6 Reasons Why the Fat Acceptance Movement Is Rubbish

6 Reasons Why the Fat Acceptance Movement Is Bull$h!t‏

I want to start off this article by saying that I think it is very important to learn how to accept your body for all of its flaws.

Far too many people obsess about things others probably don’t even notice.

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Through that obsession severe and possibly life altering insecurities form.

Sometimes it’s something benign like not smiling because of crooked teeth; other times it can be something far more harmful such as anorexia or bulimia.

That being said, just because I think you should accept your body does not mean you shouldn’t work on improving it if necessary.

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What we have now in this modern world is the complete opposite; we have the fat acceptance movement.

Oh lord who giveth thy gains, why must this shit be a thing?

The fat acceptance movement, which I imagine was started by some pissed off, chunky, lumpy ass having Lena Dunham feminist type is absolutely awful.

It’s not awful in the message that you should love yourself the way you are; it’s awful in the supporting of unhealthy life choices.

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So get your short pink lesbian but not a lesbian haircut, black rimmed glasses, and bucket of gluten free fried chicken, because we are going to discuss why the fat acceptance movement is complete bullshit.

1. Fit Shaming

As this is a bodybuilding site, I want to start by discussing how the fat acceptance movement affects the bro’s.

(Also, it’s not just the ladies that have adopted the fat acceptance lifestyle.)

I’ve seen countless post where guys, and ladies, in the fitness community have been completely shamed, mocked, and lied about just because they have posted a fitness selfie.

To the people who make fun of others because they workout, eat a pile of raccoon johnsons.

You will see these fat fucks make the arbitrary steroid comments, but that’s usually only the start.

They will talk about how these people have “no life” because they “only spend their time working out.”

They will say these fitness people must be miserable because they have such strict diets.

And the one that really kills me is when they say they would never want to look like these “freaks” and are happy with their “normal” bodies.

First off, it’s not the Olympia guys I’m referring to, they are talking about the normal fitness models who are far healthier looking.

Second, if you say you would never want to look like them, it’s not because you don’t want to, it’s because you fucking can’t; it’s hard to look like that. It takes work, determination, and a lifestyle of willpower to look like fitness models.

If you say you are happy with your dumpy body, good, but don’t act like you are better than them because you are “normal” looking and not a “freak.”

It’s easy to look normal; it takes no fucking effort.

So instead of putting down people who like to look and feel good, just go and eat a bucket of panda dongs.

2. Normalizing Unhealthy Lifestyles

What really pisses me off about all of this new fat acceptance is that it supports the idea that being a blubbery blob of fucking lard is normal.

It is not!

And you are not just harming yourself when you normalize your shitty lifestyle by promoting it to the world.

We are going to end up with a generation of fat lazy entitled shitheads who think they are “special” and deserving of anything they want.

They won’t want to work hard for anything, nor will they believe they should have to.

They will grow up in a world where gluttony is socially acceptable, as are the physical and emotional consequences of said gluttony, and they will believe that it normal.

How sad is that future?

A generation of fat victims who think the world owes them something.

Not to mention that these fat lumps of dog shit will grow in number and statistically speaking, some will possibly become the people who govern the laws about food and health; meaning all the water in the future very well might end up being Brawndo. (It’s got what plants crave.)

Seriously though, future fat Deputy Commissioner of the FDA who inevitably causes a worldwide health epidemic, go eat a duffel bag full of squirrel penis.

3. Healthy Becomes Abnormal

Healthy people will become a minority if the fat acceptance movement were to actually take off in a major way, which it never will, because most people don’t have the desire to not be able to see their own genitals without a mirror.

Even so, we are looking at a future where being healthy (or healthism as some fatties call it.) will be something to be looked down upon.

It has already started to a degree.

Whenever I buy food I always get asked the stupidest questions, and made fun of for the healthy food I buy.

I get lean meats, vegetables, and fruit, and I always get the snarky “Oh you eat healthy don’t you?” like it’s some kind of weird perverted thing.

That’s not even bizarre food or anything.

It’s just these gelatinous buffoons aren’t used to seeing anything that doesn’t come in a box with the word “pizza” somewhere in the title. I just don’t understand why these unhealthy slobs feel like they have to talk down to people who don’t choose to indulge in constant junk food binges.

