Easy & Simple 21 Day Cutting Program To Get Ripped For The Summer

Easy & Simple 21 Day Cutting Program To Get Ripped For The Summer

I have seen many guys get ripped to shreds using this method, it’s really simple, anyone can start doing this right away and get the cut body you want to display on the beach next summer. I would definitely recommend this approach especially if you have a short period of time to cut.

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1. Only eat clean foods(Chicken, steak, fish, meats, oats, rice, rice cakes, potatoes, sweet potatoes, eggs, vegetables etc.) Preferably low fat meats like chicken breast, turkey breast or fish but steak and more fatty meats are also ok from time to time.

2. Cardio 3-4 times per week on top of a bodybuilding/powerlifting routine. I know most of the guys who are reading this are most likely lifters so I’m not going to talk about that part. Do high intensity cardio 2 times per week, it’s really simple sprint for 1 minute walk for 1 minute do this 10 times so it’s only 20 minutes in total. Do low intensity cardio 1-2 per week, walking incline for 25 minutes or more.

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3. 8 Hour eating window. This is a bro trick I’ve used with great success, many may argue that it doesn’t matter when you eat but if you only have 8 hours to eat you can be pretty sure that all of your meals will be solid and good because you have to eat all of your calories in a limited amount of time. You will also give your body more time to use your stored energy (your fat) for energy to function, when in your fasting period. Example: Eat all your calories for the day between 12pm – 8pm.

4. Do this for 21 days without cheat meals and I promise that you will see results like never before.

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