The Most Expensive Gyms in the World - Where the Rich Workout

The Most Expensive Gyms in the World – Where the Rich Workout

  1. E at Equinox

Location: New York City

Membership: $26,000

This is one of the leading fitness brand sin the world and gives its members access to a luxury service where they can avail of the expertise of scientists and trainers that are experienced will everything related to health, movement and body composition goals.


  1. Harbour Club

Location: London, England

Membership: $20,000H

The gym has many famous members, with such luminaries like Princess Diana and Kate Middleton having been members over the years. While the majority of good gyms will have pool facilities, this gym has a waterfall and more than a dozen tennis courts.


  1. La Palestra

Location: New York

Membership: $8,000

When you become a member, you will have access to a highly experienced nutritionist, psychologist and physical trainer. Every single need is taken care of when it comes to the members of La Palestra.


  1. Tiger Muay Thai

Location: Thailand

Membership: $3,444

If you want to be part of a gym that list some of the leading Muay Thai stars in the world, this is your gym. Some of the famous members include George St. Pierre, the world renowned MMA star and it is the perfect venue for those MMA fighters coming through the ranks.


  1. Zenergy Health Club & Spa

Location: Idaho

Membership: $15,000 initiation fee + $135/month

The membership fee for this gym is up there with the priest of the gyms listed. It is in a beautiful location, nestled in the beautifully scenic Idaho Mountains. There are pools both indoors and outdoors, as well as an amazing spa and has many resident Pilates and yoga instructors.


  1. East Bank Club

Location: Chicago

Membership: $2,220

When it comes to premium fitness clubs in Chicago, East Bank Club is the choice for you. There are a couple of swimming pools indoor, a pool on the roof, as well as a golf driving range and 8 tennis courts.


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