How is it that fit healthy people are starting to become the ones who are to be ridiculed?

I’m not saying fat shaming is good, but at least when you make fun of fat people it is because being fat Is SUPPOSE to be a negative thing.

If you reverse that and are saying being in good shape is negative, well that’s just moronic.

My girlfriend and I both got teased on separate occasions by some living baconator because we bought starfruit.

It’s not some mystery item that has weird voodoo sex powers that give you unlimited life time boners, it’s just a fucking fruit.

That is the kind of condescending bullshit that makes me hate the fat acceptance crap.

You shouldn’t make fun of people because of their bodies anyway, but how the fuck do you have the balls to mock an in shape person while you yourself look like a melted hippo?

Go eat a suitcase full of emu peckers.

4. It’s Used as an Excuse

The fat acceptance movement is used more as an excuse to be unhealthy than anything.

The promoters of this crap say it’s because they believe you should love yourself, fat is beautiful, people are unhealthily obsessed with health, and all of this other garbage, but in the end it’s all just a cover up; a cover up for the fact that most of these people are too lazy and undisciplined to take care of themselves.

You know what one thing most fat people have in common? They all have tried to lose weight at some point in their lives.

At some point, after failing and failing, they stumble upon this fat acceptance stuff and decide that they are fine.

Firstly, I would like to say I really feel for the people who try and try but just can’t lose the weight properly.

That sucks ass and genetics can really be a bitch. But adopting a fat supporting lifestyle is the worst thing you can fucking do.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, early preventable death, grieving families, is this all accepted by the fat acceptance assholes too?

Because that’s what you fucking get when living a life of cheeseburgers and extra value meals.

How about ordering a side of concealed giraffe tallywhackers to eat next time you order out.

5. It’s Not Really About Loving Yourself

Here’s a shocker, the fat acceptance movement is less about loving yourself and more about not caring what others think.

Which to an extent is okay, except these people very obviously care about what others think.

How do I know?

Because they never shut the fuck up about it. “My haters this my haters that, real men love meat not bones, real men love curves.” Yeah, curves, not chicks who look like a fucking golf ball.

And if you don’t care about what others think than why are you posting all of this shit anyway?

Go eat a tampon box filled with gopher willies.

6. There Is No Acceptance

If I hate you for being fat and you hate me for my muscles, where is the acceptance?

If I can’t make fun of you than you shouldn’t be able to make fun of me.

Also, if you truly accept yourself, you shouldn’t have to broadcast it all over the place.

I don’t go around talking about how I’m in great shape and I love my body the way it is, so why the fuck do you constantly bring up fat shaming and loving your own fat ass?

Fat acceptance is just made up bullshit for overweight people to feel they have some control over their bodies and the way other people perceive their bodies. I know fat people who don’t talk about their bodies and they don’t talk about other people.

There will always be assholes that make fun of fat people but you don’t need a whole movement directed at making those assholes feel shitty about themselves in retaliation.

If you find yourself seeking others out for the sole purpose of making them feel bad about their bodies, just go and gobble down a sombrero full of armadillo schlongs.

Instead of focusing so much energy on body image, how about just focusing on trying to be healthy.

You don’t need to be a fitness model or anything.

Try starting small and focus on living longer and more comfortably.

Instead of shitting on people for showing off their progress pics, worry about your own diet and lifestyle.

Instead of accepting being fat, how about accepting the fact that you hold the power to change your life for the positive. You don’t need a movement to improve your life.

You can do it yourself with a little bit of drive, determination, and willpower.

Or you can just continue acting like being fat is just fine while rubbing everyone’s noses in it. If that’s the case just go and eat a submarine full of colossal squid dicks.

Author: Caleb James for BroScience, read more from here.

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9 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why the Fat Acceptance Movement Is Bull$h!t‏”

  1. Well written and well said. its a shame when we try to normalise something that’s so clearly bad and has so much science to show the long term health effects. Im sure people have also gotten hurt from over-training and too much exercise, but id be amazed if you can find a study that says cardio 3 times a week is going to kill you quicker!

  2. The science is irrefutable. Fat people are fat by choice, conscious decisions and actions. Being fat, from the point of view of science and medicine, is factually worse than being a smoker. Fat people grossly underestimate the amount of food they eat. Fat people OVERestimate the amount of exercise they get. They’re sneak eaters. They engage in ignorant fat logic to justify their condition and life style choices.

