Dutch Giant Makes Serious Gains, Puts On 100 lbs Of Muscle!

Dutch Giant Makes Serious Gains, Puts On 100 lbs Of Muscle!

Olivier Richters, born in 1989, was a pretty normal guy back in 2007, except for how tall he is (7.2ft 2.18meter). It was that year that he decided to turn his life around and make some serious gains. This is a story of Dutch guy who kept going and never gave up, a guy who made long-term progress despite some physical limitations.

2007  95 kg / 209lbs


2008 – 2009  107 kg / 236 lbs



2009 – 2010 116.6kg / 257 lbs

Here you can see how his gains have evolved

bodybuilding progress

2011 113kg / 249lbs

Oliver had a surgery which knocked him down because he couldn’t move for 2 months,  but he never gave up and on the third month he started to walk, then riding a bicycle until slowly he was back in the gym on the 4th month after after surgery.

bodybuilding before after

2012 136kg / 300lbs

Oliver made some serious gains in 2012 and he now benches 130 kg (286lbs), squats 140kg (308lbs) and deadlifts 220kg (485lbs)



Currently 146kg / 322lbs

Oliver would like to become a moviestar and enter the WWE as a professional wrestler.


amateur bodybuilding

bodybuilding before after

Olivier described his bulking diet like this: 6,200 calories, mainly from whey protein, eggs, oatmeal, chicken, pasta and salmon. Check him out on Facebook.

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