Eddie Hall vs. Brad Castleberry “Mr Fake weights?” | Who is stronger?

Eddie Hall strongman vs. Brad Castleberry “Mr Fake weights?” | Who is stronger?

If you just clicked on an article that has two unfamiliar names, well, here is what this is all about.

Eddie Hall is an American, former strongman and powerlifter, known for winning the World’s Strongest Man 2017 competition.

On top of that, Eddie is the current deadlift world record holder, having managed to lift 500 kg under strongman rules 3 years ago in 2016.

Eddie Hall is standing at a tall 190 cm (6’3”) and has 164 kg (364 lbs) stacked on to his frame.

Even though the man weighs more than 2 times the average, mature male human being, he still manages to lift 3 times his own bodyweight.

This 31 year old man is one big specimen.

On the flipside, we have Brad Castleberry.

brad castleberry stats

Brad Castleberry, is an internet-famous American bodybuilder and powerlifter.

The former football player turned to a semi-successful bodybuilding and powerlifting career.

Even though the man is obviously strong and weighs a solid 255 lbs at a height of 5’10”, he has sparked a lot of controversy on the internet.

Nonetheless, he seems to be a nice person, who diversifies the workouts, rather than sticking to the same routine.

brad castleberry bench press

His nickname is “Mr. Fake weights” , as obviously, his strength is unbelievable to begin with.

But how will he hang against the gynormous Eddie Hall, who literally dwarfs him?

Well, check out the video below to see these two beasts doing what they do best and compare them for yourselves.

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