    They should focus on being a reasonable size so they can avoid:

    Cancer; Knee/hip replacement; Upper GI/Lower GI issues, Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, COPD, etc etc. They are waddling, scooter riding train wrecks. A simple lifestyle change of EATING LESS and moderate exercise and, presto, the weight will come off.

    It’s fundamentally impossible to be HAES. If you’re fat, you’re not healthy and delusional thoughts/writing supporting HAES that diametrically opposes all LEGITIMATE medical and scientific positions allows fat people to use “fat logic” to justify their size and lifestyle. Obesity is the #1 health problem in America and has increased over 400% since 1980 which is NOT genetic and NOT even remotely related to evolution. It’s simple math, physics and chemistry. You eat fewer calories than you expend, ergo you WILL lose weight. It’s the Laws of Thermodynamics. People like Linda Bacon are liars and have NO studies to justify their position nor has she done any legitimate research. All REAL medical science realizes HAES is ludicrous and illogical. Only fat people will buy this and believe it because it’s easier than eating right and moderate exercise.

  3. “The fat acceptance movement is used more as an excuse to be unhealthy than anything”….. “I started this site back in 2014 because I was tired of the fitness industry telling guys like me nothing but lies. I’m here to help you get results, the fast and easy way. Period.”

    I have seen it all now…. an article talking about fat being unhealthy that then promotes the “fast easy way” to ruin your body with roids….. absolutly freeking amazing… so you can pretend to look good…. at least their honest about their obesity….

    1. Nowhere in the article does he promote the taking of steroids. He talks about living a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Besides which Timbo – taking steroids doesn’t magically make you a monster, you still have to put the work in. There is no fast and easy way to be fit and look good (steroids or not).

    2. Angieline Bourne

      It is remarkable how off-base you are. I just happened upon this site and the article and it did not try to sell me anything but some LOGIC. I think maybe you protest a little bit too much. Did this article hit a little bit too close to home? Fat is unhealthy, PERIOD. Honesty about being obese? “Yes, I am honestly obese”. That was a really good laugh for the day.

  4. Super late comment, but I couldn’t agree more! I was listening to two fatties on the radio yesterday plead their fat-shaming cases and I just wanted to barf. Yes, I believe genetics is a factor, but most of these fatties have poor diets and don’t get enough exercise, and THEY KNOW IT! You had some kids and put on weight? Work it off. What’s really sad is seeing fat parents with their fat kids. That to me is child abuse. I told a friend that the only person who needs to accept your body is you.

  5. If you reword some of what Fat Acceptance said then you have Black Lives Matter…….. all they have to type is something like ” I don’t want to be like these white freaks ” I SWEAR, both of these movements act a lot.

    PS: I agree with your post, btw. Sorry about the small rant.

  6. Angieline Bourne

    Obesity should not be normalized, accepted, applauded, reinforced, catered to or condoned. Obesity is unhealthy, not to mention deadly. It destroys the body, shortens your life, attributes to a huge strain on our healthcare system, puts people in wheelchairs at very young ages, drives up incidences of heart attack, stroke, cancers and a bevy of other diseases. Fat or obesity acceptance is not a trend, a thing, a movement…it is a way for those who have gotten themselves into an unhealthy state to feel better about themselves. Sure, there are those who have thyroid issues, but that is NOT the predominate reason people are obese. It is the lack of movement or exercise and the lack of eating healthy or stopping non-stop overeating. AND before anyone shouts “IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE TO EAT HEALTHY!” There are a myriad of ways to get your hands on reasonably priced, healthy food It takes time and effort and everyone complains about that. Then there is the defensiveness and downright nastiness of some obese people. They use their vehicles as weapons, they have lousy attitudes (yes, so do non-obese people, but I encounter far more obese people with awful attitudes against others).The United States has an obesity crisis. It is no better than COVID, traffic accidents, homicides, abuse and so many more crises. BUT in most cases obesity is avoidable or treatable. The next time someone says “I’m fat and I’m happy”, I call B.S. What really destroys me is to see fat children, including toddlers and infants That is NOT their fault. What the hell are they being fed? Crap to keep them quiet or what their parents are eating? That is child abuse.

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