is a bad idea.

However, recent research indicates that it does not contribute to weight gain any more than eating throughout the day.18

Naturally, you do not want too heavy a meal before sleep as you will feel bloated and uncomfortable. But the following ideas are great, light foods that burn fat while you sleep.

  • Citrus fruits – as mentioned earlier in this Fat Burning Foods article, naringenin found in these fruits inhibits fat creation.
  • Greek yogurt – increases the feeling of being full and can prevent fat absorption. 19
  • Protein shake – not just good for building the muscles, intake of protein before sleeping promotes a higher sleeping metabolic rate. You will be burning fat whilst dreaming! 20
  • Lemon water – this one is perfect! A glass full of water with freshly squeezed lemon suppresses the appetite, so no desire for ice cream before sleeping! What’s more, the polyphenols have been shown to prevent fat absorption. 21

In Summary

fat burning foods mix

Losing weight doesn’t have to be about starving yourself!

By choosing the right fat burning foods in conjunction with some exercise, you will see the pounds drop off!

So don’t delay, put these foods on your grocery list and get on the road to looking awesome!

Fat Burning Foods FAQ

What Foods Help Burn Belly Fat?”

The best fat burning foods for weight loss for the belly are those that increase BMR, such as cayenne pepper, cinnamon and green tea.

“How Do I Lose Belly Fat Naturally?”

Cut down on sugary drinks, watch the diet, use fat burning foods as listed above in this article and most importantly, exercise!

“What Is The Best Drink to Lose Belly Fat?”

Either green tea or lemon water. Both will reduce fat absorption and boost the metabolism. They are both great belly fat burning foods.

“Do Eggs Help Burn Fat?”

They can, but eaten in moderation. The high protein content of eggs leads to an increase in BMR and inhibits the appetite.



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