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5 Extreme Muscle Growth Hacks (these actually work to build muscle)

extreme muscle growth hacks 2TAKING MUSCLE GROWTH TO THE EXTREME!

To make serious muscle gains you’re going to have to hit the weights and watch the diet.

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That’s a fact.

No-one becomes ripped by just sitting on their ass. It takes a well-formulated training regime and dedication to ensure that optimum results are achieved—and importantly, sustained.

However, there are ways to smash those results right out of the freakin’ ballpark.

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Not only reaping tenfold rewards on your efforts, but also achieving those results faster.

These techniques are my extreme muscle growth hacks. Ways that I have found to enable you to become stacked like a total beast—in the shortest possible time.

Incorporating these hacks into your lifestyle and workouts will provide a shockingly awesome physique and sky-rocket your confidence.

But these hacks do come with a health warning.

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Getting this ripped can produce symptoms of increased confidence, limitless virility, and irresistibility to the girls.

1. Use the Time Under Tension protocol

extreme muscle growth

“I don’t want no dissension. Just dynamic tension”

Or so sang Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, parodying the Dynamic Tension technique invented by Charles Atlas in the 1920s.

The thing is, although Atlas’ barbell-sparse workout is less effective than lifting weights, the tension theory holds merit.

Incorporating the little-known Time Under Tension Protocol (TUT) technique into your workouts is simple. Yet, it will yield alarming results. Let me give you the basics.

Time under tension describes how long your muscles are subjected to loads during one specific set of exercises. That is, the total time through every aspect of the rep—contraction, hold and lengthen.

A quick example—if you complete a set of 10 bicep curls, and every curl takes four seconds, that’s 40 seconds of TUT. The key to remember is—don’t assume all reps are the same.

If you completed the same exercise, with the same reps but each one took five seconds, that’s 50 seconds of TUT.

More time = more effort = larger muscles.

Research has shown that there are optimum periods of TUT for two main areas—strength and massive mass.

If you’re looking for pure strength, the ideal TUT is 40-50 seconds. However, if hulk-like proportions are your goal, 55-70 seconds.

The bottom line is this—take it easy, bro’s! Don’t bolt through your sets like a damn sprinter. This isn’t a race.

Slow and steady will reap serious rewards—without adding any extra weights or increasing the rep count.

2. Eat 200 grams of protein per day

Eating protein has long been known as one of the most powerful weapons in a bodybuilders’ arsenal. Who can forget Rocky Balboa chugging five raw eggs before his early morning run?

Let me give it to you straight—without protein, the muscles cannot build.

You can knock out as many reps as you want, but no protein means no muscle gains.

In fact, there’s something even more concerning. If you’re pushing your body hard at the gym, and you have too little protein, you’re going to lose muscle.

A negative nitrogen balance means one thing—catabolism.

The body ends up using its own muscles as energy stores. All that hard work on the bench is going to be lost.

Ensuring you have sufficient protein provides the amino acids required to repair muscle fibers. This makes them both stronger and larger.

The issue is many guys hugely underestimate the amount of protein required when training. Even Rocky with his five eggs was only consuming around 60 grams.

Reading the nutritional value of your protein shakes, it’s easy to assume that the 30 grams or so each serving provides must be adequate for building muscle.

After all, that’s why this product was designed right?

Using these supplements can boost your protein intake. But, if you’re training hard, you’re gonna have to knock back more than one of these drinks per day.

Here’s the bombshell.

You need to consume one gram per pound of bodyweight to pile on serious muscle. So, if you’re a 200-pound guy, that’s 200 grams of protein (diet and supplementation combined).

Don’t let those mammoth sessions go to waste.

3. Get busy in the bedroom

muscle building hack

Building muscle hurts, right? We’ve all heard the old adage—no pain, no gain shouted at us by a so-called encouraging spotter or enthusiastic trainer.

Lactic acid build-up, muscle acidosis, strains, and DOMS are all damn uncomfortable. But, that’s just the life of a serious gym junkie, right?

The truth is, it doesn’t all have to be like that. Ok, DOMS can be pretty annoying—especially if you’re trying to bring your morning coffee to your mouth and it feels like someone has impaled your arm with a knife.

But, some muscle building can actually be pleasurable.

Well, that’s only true if you enjoy sex. And show me someone who doesn’t.

Getting down-and-dirty builds muscle. There are two key factors of bedroom action that sky-rocket muscle growth.

Studies have shown the more sex you have, the more T you produce.

During the act of pleasuring your partner, (T-levels) escalate.

Even if you happen to be spending an evening alone, don’t worry. You don’t have to miss out on this home-workout.

Pleasuring yourself has the same effect—you can thank me later for this prescription.

Numerous research papers have shown the link between high T-levels and phenomenal muscle growth.

Testo powers muscle protein synthesis—the repair and enlargement of muscle tissue.

It acts in the same way as gasoline fuels your car.

The more t you have, the faster and larger those muscles build.

4. Length is not everything

While your gym time is probably the most important factor in making incredible gains, it’s how you spend that time—not its duration.

I know some guys who consider anything less than two hours down the gym slacking.

Let me tell you, they’re wrong. The only bro’s who should be there for that length of time are the serious powerlifters.

To be fair they need it—they tend to have longer warm-up sessions and some serious rest periods in between. But for the rest of us who just want to muscle-up, one hour is perfectly sufficient.

Muscle gains are made through intensity and stress on the muscles.

Beasting it up causes increased damage to the microfibers—which in turn rebuilds for awesome mass.

So don’t waste time on moderately intense sessions with lighter weights—knocking out cheap reps.

Go for the max.

And look, I know us guys are vain.

After all that hard work we deserve to be.

But listen, don’t finish every set with a damn selfie and spend five to ten minutes sharing it on every social media account you have.
You may be pumped, but you’re wasting time—and reducing your returns—optimum T levels are achieved with intensity.

Every set should finish with no more than a three-minute rest before hitting it hard again. The longer your set-breaks, the fewer rewards you will receive.

What’s more, keeping it short creates better focus and reduces the chance of injury.

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  1. Wow it is so awesome to finally hear something that makes sense, I have read so many articles on what is the best way to lose belly fat and gain muscle. So I want to thank you for the information on your website. So I will be starting a new workout program.
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