Kai Greene NOT Allowed to Compete At 2015 Mr Olympia

Emotional Kai Greene Announces That He’s NOT Allowed To Compete at Mr. Olympia

It breaks our hearts to watch the people’s champion and the most loved man in the bodybuilding industry, Kai Greene, with tears in his eyes announce that he will not be allowed to compete at this years Mr. Olympia.

He apparently can not tell us the reason for legal reasons we suppose. But there have been a lot of fan speculations. Here’s one of them:

This is what I heard, not sure if it was true but would explain everything and would go back to PJ say there is stuff “behind the scenes” “Kai had big plans to launch Dynamik [Dynamik Muscle, Kai’s new company] in conjunction with the Olympia. His agent demanded a free title sponsorship, a 20×20 booth space and no union load-in fees. Olympia reps countered by demanding that he fork over sponsorship money like everyone else. They had a Mexican standoff. No one budged. Can’t think of a worse way to launch a supplement line than being left outside the arena at the biggest bodybuilding show of the year especially after dieting and gearing up for months. AMI now set to completely pull the plug on him and pressuring the other mags to do the same to sabotage his line and push him over the edge (source: doyoueven)

Wow. If this is true then this industry is more f*cked up then we ever could have imagined.

(Btw we’ve taken a look at the ingredients in Kai’s new supplement line Dynamik Muscle…. it is legit as f*ck.)

Here’s what other fans are saying in comment sections:

We got your back Kai. IFBB f*cked with the wrong competitor. DLB,STEVE [Referring to Dana Linn Bailey and Steve Cook] and now KAI. They can’t stop you no matter what. DARE TO DREAM.

These guy suggests we don’t watch the Mr O

Kai’s Out, Steve’s Out, Dana’s Out…. I’m out.

Man, I say we boycott the Olympia. Everyone should spread the word. Fuck the IFBB.

And another one has sent them an angry letter

I just send [sent] and [an] e-mail to IFBB saying F**K YOU and demanding an explanation for this.. more people should do the same !

Others are waiting for influential people from the industry that dare to speak the truth, like Rich Piana and Lee Priest, to speak on the matter.

Crazyyyy! The Kai Greene chants will be heard in full force at this years olympia. Hopefully the internet is loud enough to make a change. Side note, can’t wait to watch Lee Priest response to what the IFFB has done today.

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18 thoughts on “Emotional Kai Greene Announces That He’s NOT Allowed To Compete at Mr. Olympia”

  1. Avatar

    The other competitors should boycott and walk out of this years Mr. O. If they would do it to Kai then they would do it to them as well.

  2. Avatar

    Huge respect for him. This has to be such a tough time for him, but he still refused to talk sh*t or act like a victim. Athlete or not I think everyone can learn a thing or two from watching this.

    1. Avatar

      I have to admit my surprise upon reading your reply, particularly as it relates to the paradox of your political and social status, and the constituencies usually associated with the republican agenda. With this, I must congratulate you for your initiative to reflect upon this clear example of injustice. I admire Kai, and you have earned a tremendous sense of respect and consideration for the voice you’ve shared here.

      Thank you.

  3. Avatar

    is this even a real news story? seems so …. made up. You know how these all sound real but anyone can make it all up.

    1. Avatar

      Kai love u brother you’ve helped a lot a people…. everyone knows who would’ve won this year. I wish all the other Mr o competitors would stand behind you….your videos have helped me tremedously…….God bless bro……

  4. Avatar

    People are so far gone with what body building is these days. Go back to the 60s, 70s, and early 80s, look at competitors like Gary Leonard and other natural guys…that still looked like human beings, when supplements and drugs weren’t the hip thing; rather 15,000 calorie food intake and 3 a days at the gym. Not saying these folks don’t work hard, but it is amazing how chemical this whole process is now… Kai sorry to see you go bud, can’t wait to hear the real and true reason he won’t be on stage this year.

  5. Avatar

    the problem is that Kai Greene is much better than before and they have a monopoly that then want to also remove him out and continue their monopoly give mr. Olympia they want is to eat some shit.

  6. Avatar

    “Olympia reps countered by demanding that he fork over sponsorship money like everyone else.”
    So pay the damn fee. This isn’t rocket science.

    1. Avatar

      i thought the exact same thing. it’s not like he was banned and shoved out the door. he screwed himself by not following the same rules and regs everybody else is following and the shotclock ran out on him. oh well. and boycotting the O sounds real knee jerk too. what about all the people who ARE competing? just cold shoulder them because kai didn’t wanna act right? smh. people these days, i swear.

  7. Avatar

    He’s a juice head just like the rest of them. You have to be an idiot to believe these guys aren’t pumping HGH into their veins regularly.

  8. Avatar

    Huge respect to Sir Green, Now a days every field either it’s bodybuilding or other athletics it has become a business profession for the members appointed for it. It’s a source of earning ? for these fu**ers IFBB. It’s a matter of shame if such an eligible person is not a part of Mr. Olympia.

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