Human Growth Hormone: Ultimate Natural HGH Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Human Growth Hormone

what is human growth hormone
Growth hormone has been getting a lot of attention lately and a lot of false information has been disseminated on a number of popular websites and media sources. This article aims to give you some clarity on what HGH is, what are the benefits along with the potential dangers and some tips on how you can increase your levels.

What is HGH

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is actually naturally produced in the body in the pituitary gland. This is the same part of the body that regulated cell growth and regeneration. If your body does not produce any growth hormone it would be impossible to build any muscle mass but it also has some other important functions. It also helps maintain the proper health and functioning of the tissue in many of the vital organs of the body including the brain. When the pituitary gland releases growth hormone into the blood stream it is quickly converted by the liver into growth factors like factor-1 which has many anabolic characteristics. HGH levels peak during puberty and start decreasing rapidly in the early 20s. To learn if you are deficient in growth hormone, your doctor can perform a simple blood test. Men typically have about 5 nano-grams per millimeter circulating the blood.

Potential Hazardous Effects

As more and more HGH supplementing is being uncovered by professional athletes the media has been giving a lot of attention to the potentially hazardous impact of this supplement. Many medical professionals feel the complications are overblown and really not that severe. Usually problems associated with HGH are from super dosing and being irresponsible.

Other Benefits

In addition to muscle growth, HGH has also been shown to slow the progress of degenerative diseases, help keep your mind sharp and boost sex drive. Those with low growth hormone levels can experience the opposite, or, muscle loss, low sex drive and poor energy levels. Most developed countries require a prescription from a doctor to obtain HGH. Many clinics specialize in diagnosing people who are GH deficient and treating them. Some people may also choose to obtain HGH illegally however this is very risky as the quality of the product is unknown and it can also be very expensive.

Boosting Natural HGH levels

There are two very simple ways you can increase the amount of growth hormone that is naturally released by your body. The first is with weight training – every time you exercise your body releases GH. Many studies have shown that there are significant increases in growth hormone circulating the system after an intense weight lifting session. The other way is a lot easier – sleeping. GH levels have actually been shown to spike while entering a deep sleep so getting 8 hours a night of sleep is recommended. Finally, diet also plays a role in your GH levels, with poor diets and the corresponding fat gain leading to lower levels. There are also some supplements you can take but most of them don’t contain the best natural HGH ingredients. Our recommended choice for a natural human growth hormone releaser is HyperGH14x. We’ve seen great reviews about it on the internet and it contains all the best ingredients that a human growth hormone releaser should have. Read more about it on their website:

Hopefully that cleared up some of your questions on human growth hormone. There is a lot of conflicting information out there so it’s important to do a lot of research before starting to make changes to your HGH levels through supplementation. If you are concerned that your HGH levels are low as you have experienced some of the symptoms listed above, go see your doctor and have them perform a simple blood test.

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